Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Counting our Blessings Today, 😊 Days Are Warming Up.

The Ridge

On Tuesday, May 10th Bill was up and almost ready before I even heard him or Gibbs. I rolled over at 6:30 and realized he’d be leaving for work within a few minutes. Gibbs and I said goodbye and we stayed in bed until 7:30. Lazy bones, we are! Once I was up, I rejoiced that our fridge is working again. So, I emptied the cooler and the bar fridge, putting things back as they should be in the Maytag. 😊 😊 Happy happy! Then I wiped out the bar fridge and the cooler and carried the cooler out to the SS.

You can see how windy it was early on
At a calm moment, I replaced our mat 

We went outside for our walk and Gibbs misbehaved and when he found some goose poop and wouldn’t ‘drop it’ or ‘come’, I decided on ‘no walk’ today. He followed me into the Suite because he saw I had the leash. He knew I was upset, I’m sure, and upon telling him he was a bad boy, he went up to the bedroom and stayed there on the bed for over an hour. Again, he didn’t eat his breakfast. Last night, I forgot to mention that when Daddy came home, he cleaned yesterday’s morning meal up at supper time.

It didn't take me long to transfer our food
Picture on the right: the new mother board is working, yay! 

We had a pretty quiet morning, inside, and we made friends again. I can’t stay mad at the little guy for long. Outside the winds had already been gusting quite strongly. When will it ever let up? I had my oatmeal around 10:00 with my coffee so I didn’t need lunch. After getting washed, I walked over to M’s at 12:45 to help him post his business ad on Kijiji. It isn’t easy working on his older phone so I was back and forth between that and his laptop. It isn’t the easiest but I thought I got it posted and I walked home an hour later with $$ in my pocket.

When I saw the 2 orioles in the tree
with the finch feeder, I got their orange feeder out
within no time, he was eating from it

The rest of the day was spent with Gibbs. I let him run loose for a few minutes before putting him on his rope leash. We sat in the SS (I guess I need a new name for it!) and I worked on a few crafty things. Gibbs was quite happy to be with me and stayed close to me. He didn’t have a lot of choice since he was tethered but that’s okay. I need to know he’s safe.

It was a day for the birds

I even saw a hummingbird so quickly boiled
some feed for them and filled 3 feeders
Once he returned briefly

We moved outside around 4 after I’d finished my tea and the sun was wonderful. It was still windy but quite pleasant for sitting while we waited for Bill. I was in the sun and Gibbs was in the shade beside me. 😊 Bill came up around 5:15, all covered in drywall dust but still smiling. I play second fiddle for hugs as Gibbs obviously is more excited than I am. Plus, I don’t jump and pee on his legs. Ha ha.

Two security positions
and all is well on the Ridge πŸ’“

Then time for play πŸ’—

I love witnessing the peony bush, hostas and
evening primrose reach for the sky

For supper, we had warmed up leftovers. Pork loin, roasted potatoes, gravy and corn and it was delicious. There is a small piece of meat left so I can eat it for lunch if I choose. The day was a warm one, reaching 24C/75F and this is the kind of weather we’ve been waiting for. After loading the dishwasher, Bill and I carried the bar fridge out to the SS and suddenly things are back to normal.

When I walked around the corner to M's
this sky caught my attention

And so did this calf

We watched tv together, recorded This is Us and New Amsterdam for later viewing and I worked on my blog post. I have a cleaning job in the morning so want to get it done tonight if possible. This was an awesome day and I’m a bit selfish in saying that I’m so grateful for our fridge being repaired. I say that because I know our friends in north western Ontario are still waiting after 2 months for theirs.

the meal was almost as good as the first
time we had it.

Good night!

Thank you for all your support as we got through this upset and thank you for stopping by.


  1. So happy to hear your fridge is up and working again :-)

  2. Glad to hear the fridge is working again!!

  3. Such a relief to have the fridge running. Can’t wait for Lori to say the same. As it always is, Mom is the one who corrects. Hard to do when he’s so darn cute.

  4. Having a refrigerator is a blessing we take for granted. As my mom
    always said, ‘don’t miss the water until the well runs dry’.
    Sounds like Gibbs is putting you to shame by jumping up
    and down when Bill comes home.....maybe you could try it and
    let Gibbs pee on his leg! Lol I thought that was so funny.πŸ€—
    Linda a.

  5. Maybe just call it the Craft Shed! That would work

  6. Poor little Gibbs with a little bit of bad behavior. He's been thru a lot of changes. Bill being gone all day is a big life event. Hopefully soon he'll get used to all the changes. Elva

  7. Glad you got that fridge fixed!

  8. So glad that your refrigerator is working. Life is good!

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