Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Short Week, Cleaning, No Yardwork, Puzzle, Deliveries and Birthday

The Ridge

On Tuesday, May 24th we got back into routine. Bill left at 7:45 to the job site which was just down the road – to start their day. I didn’t get up until 7:30 and decided that I wasn’t going for a walk even though Gibbs was ready. 😊 Instead, we just went out (on leash) when Daddy left and then returned inside. He ate most of his breakfast, the ‘feed me by hand’ way, which was better than none.

After I posted last night, the sky lit up like fireworks
so I snapped this quickly

I left the Ridge shortly after, but before my tea, to clean the Mat. It was busy, maneuvering Black Beauty in between 4 other vehicles and about 8 teenagers. It is a bus stop right there plus many kids walk that way to the school further down. I’m always watchful but wasn’t expecting the laundromat to be so busy.

Woops, there had to be a lot of detergent
in the dispenser!!

There were a couple of machines to check on, one had a ‘do not use’ tag on it – for no reason. Grrr! I tested them both, the other had so much soap in it that the machine filled up. I ran it through once more, before I left, in the hopes that it will clear itself out or at least disintegrate. I left the Mat clean and sparkling 😊 and drove home.

He looks so innocent here in his Bunky bed
it's hard to believe he could misbehave

Gibbs rang the bell to go out after I just got inside and he just wanted to play. I had a difficult time getting him to come so of course, he ended up on the rope leash. I keep telling him that I am still smarter than he is. He still tries to outsmart me. I hadn’t had my tea yet so my patience was low. I stayed in and kept an eye on him outside, watching the door for me. After I brought him in, I hopped in the shower. It was due time!

On duty

It wasn’t a really warm day at the start mainly because the sun wasn’t prominent. I wanted to use the weed eater up on the berm behind my small garden. The grass up there has not been cut yet so it is very thick and long. Too long for my small mower, it would eat up the battery power. As much as I tried, I couldn’t get either weed eater to run so after 15 fruitless minutes, gave up, frustrated, and worked on my puzzle instead.

I laughed at how this picture turned out
It's totally different perspective, isn't it?

It was quite cloudy for the most part and that made it cool outside and in the Bunky so I didn’t stay out for more than an hour. Later, we went out again and this time it was pleasant in my room. Purolator came up the lane, very slowly. I thought that was quite decent of her and she was just a young lady too. 😉 Gibbs barked his head off but she didn’t mind and offered him a treat, which he took.

I was able to put all the pieces out as
they started to go together

The deliveries were our phone covers and our new Keurig. The latter to be covered by insurance once this is all said and done. Bill drove up the lane within 5 minutes of her leaving and it was just before 5 pm. We came inside and I began my blog post. For supper, we had French fries in the Fry Daddy and battered butterfly shrimp air fried in Rosy. Both turned out delicious and I was hungry enough to eat some fries too.

Our new Keurig is exactly
like the old one we had

For dessert, we hauled out the Chapman’s Black Cherry ice cream for a change. It was just as yummy. With the dishwasher loaded, we enjoyed the evening together. After he made his lunch, Bill went to town to fill Black Beauty. Cha-ching! His 7¢/litre Journie discount runs out this week so he wanted to cash in while he could. She was getting low anyway.

Supper time for Gibbs

And for us too

This has been another quiet day for me even though I had planned on getting some outside work done. Lastly, we had another family birthday. Bill’s oldest daughter, is celebrating today. 

Happy Birthday, Yvonne!
Good night!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. I like routine which is unusual for most people. I get quite stressed when days change too much and can't wait to get back to my OCD ways! Gibbs look pretty good in that photo from a different angle. He always seems to have such busy days, with lots of walks and car rides with you. Over here, we can't take our pets out to shops or malls etc, the most is to the parks and not all parks even allow this. Your new Keurig sure brews a thick mean cup of coffee that will keep me wide awake for 3 days!!

    1. I laughed at your comment about ocd. And the thick mean cup of coffee.🤣

  2. Happy Birthday Yvonne! I am using a Keurig here at Lori's and I like the strong coffee. Since I drink 2 cups and Ken drinks 3 in the morning it would be an expensive habit..LOL. I do like it though. Love that picture of Gibbs!!

    1. The coffee is only a strong as the brand of ps you buy. We use a breakfast blend which is not a dark coffee. So not so strong.

  3. Happy Birthday to Yvonne.
    I wonder if Gibbs would eat if you let him get really hungry. But I know that would be harder on Mom and Dad. Cute photos of him.