Sunday, May 8, 2022

Weekends are Special Again

The Ridge

On Saturday, May 7th we all slept in as long as possible. Gibbs took Daddy out around 6 (or the other way around) for his first piddle and they came back to bed. Nice for Bill to get enjoyment out of weekends again, more than usual. 😉 It was almost 8 when we got out of bed! I got into my running shoes and opened the door for Gibbs.

After posting on Friday night, this 
happened to the sky to the west

He ran out and around before going back up to the door. He’s confused again about Daddy being home. Poor little gapher. ?🐶 ?It was very windy, uncomfortably so, which made me just as happy not to be walking down the road first thing anyway. I came back in and made my tea. We got dressed, left Gibbs in charge at home, and loaded the futon in the back of the truck. I meant to get a picture but, alas, forgot. Geesh!

Going the back way to the Salvation Army thrift store
Such a big chunky water tower in this sub-division
We know what was here first

This is a very full and neatly organized
area for flea markets

It isn’t heavy at all so was quite easy unloading it and the mattresses at the house in town. They are an East Indian family, just moved here from Toronto 6 days ago and seem quite overjoyed about being here, away from the big metropolis. I don’t blame them. One of the two young boys paid me and I’m imagining the bed is for them. It will be perfect!

It just went on forever but not many vendors
were actually at their booths today

I had taken Ptooties that far so I could continue on to Hanover to Salvation Army where I offloaded the ‘giveaways’ from the trunk. Bill drove into Durham to fill a propane tank and we met back at home. I stopped at Walmart for more food to get us through and really wish that soon I could do a thorough shopping. We had to cram the extra milk, yogourt for Bill’s lunch and cream into the two fridges for now. 😊

Bill hung my Algodones sunflowers
One flower from bottom left broke off
so it will need to be re-attached

We had it wrapped and stored under our
bed all winter so I'm not surprised

Then after Bill and Gibbs had a snooze, I went out to the Bunky aka She-Shed to begin rearranging. I’m so excited! Donna and Gerry came out to the Acreage after lunch and although they aren’t staying overnight, will come here for a campfire, our first evening fire, before they go home. I’m making chili to use up the last of the ground beef so invited them to join us.

Now, I remember what else I did
I hung our signs

The board with the cattails has broken
from years of weather so I removed it
to see if Bill can get me another one to paint on

Funny, the sign says Steep Hill but from here it doesn't
look it
With an rv, it is near the top

No longer a Bunky for overnight guests

Now, it feels like a craft room

We haven’t had much of a visit with them since we’ve come home and they’ve not seen Gibbs yet either. The rest of the day was a blur. We got more things taken care but other than my shed is ready for me, I can’t even remember what they were! 

This little guy wears himself out
with all the outside running around
and fresh air 💗

When Donna and Gerry arrived, they had a fun little reunion with Gibbs and were amazed at his size. Donna also said she’s noticed improvements in his behaviour so that’s nice.

We had chili inside and for dessert, I sliced a few pieces of my Christmas cake that was in the freezer over the winter and long since thawed. 😉 To spruce it up, I made a white sauce that looked more like rice because it was so lumpy but it still tasted good and we topped the cake with it. Yum. Bill got a nice fire going and the wind had died down which made it pleasant until around 9. The air had cooled considerably starting its downward descent to 3C/37F and they left for Hanover.

Our fire pit was full and blazing

Yay1 Our first fire with Donna and Gerry
on the Ridge!

It was a very good day and a lovely evening with my sister and her husband. We’ll see a lot of them this summer, especially after we all get things set up at our respective summer ‘homes’. I wasn’t in the mood for posting my blog so sat with Bill and watched a movie until 11 when we went to bed.

The wind died and the sun began to 

There she goes below the fence 
FYI - the chorus frogs were slow to reach crescendo
but by 8:30 they were at 68 decibels
Good night!

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  1. Your craft is looking good! Elva

  2. The she shed is really coming together! I know you're going to enjoy it! Love having outside fires! Haven't been much because the wind never quits! Your chili always looks awesome! Happy Mother's Day Patsy! Hoping its a wonderful one!

    1. Thank you Shirley, I am excited with my new corner. :) Happy Mother's Day to you too! ♥

  3. Everything is starting to look good at the Ridge. Hopefully you also had a good Mothers Day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.