Saturday, May 28, 2022

I Thought Yesterday was Busy! Today I’m Just Distracted with Fun Stuff

The Ridge

On Saturday, May 28th we slept in as much as we could but were still up by 7:15. I had cleaning and laundry to do in town so like to get in there before clients file in. šŸ˜‰ We sorted the clothes and Bill loaded the basket in the car for me. Gibbs watched me leave for work while Daddy stayed home for once.

The Trilliums changed from white to pink
They'll soon be gone

While I was gone, Bill emptied our black tank and then hopped on the mower. He wanted to get the grass cut and property lines etc. trimmed once more before our company arrives. Duncan emailed and said that he would gladly cut grass for us on Monday if we wanted but Bill has another ‘job’ in mind for the two of them. Yes, we are looking forward to Duncan and Patty’s arrival on Sunday afternoon and we don’t really want to have to work any more than necessary while they’re here. 

Our peony bush is overloaded again this year šŸ’–
It will be a staggered blooming period, I just wish they'd
last longer when in their glory

The Mat wasn’t too dirty again which makes me wonder if it is as busy as Jamie would like it. Either that or the (excuse me) ‘riff raff’ have moved on and only hard-working users are coming in and they know how to leave a place as they find it. I hope that is the case so I can stay working and I hope it is busy enough.  šŸ˜Š

These few plants were $51 + a 25 l of black earth
which I need up here

I left the Mat with our damp clothes and drove to Foodland’s Garden centre. I found a few things, well, I found a lot of things, that I liked but with the prices being what they are, I had to be very choosey. That’s tough when other than tomato and pepper plants, I really didn’t know what I wanted. A young gal chatted with me while I poked and finally chose a few plants. I may be back.

Before my vegetable plants go in, I am preparing
to create a fencing to keep 4 excitable running feet
from trampling them
The tomato baskets will help for sure

I stopped at the Water Store for a 5-gal jug fill and then on the way home found a Garage Sale. Yes, it’s that time of year! All I found were 4 glass table leg ‘coasters’ for .50¢. They will be great for under our coffee table and reminded me of the ones Mom used to have under our big dining table. They fit perfectly and will make it easier to move around. It is so heavy.

Here, you can see the low metal shelf unit I bought
It turned out to be better than I thought

I hung the clothes and Bill was still cutting and trimming. The place always looks so nice when he finishes. šŸ˜Š With Gibbs running free for a while, I planted my day lilies that I got from Cathy and because we didn’t know if they were still good, I doubled up the bulbs in 5 different locations. Fingers crossed, because they are a different colour than my yellow and orange ones.

It replaced this round table, which I'm not ready to part with - yet

Bill needed more fuel for our lawn machines so we all went back into Durham. I asked him to stop at the Garage Sale again, I’d passed on a white wire shelf when I saw it. Didn’t think it would work for me and of course, now second guessed it. It was gone but they had a lower, wider one for $1 and I grabbed it. So glad for my delay as the first one would not have worked after all. I needed more shelving in the Bunky but had to replace something for it to fit. It’s perfect!

And now my desk and craft supplies are
not so cluttered

I also opened the box from a delivery on Wednesday. My lounge chair from Amazon arrived! I had to retire the webbed one that our buddies gave me. It needed a complete overhaul and just kept breaking down so in Yuma Lakes, Az, it went to the bin.

I was excited about my Amazon purchase

I was sad but it wasn’t worth trying to make it work. It sure did the trick for me when I needed one. This one should work just dandy for me and it is fairly light-weight for taking south with us. Plus, it’s “Gibbs Approved!”

As long as I don't reach 225 lb. (chair weight limit)
this should last me a while
Gibbs approves, it creates nice shade 

We sat outside together after the work was done and then I worked on the puzzle for a while as he slept in the shade of the awning on my chair. Bill had little jobs that he was taking care of too. He replaced our surge protector power bar for the electronics and then the painstaking job of replacing the top screen panel in our door so we can remove the windows. There have been small holes in the corners so now he has one section done. Great job!

Gibbs and I sat in my chair on
the patio while I had a beer margarita
and Bill worked

Gibbs was quite comfy here in the shade

He went to the Hangar to relax for an hour or so and Gibbs and I came inside. I finally finished yesterday’s post and started todays. Clouds have moved in for the most part but we aren’t expecting any more rain. I got the clothes in off the line at 4:30 and we are good for another week with fresh smelling clothing. For supper, we had grilled bacon cheeseburgers, pretending we didn’t just have them last night. These are our own brand and I actually enjoyed mine better. šŸ˜Š

This is the angle I had for my picture
One window screen done

As we sat on the patio, I admired my little garden
The Cora-belles are blooming and will last all summer 
I love them

Bill was inside, I was in the Bunky
and Gibbs was very content here
enjoying a space where he could hear us both ♥

He watched this mourning Dove saunter by

With the dishwasher running, we chatted about our new neighbours. Drew and Kim moved out yesterday and the new family moved in today. That’s a fast turn around and they are fortunate to get in on a weekend. We hope they are good neighbours to us and visa versa. Bill went to the Hangar again and I will finish my post and watch the finale of This is Us. I want it to last, even though I know the basis of this episode, I hate to see it end.

Good night!!

Thank you for checking us out today. This was a great Saturday!


  1. Looks like you both Enjoyed this beautiful Spring Weather.
    Be Safe.

    It's about time.

  2. That peony is sure covered in blooms. I love them, but don't love the ants they seem to attract.
    Gibbs looks mighty comfortable on or under the chair.

    God bless.

    1. I love peonies too and thankfully, it is far away from the Suite. I stopped snipping them and bringing them inside long ago because of the ants. :)

  3. I think that's great that you're going to tackle a vegetable garden, I'm lucky if I can get a few flowers in. Fresh veg's are the best. Nice job organizing the Bunky, I love those multi-shelf units. And a new chair to boot, lucky lady.

    1. Thank you, the spinach and chard are sure slow. They may not amount to much but usually tomatoes and peppers do really well for us.

  4. Your flowers are all so pretty!! Your green thumb must be excited to get the garden planted!! Maintenance stuff ..... it's never done!!

    1. Thank you, sometimes my green thumb turns colour and things don't work but so far, it is still green!

  5. Your flower beds, and that peony especially are looking so nice. Good luck with keeping Master Gibbs out of the garden.
    If you'd like to send some of that sunshine our way, I'll happily take it. We're on our second day of rain here so my plants are hanging out on the patio waiting for the sun.

    1. Thank you Maebeme. Too bad the peony blooms don't last too long but at least they don't all bloom at once. :) I'll need the luck with Leroy for sure! haha
      Not sure we're ready to share. Aren't we selfish? We'll likely get your 2 days of rain soon anyway.