Monday, May 23, 2022

An Early Start, Fresh Air

The Ridge

On Memorial Day Monday, May 23rd we took full advantage of the outdoors. We were up at 7:30 and Gibbs and I started our day with a walk to the corner and back. It was a pleasant morning with the sun making promises we hoped it would keep. 😊 Gibbs is continuing his fussy eating habit, so much so that we have resorted to hand feeding him. Hopefully, that won’t last but for now, he’s at least eating. The funny thing is that he'll even eat the original food out of our hands now. Can't figure him out!

Our walk started like this

We turned back at the corner 

At 9, after my tea, I went outside and got my mower out. I wanted to finish as much as I could in the areas that Bill couldn’t get to easily with the big mower. I was pleased with what I got done before my battery died. Not sure if an hour and a half is normal, can’t remember, or if the battery needs to be replaced. It will do for now, I’m not spending more on it right now.

Some flowers that I'm proud of
Oh, and the hostas are really growing!

I love my deep purple irises

Bill came out and set to work on the water pump. He has spent a lot of time on this already, last summer included, and today was no exception. 

Gibbs and I were resting after cutting grass
and I saw Chippy but he didn't 

When Bill took the rider and little trailer down
the lane, Gibbs was afraid of the black thing
sitting down there 😂
He's so funny, barking at a trailer

He worked steady; first making sure the pipe that goes into the pond is situated properly with bottles for floaters to keep it in place; then getting a bladder of water from the Acreage to prime the pump and lastly to trial and error; working diligently with the pump. He had successes then puzzlement when they didn’t last.

Gibbs doesn't get in the way of cutting
but does stick close to us

I got the new picture rehung
on the Ridge's entrance sign

I’ve never known someone so dedicated to at task not to mention the patience! It was 4 o’clock when he stopped for the day, transferring the remainder of the water bladder into the Suite. While he did that, I weeded the big flower garden, mostly from grass growing up through the phlox and geraniums. 

Bill can't slip out without someone 

Twice, I disturbed Mama Robin, who was sitting on her nest with new hatchlings, when I forgot and walked into the garden. She squawked at me and left her babies unattended. I tried to finish by crawling low to the ground. Soon they’ll be grown and gone. 😊

Jack, I know you're in there

I think you'll agree that I don't need any
mulch in the flower garden this year 😀
It has filled in quite nicely over the past 6 years

Gibbs was the best little guy today. When he was off leash, he did tempt fate a couple of times by following Daddy into the field where he was cutting and wouldn’t return when called. That’s how he ended up on the rope leash at the Bunky door. We both were close by and he just sat and watched us for the whole afternoon.

Bill works and Gibbs supervises
Hey wait! Looks like someone is sleeping on the job!

Bill has put a lot into this job
I'm sure he'll get it working yet!

One of the successes, we just need
it to last

When I finished weeding, I started a new puzzle. What did I get myself in to? It’s a new 1000-pc puzzle and wouldn’t fit on the round table without me having to put many pieces in a box. The border was a challenge but one I took on eagerly. When we came inside, I still had 2 border pieces that I hadn’t found but there is always tomorrow. I made a tea and Bill poured himself a rum and Coke. I felt chilled so needed something hot.

Bigger than I thought - hmmm

I'll need to work this one a different way for a while

It has been a really nice day for being as chilly as it was. 14C with some blue sky but mostly clouds after 12 noon. We didn’t have much wind and hardly any pesky flies around us as we worked. 

The canola fields are more brilliant than I ever remember
I can't recall the last time this was planted here

It was a good working day and when the sun returned, it was very warm. For supper, we had pork chops with stove top dressing instead of potatoes and a vegetable.

Entertaining? Of course, he is!
The overflow from our fresh water tank
doesn't go to waste with Gibbs around

Monday night is our night for television so we spent a quiet evening together. Gibbs was tired out from all the fresh air too and it wasn’t a late night. Work for Bill tomorrow and cleaning for me in the morning. 

Supper was delicious
The pork chops were grilled perfectly

By the way, last night we saw who was ‘crowned’ the American Idol but I won’t spoil it for anyone. We could’ve been happy with any of the final 3, heck, the final 5, but were very pleased with the victor!

The sky cleared out again by supper time
Hoping for warmer days ahead - this time to stay?
Good night!

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Victoria Day. Looking forward to the warmer temperatures that Memorial Day will bring our way.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Always enjoy your posts & The Gibbs antics.The actual pump setup looks excellent so a check valve at the bottom screened inlet& if not sufficient then the pump has to be closer to intake.All the best & yes,warmer would be better,lol!

    1. Thank you. I don't know who this is, with no name but we wonder about the same thing regarding the pump. It is a long way down.

  3. You flower bed is lovely. Phlox is one of my favorites but I don't get enough sun in my one flower bed for it to do well.
    Have a good day.

    1. Thank you, Maebeme.
      I love the phlox too. Wish it remained in bloom longer.

  4. Your flower bed looks awesome in bloom! The Ridge sign looks great :) Dinner looks yummy too. Great day all the way around :)

  5. I could spend all day just watching Gibbs! Your flower garden is gorgeous and the sign very fitting. What a perfect setting to work on a puzzle!

  6. Your flowers are sure growing nicely. What a lovely day you had.

    God bless.

  7. Your Creeping Phlox is gorgeous!