Sunday, May 15, 2022

Some Days……..I Just Don’t Know What to Say

The Ridge

On Sunday, May 15th when I first opened my peepers, I saw Gibbs on Bill’s side of the bed but no Bill. It was 6:50 am. When I stirred, Gibbs moved as well and came over to see me and then went back to sleep himself. 😊 He’s probably thinking that I’m ‘so predictable’ same as I’m thinking about him. Except, I'm right. πŸ’—

The day was going fine until we
stopped at this Ultramar in Markdale for fuel

We got up shortly after 7 and I began sorting laundry. It was a cleaning day and we were doing our clothes as well. I took Gibbs out just for a short walk on the property and he headed back to the porch. We’ve determined that he just isn’t hungry for a morning meal since he didn’t eat breakfast even with Bill home. Two days in a row. Maybe he doesn’t like it but then he wouldn’t eat it at all, would he? It seems like one meal a day is sustaining him and he’s still very active.

The fuel prices are going up tomorrow
and you can tell from the full stations
It didn't stop for the whole hour and a half
we sat here

Bill and I drove into the Mat and I loaded 2 washers while Bill checked things out in the two storage rooms. Jamie needs some ‘handyman’ work done and has offered it to Bill if he’d like the job on his own hours. It means weekends only but I’ leaving it up to him. Before coming home, we stopped at Foodland so I could buy milk and a few clementines for the Orioles and then we got a water jug filled.

A selfie as we sit and wait for our ride
Bill's expression portrays our true feelings

I hung the clothes on the line and figured it would be another quick dry day. Were not sure if there will be more rains tonight or if the forecast has changed as it is wont to do. It was heating up to be a hot day so Bill mentioned about a ride after I ate something for lunch. He’d had his cereal late. So, we hopped on Jazz at 12:30 and I was thrilled for another ride.

Jazz just fits in the back of
Rob's trailer

I put some water and ice packs in a small cooler bag and off we went. Bill didn’t tell me where we were going but he knew I’d enjoy a ride no matter where we went. 😊 We made it to Markham, pulled into the Ultramar for fuel. Wow! $20 to fill Jazz, isn’t that a breath of fresh air after filling an SUV and Duelly? That was it for our ride, Jazz wouldn’t start again. We moved it away from the pumps and no matter what Bill tried, there was no power at all.

They were over cautious so nothing happened to her
on the ride

We weren’t going anywhere so we called Rob to see if he was able to come and pick us up. We were blessed that he also had a utility trailer available to him and he was free. Within an hour, he arrived. We loaded Jazz on and strapped her down but good. Back home, since it’s Sunday and no one is open, and we’ll call the mechanic in Hanover in the morning. We were really bummed, such a lovely day.

We were home by 2:30 and Rob left us with the loaded trailer. Bill went to the Hangar and I made a keto almond crust cheesecake for M. His 65th birthday is tomorrow and that is his favourite thing I prepare. It is cooking and once it has released, I’ll get outside and bring our clothes in. There is quite a film of clouds over what earlier was a blue sky so I won’t take any chances. The temperature reached it’s high of 26C/79F today and that’s a little too much so soon.

Rob left us with the trailer for a couple of days
in the hopes we'll get it to the shop
tomorrow or Tuesday

We often mutter the words ‘if we didn’t have bad luck, we wouldn’t have luck at all’ but deep down we know darn well things could be so much worse. We could have been further from home than the 16 km we were. We had a few issues with our old ’79 Goldwing back in the day but didn’t expect to have to worry about a 2003 Yamaha. I guess it’s what to expect with older rv’s and vehicles.

A birthday cheesecake for M

The afternoon that was left was quiet. Gibbs and I sat indoors, he slept and I read. Bill went down to the Hangar until about 4:30 and he came up and dozed. 😊 For supper, I was fresh out of ideas so just made scrambled eggs with mini pork sausages. It didn’t turn my crank but it was good for us. We had the last of the cheesecake pie for dessert and loaded the dishwasher.

Bill rested while Gibbs kept an eye
out for visitors aka birds

We are still waiting for Gibbs to eat. It’s like all of a sudden he doesn’t like it anymore. He was eating at least once a day but now it’s even less. I have to call tomorrow to get an appointment for his flea and tick meds as well as see if he needs a heart worm test. Also, he needs a haircut so I’ll call Kate at Bath an Biscuit too. None of those things have anything to do with his non-eating though.

Nothing to brag about here, it was just a meal.

This was a bit of a bummer of a day although it was a Sunday off and we were together. That counts for something!

Good night!

Thank you for your visit. I hope you had a great day.


  1. So sorry about your breakdown. We are old hands at that. Luckily my husband can usually fix it and his brother has been good enough to come and get us, even when we are 70 miles away. Once we even had to wait for him to get off work! Ours is a 2003 also. We still go off and usually someone will help us. Hope you get it fixed so you can enjoy it this summer.

  2. I’m laughing. I know the “I’m not eating that any more” look. Had to change up his food. Sorry about the motorcycle. Can’t tell you how many times I got a ride home to pick up the truck to bring the bike back home. That’s so you will have stories to tell. Remind me some time and I’ll regale you with stories!! Lol

  3. Sorry for the motorcycle breakdown. No fun but hopefully it’s a minor problem.
    Poor Gibbs, something isn’t right. If different food doesn’t help maybe check
    for a tooth problem. We were once told by the vet to mix some cottage cheese
    in the dry food as a little wet was good for digestion.
    I know you will figure it out. He is a really cute little guy!
    Linda a.

  4. You really have a positive attitude Patsy. You've had some issues but still see the bright side. Yes Rob is a very good guy and friend. It's frustrating when our pups don't want to eat. Gibbs is so cute. πŸ’™

  5. Might be wise to check the Battery and Alternator.
    As for Gibbs his teeth might be bothering him.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Sorry about your bike!