Sunday, May 22, 2022

Rain? Stormy? Sunny? Hot? Make up Your Minds!!

The Ridge

On Saturday, May 21st, Gibbs had Bill awake at 6 to go out for his piddle. That’s what happens when Bill has to be up through the week before 6. They came back to bed and at 7, I was ready to get up. Gibbs and I left Bill sleeping and slipped out for our walk. I closed the bedroom door when we left. We walked down the lane, it was a lovely mild morning, 15C/63F or so.

Morning walk

By the time we turned onto North Line, the black flies found me. They’ve never bothered me down that far, especially not on our walks! We didn’t get far and it was me that stopped and turned for home. It was wet out, from whatever rains (storm?) we had overnight, so I had to wipe Gibbs’ feet when we came in. He’s so good, lifts each one on cue. 1, 2, 3 & 4. Bill taught him that, like he did for Clemson.

Got my little mower back! πŸ˜ƒ

Then after a suitable period of foot drying, I opened the door and told Gibbs not to bother Daddy. He didn’t, instead laying on the side of the bed where he was close to him but could still keep an eye on what I was doing. I had my tea and played my word games, quietly. The day looked like a mixed bag. It could rain, it could shine, it could storm, no one really knew. When they came downstairs after 8, Bill made his coffee and went out to install my lawnmower blade. 😊

Test run

You wouldn’t think I’d be excited about that but I love my little battery-operated mower. I like feeling that I’m participating in the outside duties and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, complicated about this mower. Charge the battery and she’s good to go. I get exercise too so it’s double duty! Bill decided to cut the front field while he had time before rain (?) and before his meeting at 11.

It looks great now!

While he did that, I cut the area up here that is harder to get with the riding mower. My machine does a much better job. The battery wasn’t fully charged but it did most of the job before I had to stop. It looks so much better! When we both finished, he got cleaned up and we debated whether he take Ptooties or Jazz to his meeting, 25 minutes away.

Where's Daddy going, Mom?

The weather forecast called for 15% chance of rain up until 5 pm. He’d be home in 2 hours so I made him a thermos of coffee and he took the bike. Gibbs and I puttered around here at home. I dusted the Suite and worked on the puzzle. I boiled more hummer food and stewed the wee little bit of rhubarb I had. Just to get a taste. 😊 It made about 2 teaspoons worth, but that’s a taste!

Getting worried about Daddy

The sky changed to black off to the west and north, and we heard rumbling just around noon. I started to worry about Bill. When the rain started at 12:15, I became concerned and the radar showed the storm coming directly for us plus the weather forecast had changed to 95% chance of rain/storms immediately until about 2 pm. LOL I know he’d wore his jacket but didn’t take any rain gear. We’ve learned that the best thing to do if we’re caught in it, is to stop and wait it out under shelter if possible.

Gibbs chased Chippy for a while
"I know you're in there!"

Before the rain, some security duty
After Daddy got home, some resting

At 12:25, I ran Gibbs in to the Suite from the ‘Bunky’ and heard a motorcycle. Please oh please be Bill, I prayed. It was. He booted Jazz up the lane into the protection of her shelter. He didn’t encounter anything too bad until this side of Durham so wasn’t too wet. I was just as wet running around outside with Gibbs and closing the shed doors. I breathed a sigh of relief that he made it home safe and sound. Thank you, God.

Finished the puzzle

We had toasted omelette sandwiches, mine in a wrap with salsa and sour cream (yum) and then relaxed together. Bill helped me play a word game before he fell asleep. Him and Gibbs, two of a kind, loving their naps. 

This was a nice breakfast quesadilla πŸ’“

Nap time!

We drove over to the Acreage to see Donna and Gerry for about an hour and helped them put the cover on their shelter. It takes 4 of us, well, at least 3 and many hands make light work. 😊 Bill had a beer with Gerry before we came back home. Gibbs had fun, running around, entertaining us all.

Top picture is of the Acreage geese on their pond
Bottom, is our family of five going down into the pond
So cute!

Back home, I finished the puzzle and Bill worked on a plane in his Hangar. It went from cool to hot to cool to hot again and now the sky is mostly blue, the way it was before the rain. It can’t make up its mind. Well, someone can’t make up their mind. For supper, it’s nothing fancy but a home grown favourite. Potatoes, hamburger gravy and vegetables. I was running out of ideas and although we could’ve barbecued something after all, I didn’t have the right meat out of the freezer.

I'm pleased with this little garden
Evening primrose and the tall ones I can't remember their name
to come up yet

We’ve seen many goose babies today. 7 at the Acreage pond from 2 sets of parents and our 5 babies here from one family. They are so cute and growing very quickly.  We haven’t seen many turtles at all this spring so far, no mamas digging holes for her eggs so maybe they’ve moved on somewhere else.   Supper was delicious, I even adorned the ‘stew’ with dumplings so that was a nice change.

I filled the finch feeder and they are grateful

Bill went down to the Hangar and then I saw him coming back up while talking to friends. So as not to have Gibbs jumping on us and pestering at the phone I went outside for the conversation. Poor little guy doesn’t understand but we moved out of his vision until we hung up. I worked on my blog and then watched my recorded episode of This is Us.

I love this kind of meal and we have leftovers

There have been storms to the east of us but we were missed. This time. Yay! The sun is setting between the clouds and it is a nice evening. I hope you’ve had a good day too!

Late post
Good night!

Thank you for your visit! Happy Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Love those goose babies. Riding in the rain isn’t bad, although it does create a bad hair day. I bet Gibbs keeps Chippy busy!!! Too funny.

    1. Nancy K. I hate the new Google.

    2. A gentle rain isn't bad but getting caught in a driving windy rain is awful!!

  2. You are so lucky you did not get what we had here in Southern Ontario. It was a very intense 10 minutes.

  3. How weird I can comment under my name but Nancy can't. I love the picture of Bill and Gibbs napping.

  4. Glad Bill made it homesagely. Based on the news there were some wicked storms in southern Ontario.
    Things are slowly greening up here. Your primrose are lovely.

  5. Yes that was a mixed bag of weather. Love the goose babies, but not so much when they're grown LOL. Gibbs is adorable sleeping on Bill. Love a simple but yummy meal.

    1. Hopefully the weather improves come summer holiday time for folks.

  6. I am glad that Bill made it home before it got too bad. I am also glad that the really bad storms missed you. I have been seeing pictures of the damage.

    Love the way your two men nap.

    God bless.