Thursday, May 5, 2022

Just Keep on Adding it Up

The Ridge

On Thursday, May 5th Gibbs and I got up before 7 so we get a walk in before Bill left for work. It was a beautiful morning with the sun already bursting from the east sky. That’s what we want to see! As it turned out, Gibbs was in the mood to walk so we turned right/north at the corner and went down Baptist Church Road over the first hill.

I could hear a car slowly driving along North Line but couldn’t see it. I had a feeling that it was Bill leaving already so we ran up the hill so I could wave to him if it was. Usually, we walk the other way and he would pass us. It was him; he saw me wave and turned our way to come and say goodbye. We can’t start our day without that goodbye kiss, ya know! 😊

Our goldfinches are back!
I need to get more Niger seed to keep them here

Back home, Gibbs hesitated for about 10 minutes but then ate his breakfast right up once he saw me making my tea. Routines, he likes routines and remembers them. Dogs are so smart. Too smart sometimes! Once I had finished my tea and steel cut oats (yum) it had started to warm up nicely outside. Bill called at 10:25 to tell me that Mr. Appliance was on their way and that he was on his way home.

Here we go again
Visit #5

After they left, we were still back to 
square one

We knew and so did his boss that he would only work a short day (in this case shorter than we thought). I got dressed for outdoors and put Gibbs on his rope leash at the picnic table. We sat together until they arrived and Bill returned about 15 minutes later. That was when Gibbs and I walked down to put some cards in the mailbox. I hope they arrive on time.

Gibbs was pretty good while I sat with him
and even when I didn't

Gibbs saw the cows for the first time this year
Barking put them in their place, I'm sure

With Gibbs back on the rope, I did some more garden clean up and managed to get 3 gladiolus bulbs and 7 dahlia bulbs planted. I don’t know yet where to put the remaining dahlias but will figure that out over the next few days. The news isn’t great about the fridge – depressing, depressing, depressing! – it appears that the part of the mother board they put in is defective. Wha??? What next?

Soup for lunch

when we unloaded the car, Gibbs hopped in
but then saw Daddy getting in the truck

So, they are sending it back for a warranty replacement. So far, it has only cost us for that and their initial service call/labour. Let me tell you, my positivity is fading fast! Anyway, they left around 12:30 and Bill and I had chicken noodle soup for lunch. Both of us are feeling much better, the cold lingering with me longer than with him. That’s okay since he’s the one working.

An expensive little Cub Cadet

After lunch, we drove into Durham to pick up our Income Tax paperwork from Tim Summers Accounting. Blech! The $$ starts adding up with us each having to pay a ridiculous amount. It’s from Bill working on top of our pensions and OAS (Old Age Security) not deducting anything off of my pension. We’ll remedy that soon enough!

Bill also dumped our black tank today
with our new blue boy

We fueled Ptooties up, (ouchies) filled our 2x5-gallon water jugs and lastly stopped at Home Hardware for a tire tube. We drove up past our place to North Line Repair to pick up his Cub Cadet mower. That was another zinger for a thorough check up, 3 new blades, filters, idler pulley, deck drive etc. etc. adding up to $300 plus the labour. Needless to say, it should run like a top now!

Property surveillance
I love how he sits on his butt to watch
the goings on out there

I should be planting money trees instead of dahlias! Ha ha Oh well, I’ll say it again, it’s all stuff that needs to be done. Back home, we each had a drink, tea for me and Zero Coke for Bill. I started my blog but I’m past making a guarantee that it will be done tonight. My evenings feel too short these days and some days it just feels like too much pressure.

Just a little garden with 2 new dahlias
The rest of the bulbs went up on the berm

My big garden is filling in nicely
I won't be needing mulch here this summer

Bill replaced the tube in a tire on his mower wagon and that soon ended the afternoon. We got a lot taken care of today and yet there are still loose ends. I have more gardening to do, the fridge still hangs in the balance and our colds still come and go and come yet again. LOL. For supper, I had Rosy air fry the chicken thighs, fried leftover potatoes and heated the peas and carrots. It was all quite good.

The shelter vehicles are both home

I downloaded my pictures and we watched our recording of Good Sam together. Gibbs has got a lot of fresh air again today and is sleeping on the floor beside me but in full view of the door. You know, in case something happens out there and he is needed. Another great day!

Another successful supper and the meat
source in our home is dwindling
We've done quite well eating up everything we had in the freezer

Good night y'all!

We got an anniversary text from our dear friends in B.C. today. it was great to hear from them and wish Colin a speedy recovery and good luck with that pre-retirement plan! 💕💕

Thank you for stopping in. 


  1. Things are looking great around there. Except for your fridge. I have decided, after a few problems due to mother board, my initial reaction to the term is not correct. At first, I thought it was kind of sweet - the device that keeps things going, helps things work, etc etc. No longer. I think guys came up with that term because there's a missing word between mother and board. And it's an obscenity.

    1. Cute analogy. The device (like mom) that keeps things going. :) Ha ha about the missing word. It has been uttered under our breath a few times!!

    2. Relieved to see people liked my theory. I thought it might have been stepping over the line...but my sense of humor has saved me in life. Even though it can step over the line, which sometimes is kind of loose for me.

  2. Good grief!!! I can’t believe they haven’t fixed it. What a pain!!!! Sending good thoughts. Makes me smile every time I see Gibbs!!!!

    1. Thank you Nancy, it is getting frustrating, even for them.
      Gibbs is our everyday joy no matter what else goes wrong.

  3. Oh darn about the fridge!! Very frustrating I know. Taxes are an evil word around here too! We're having our county pensions hold out more $$ every month now! I love JudithK's comment about the mother board LOL.

  4. Hope your problems are over soon.
    Here is something you might consider so you never go through this again. Our's have saved us many times while we watched others around us lose their appliances.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. thanks Rick for the comment. I'll have to copy and paste that address.

  5. What a nuisance the fridge issue continues to be. Hopefully the warranty work is completed soon.
    I'm an oddball because I don't mind paying taxes. I just remember back to the days when my income was so low I didn't. I'd never want to go back to those days. I assume you can request OAS withhold some portion. Or Bill's employer can deduct a bit more. I did payroll for several years and some employees asked for that.
    Have a wonderful day.

    1. The fridge is frustrating indeed.
      Yes, you are an oddball I guess but it makes sense why you don't mind. Not having a good income isn't fun either. :) We'll find the solution somehow before next year, fingers crossed.
      Thank you!

  6. Let me know if you find any money trees!