Thursday, May 19, 2022

Where Has the Week Gone?

The Ridge

On Thursday, May 19th, I stayed in bed until after Bill left. Well, I did get up at 6:30 to get my kiss goodbye though. Can you believe that it is Thursday already? I can't. It was a drizzly rain at 7 so Gibbs and I didn’t get out for our walk this morning. It was a cleaning day but I wanted to stop in to see our accountant while in town and he didn’t open until 9. That meant I didn’t leave until a few minutes before 8.

It's from the laneway so blurry
but I didn't want to get any closer
Ma and Pa and 5 babies were already spooked

When I got to the Mat, it looked as if it had just been cleaned. Either that or it hadn’t been used since I cleaned on Tuesday but that would be odd. So, rather than cleaning a clean place, I saved Jamie the $$ and went to wait outside Tim’s office until he opened. I’ll go back on Saturday morning instead. I chatted with Tim about Bill’s Notice of Assessment and when I left, was much happier with the result. 😊

The corral irises are short but still pretty

Back home, it was still rainy and that made it feel even colder than it was. Usually 8C/47F is pretty comfortable for a morning temperature as long as there is no wind but the dampness gave me the chills. So, Gibbs and I stayed indoors for the morning and neither of us had any inclination to go outside. I had some chicken noodle soup for lunch and by then it was warmed up a bit and the sun was making appearances so we went for our walk.

and look who came creeping across
our patio mat today

a baby painted turtle
was hatched
She's about 1" across

After returning home the mail lady delivered Bill’s parcel to our door and now we are waiting for one more thing today. A lawn mower blade for my battery powered mower is coming UPS. I’m anxious to get back to cutting my portion of the lawn again. I missed that last year as it is helpful to Bill plus good exercise for me. 😊

Simple but delicious supper

We have been communicating with our trailer insurance company to see what we can get reimbursed for the problems we had from the park. That is coming along on the positive side and that is a good thing. We just need to fill out more details. Gibbs and I went out to my sanctuary. I worked on the puzzle and he kept an eye on the surroundings for me.

A cloudy but pretty sky tonight

This turned into quite a warm sunny day so I unplugged from power around noon. Every little bit helps. Bill was home before 5; he has farther to go now with their new job site in Wingham so knowing he likes to relax before supper, I waited until 6 to start. We had big sausage and salad and finished the cheesecake for dessert. We loaded the dishwasher and relaxed for the evening. We’ve got a ridiculously hot day forecasted for tomorrow, summer returns briefly.

After supper, Bill cut some grass since
we have rain in the forecast AGAIN
Good night!

This was a good day. I hope yours was too.

Thank you for stopping around!


  1. Still cold here, I really want sun and heat. What a cute visitor to travel across your mat.

    God bless.

  2. Always nice to get positive answers rather than negative. Hoping they work out for you (Bill and the insurance). Is Bill working 5 days now? I thought originally it was 3? Nice of you not to clean when it didn't need it :) Dinner looks yummy!

  3. Where has the MONTH gone?? Too cute, that little baby turtle. Looks like he's lost.

  4. Uh oh, did I miss out on the resolution to the fridge problems? It can be hard when the weather is so far up then down during the week. Your property looks great tho' - lots of great wildlife company for you and Gibbs.