Saturday, May 14, 2022

And the End of the Week is Here, Getting 'Jazz'y

The Ridge

On Friday, May 13th, (oh-oh Friday the 13th!) Gibbs and I were up again before Bill left. We went for a walk to the corner and then I left him in charge while I went into Durham to clean the Mat. 

The front field looks great after its cut

It was a nice morning for a walk again

It was in pretty fair condition but the big dryers needed to be cleaned of the lint. There are only 3 big dryers now, since Jamie made his changes. He had 6 of the oldest ones removed over the winter. I got my bonus by finding $1.65 in the lint drawers. 😃

On the drive home, I stopped at Turbine Lane
and walked up to the forest

I wanted to see the trilliums over the fence

I was finished in an hour and had even cleaned up the garbage from outside behind the parking lot. Yeuch! From there, I drove to the Water Store and filled a 5-gal jug before returning home. I’d made a cup of tea in my to-go mug and there it was sitting on the counter. Still warm enough to drink. I missed it as soon as I arrived in town.

I had to zoom in since there is a fence
keeping me out

I had some yogourt with raspberries and sat to encourage Gibbs to eat. It didn’t work as well for me as it did for Bill last night but by noon, when I was making my lunch, he eventually ate it all. A little bit of cheddar encouraged him too. It’s the only people food he gets and only on occasion. 😊 

A healthy lunch again today

For the biggest part of the day, Gibbs was outside, either on his rope leash at the picnic table or on his leash with me in the SS.

Then we went back out to my craft
He was a good boy today
always under my watchful eye

He was so good all day and we actually found it quite comfortable in my haven. I worked at painting the new Ridge picture for our sign down at the road. I was trying to copy Donna’s original picture but my artistry is not anywhere as good as hers so the bullrushes didn’t quite look as real. Anyway, from a distance, I’m sure it will be fine and I’ll coat it tomorrow to preserve the paint as much as possible.

It's not perfect and doesn't look as natural
but it should be fine

M drove over around 2:30 to see if I was interested in planting his 8 planters at his place. I usually deadhead for him on occasion as part of my work for him but I have no interest in actually planting the petunias. My gardening interests don’t go much farther than our home base and he was fine with that but wanted to check with me first before he went ahead and did it himself. Works for me!

It was pleasant with breezes coming in the door and 2 windows

Gibbs was overjoyed to see his Daddy come home and greeted him with enthusiasm, as usual. We sat for a while and at 6, I lit the bbq and began grilling the sausages. It was a good night for sausage on a bun with pineapple cheesecake for dessert. Yum. 

Ooey gooey good!

I've been catching glimpses of this gorgeous
blue bird and finally was ready enough for photos

Just a single bird and he doesn't seem to want the food
from the feeders
Help me out, is it the aptly named Bluebird?
He is small like a chickadee

and I was tickled that he visited me 💓

When dishes were loaded in the dishwasher, Bill said to go up and get dressed, we were going for a ride. Yay!

Ride time!

All aboard!

I’d been wanting him to come home early so we could get a bike ride in. This was just tickety-boo! It was a hot day and a ride on a beautiful evening made my night. We left the Ridge at a few minutes before 7 and Bill followed his nose. We went down Baptist Church Rd., Lambton Cty Rd. 4, Glenelg Rd. 23, Grey Rd. 9, crossing Hwy 6 to Grey Rd. 3 then back on Cty Rd. 4 into Durham.

The only cool thing I saw in Ontario's
nature was one lone deer off in the field

Heading back into Durham

It was the perfect time to make a stop at our buddies for a quick visit. We haven’t seen them since we returned home because they’ve been away. We didn’t stay too long but had a quick catch-up chat and we hopped on the bike and returned home by 9. What a great night and the ride was perfect! My first this season/year and Bill’s first ‘pleasure’ trip since bringing Jazz home.

We stopped to see our buddies, Rob and Pat

The moon led us home the rest of the way

Turning onto Baptist Church Road at the solar panel corner

Bill turned a mystery movie on and I wrote my blog post. This was a wonderful day even though all day, I just played with my paints. We didn’t make it to Port Dover which is the big thing for bikers to do on Friday the 13th, but we did get out for a ride at least.

We found a couple of places along Grey Road 9
for another day ride
We can't go too far when Gibbs is left at home
Good night!

Thank you for popping by!


  1. Is Rob planning on downsizing the Mat?
    Always nice to Nice to have a relaxing ride.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Jamie has downsized as much as he will. The 6 dryers were a nuisance and hardly used. Now he has a bigger 2nd store room where he can house a desk and the tv monitor. He has closed the washroom in as well so no one can use it except us unless we allow them to.

  2. I think your bird is a indigo bunting.

    1. wow! thank you, I would never have known that. I'm going to look it up!

  3. I think both bullrush pictures are very pretty!

  4. We rode Friday afternoon and evening. It was a splendid day for a ride. Blue sky and beautiful clouds and green everywhere. Lots of couples out. Glad you had a safe ride.

  5. A nice bike ride is always so refreshing eh.