Sunday, May 1, 2022

Hold onto Your Hats! The Game is On!

The Ridge

I didn’t hear it until 7:30 on Sunday, May 1st but once I took my ear plugs out, I heard the strong gusts of wind. I had another good sleep with only a couple of coughs through the night. We didn’t go for a walk this morning, I slipped into my lounging pj’s instead. That wind would not be fun out on the road. It was 7C/45F with a forecasted high of 13C/55F.

Duncan and Patty took a nice long walk down our
country road

There was nothing planned but Duncan and Bill dumped their gray water tank and then we stuck to ourselves. There was a bit of rain around 11 and since I hadn’t eaten, at 11:30 I got bacon and eggs out for brunch. It was the last of our bacon, good thing it lasts so long in the fridge. I have a pack in the small freezer but wanted to clean up the older bacon and the eggs.

Our trees are budding nicely

We were eating when we saw Duncan and Patty going for a walk. The rain had stopped and even though the wind was still strong, it felt warmer and bearable. When we saw them turn into the laneway, we all went out too. Bill wanted to show Patty inside his cargo trailer, all of his prized planes. 😊 Gibbs ran around, getting dirty in the mud edging the pond and trying to eat goose poop. I got tired of admonishing him so brought him up to his rope tether.

When he opened the back door, Patty's response was
"Wow, you've got to be kidding!"

He was very dirty and needed to dry off before coming inside. He needed a ‘bum’ wash so I put him in the sink and we took care of that right away. Bill ran the dishwasher earlier than normal because I’d emptied fridge dishes. We are ‘scraping’ bottom just in time. With Mr. Appliance coming in the morning with our mother board, we should be able to start restocking. Yay!

He's quite proud of all his planes

Around 2:30, we took our Double Series game over to the Eddie Bauer Airstream – our new neighbours. 😊 They had never played but since it is the only game Bill really enjoys playing, they were gung-ho to learn. It was 6 when we finally left. I felt bad that we might have over-stayed our welcome, the time went by so quickly. We are enjoying their company and cover a variety of subjects while playing the game. Duncan and I won 4 out of 7 games so we know there will be a rematch one day.

the sky was a mixed bag today

Tomorrow they leave for Meaford. They are staying in the pretty town for a week of fishing, meeting with some friends/family. They are pleased for our hospitality and we are pleased for their companionship. 😉 It works both ways! Back at the Suite, supper was leftovers reheated. Spaghetti for me and hamburger patties, dressing and corn for Bill. More empty dishes!

Does anyone know this dirty little pup?
He has discovered the muddy pond edges

He was a whole lot dirtier, you wouldn't
want a kiss from him the way he looked

Bill and I are both sniffling a bit and when I noticed that I have a rash around my neck and chest area, it indicates to me that I am on the better side of this cold. Whenever I get sick, which I have to admit is very rare, a kind of heat rash is the final closure. So, that’s good news! It will be gone by tomorrow. We all know our own bodies, don’t we?

I couldn't eat all of it but I made a 
good try of it

We watched television together after 8 and I was in bed with Gibbs immediately following. We had a bit of rain today but nothing compared to what we all expected. The winds were crazy, 36 and 37 mph gusts but the temperature for most of the afternoon was on the mild side, nearing 12C/54F.

this was Bill's meal and the last of the burgers
Good night!

Another fabulous day and I hope yours was too! Thank you for your visit.


  1. Those planes are amazing. I see why Bill is proud!! Gibbs is too funny. He was having fun Mom!!! Stinky poo!! Glad you are feeling better!!!

    1. Thank you. The mud washed off but eating the goose poop isn't good.

  2. I wanted to haul my tomato pots out today but it was too darn windy. They would have snapped off.

  3. It sure was a windy day not only in your parts but down here too. Seeing that your guests were wearing hats and jackets I hope they get a chance to visit you again during the summer time to appreciate the beauty of your place.

    1. Thank you Marlene. We hope so too as well as when we are healthy!!

  4. That Gibbs, what a character. I suspect you'll be doing a fair amount of wiping off muddy paws and belly now that he has discovered how close he can get to the pond.

    Enjoy your day!

    1. You got that right. But i still can't help but laugh at him!

  5. I've never known anyone that was happy to get a rash. But I understand. Elva

  6. Crazy wind here too! Go away! I have to agree with Your dinner looks delicious! Glad you enjoyed your company and I'm sure they enjoyed the time with you guys!

  7. Good day here too!