Monday, May 9, 2022

Earning my Keep, No Longer a Kept Woman ♥

The Ridge

Monday, May 9th arrived without fanfare and it was another gorgeous day. Warmer by a few degrees than yesterday. Gibbs and I stayed in bed until after Bill left at 6:45. He took the garbage down with him and it wasn’t until 7:45 that we got up. He had to be at Mike’s for 7:30 to catch the ride with Billy in the work truck. It saves a few miles on Ptooties. They are working two jobs right now so I never sure exactly where they’ll be but I don't necessarily need to know either. 😊

It was a pleasant morning, around 11C/52F

Gibbs wouldn’t eat his breakfast again, it must upset him something awful when Daddy leaves. There is nothing I can do to encourage it but he seems active and I rely on the fact that when he’s hungry, he’ll eat. He also isn’t fading away into skin and bones either! I tried him off leash when we went outside at 10:30 but within 15 minutes, he was avoiding my calls to ‘come’ so I deked him out by getting into the truck. He came at a run and I carried him over to his rope leash near my shed.

On protest, 'I refuse to eat
until my Daddy returns'

He doesn’t seem to mind the leash, I guess he has been on it all winter so that’s helpful. No whining or barking when I walk away and out of sight. I sat in my shed and went through the craft unit that Bill brought out from the closet in the Suite. It was a weighty thing that doesn’t need to go south with us this winter. We needed the space in there for the shelf Bill is building for our printer. I have a lot of little projects for when I’m ‘old and gray’. 😊

the goldfinches were having a heyday
It was fun watching them at all the feeders,
not just the Niger seed

Gibbs stayed out with me while I started on it and when Jamie texted about me working for him again……………..yes!! fist pump!.............I finished the drawer I was working on and nipped in to town to meet him at the Mat. There are a few changes, a few new keys and an agreement on a pay increase in the form of not having to pay to do our laundry. That’s awesome and helps a lot, saving us about 160$. I wasn’t expecting an increase at all.

All the drawers are organized now
with lots of little projects

Back home, my son called, with an apology and a belated Mother’s Day wish. I was a bit worried that I hadn’t heard from him, hoping that he was okay. He doesn’t miss texting or calling on my day so it was quite odd. I’m glad to hear he is doing fine and he filled me in on all his ‘excuses (as he called them)’. He has been so busy with a lot of stuff going on so I completely understand and forgave him easily. 😊

I'll be bringing Black Beauty so
Bill can still take Ptooties

People can be pigs, all this garbage will be on the list of
things to do asap

I also chatted with M about helping him out tomorrow afternoon with his Kijiji ad for business so things are picking up. We were to receive another visit today between 3:30 – 5:30 from Mr. Appliance but got notice that they are running late and did we still want them to come tonight? YES! I still am not putting too much hope in it being fixed with this replacement board BUT I’m also trying to be positive. LOL

I made an egg quesadilla for lunch
It was very tasty and filling

Gibbs was very good in the SS 💖

Bill was home shortly after 4:30 so at 5:30, he lit the barbecue so I could grill the bacon/cheese sausages for supper. I put together a coleslaw salad to go with it and it all tasted very good. The sausages in freshly baked buns from Foodland’s bakery were yummy.

another protest here
'I can't stand my ground against this southeast wind!'

27 mph winds

Because I’d moved my laptop out to my SS in the event they came earlier and I had to entertain Gibbs so after supper, I left the boys inside and returned to write my post. Later, I won’t be doing that, they’ll have to work around him. He’ll eventually settle down but I won’t be sitting out here for too long, even though it’s quite cozy. The only new programs on tonight are 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 Lonestar so we may be recording them on our PVR. Depends on what time things take place.

It's not often I do the grilling
but tonight it was my job!

This was a good day. I got some good news from Jamie and heard from my #1 son. Bill didn’t have too long of a day, at least he was home at a decent hour because of the early start up. The winds are still stupid up here and twice has taken our mat (that never moves!!) into a roll. Good grief! It’s like something in the atmosphere has shifted and the winds are trying to play catch up. I hope you’ve enjoyed your Monday.

Supper was good

PS: David and Juliette from Mr. Appliance arrived at 7:30 and by 8 pm, they were leaving. Gibbs was very good inside while they were here and the best news is that the fridge seems to be running properly and the freezer has gotten very cold. Now, the waiting begins and we'll see what it's like in 4 hours. ✌

The story of the day - I hope!
This is the first time I saw the fridge out so far!
Good night!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. Yahoo!!! A fridge and freezer!! Things are looking up. Think I’ll wait on that rug. Lol. Nice you get to go back to work - I think.

    1. Yup, my sentiments exactly! Yes, happy to have a petty cash inflow again.

  2. Hoping that the Fridge is working the way it should.
    Hope you look into the EMS. You don't want a repeat. Not all Campgrounds are wired properly.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks, yes we are definitely getting a surge protector. Just need to pay for thing first!

  3. I thought we were the only ones getting winds. They haven't stopped since we left Havasu. At least we got some tail wind today. Glad u got fridge fixed. See u soon.

    1. No, the winds followed us home i guess.
      Looking forward to seeing you again!

  4. Hope your frig continues to work. Congratulations on getting to return to work. It has snowed the last three days here in West Yellowstone Montana. Enough snow, it can quit anytime now. Thoughts are with you & hope your frig is fixed.

    1. Thank you, I'm sure the fridge is good now. For some reason i am only getting Anonymous instead of names in some cases so i am guessing who is who.
      You can keep the snow. Our winds are bad enough!

  5. The above reply was from Rita.

  6. Congratulations on your job! Did the sale fall through or did he decide not to sell? I'm sure M will be using your talents again this summer :) So happy it appears the fridge is fixed! Fingers crossed!

    1. Thank you. The sale is still pending but may not come to fruition. I'll work as long as he needs me.
      Thank you!

  7. Beautiful sun rays like sparking diamonds on the lake's water, lovely shot. Poor Gibbs missing his daddy so much that he's not eating. My dog Thory is so greedy, he even eats when our entire family is away and the neighbour feeds him. The goldfinches look happy with their food, pity I cannot put our feeders here, Thory has already killed 3 birds. I like the idea of your projects put into separate plastic drawers, I will follow this idea so i can keep track of my projects!!

    1. Thank you. Mostly the pictures don't even need me, the photographer, to be admired! I can't avoid taking them though.
      There are a lot of things i can do, just need to hone in on the creativity. 😄

  8. What a great your job back with a raise....talked to son....looks like the refrigerator is fixed. May all this goodness continue. Elva

  9. You'll never get old and grey Patsy!

    1. again, the comment is anonymous but I love you anyway! Ha ha. ♥