Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Two Great Days Rolled Into One, Turtles, Turtles, Turtles

The Ridge

Sunday, May 29th started out quite nice. I’m two days writing this though so I might not have a perfect recollection of what all we did. Gibbs and I went for our walk and Bill went to get water to top up our tanks. We weren’t out, but below half and it would save time when company is here. They don't usually need water when they come but we'll have it. The weekend is the best time to fill it up. I had my tea and Bill finished trimming the front field.

It was going to be a gorgeous day

I realized that everything looked so good except for the part that I cam 'responsible' for now. I needed to tidy it up before our company came because it was the area where we’d spend the most time. šŸ˜Š My mower took care of the lawn 'tout suite' and by then I was so hot that I needed to sit with Gibbs and cool down before I hopped in the shower. Boy, did that feel great! I put shorts on instead of capris after that!

After lunch, I thought this would get a 
It did. 

I made us toasted westerns and we had them on burger buns. They were delicious! I ‘played’ in the Bunky on my puzzle and Bill ‘played’ in the Hangar on his plane. Gibbs kept me company until Patty and Duncan arrived around 2. We got them set up on their ‘site’ and once set up, we sat at the picnic table to catch up on what they’ve been doing since they left on May 2nd. They’ve had good times and not so good, the life of an rv’er. Thankfully, nothing serious, just a couple of things requiring a CanAm visit.

Patty goes to help with the location

The rest of the afternoon went like one big Happy Hour and it was a gorgeous day for it. No jackets required. šŸ’“ 

Happy Hour!

Our guests had already informed us that we wouldn’t have to cook tonight, they were treating us to a barbecue. Duncan grilled/smoked a bone-in pork roast. I don’t remember what they called it but cut into 4 perfect chops. With sweet potatoes, orange and white, asparagus and corn, we enjoyed a wonderful meal together outside. No dessert required, the alcohol fill that hole. šŸ˜Š

Oh my! This looked and smelled so good!

Lo and behold, it tasted wonderful!
We've never seen white sweet potatoes but they were very good

We loaded all the dishes into our dishwasher and sat around the campfire. Donna and Gerry accepted our invite to join us and we had a nice evening until 11:30 when we all called it a night. D & G left earlier, back to the Acreage.

When one of us would spot a turtle,
we would all gather as close as we could without frightening her
They are so interesting!

as long as these Canola fields are here, I'll take
pictures of them
I love the colours

Bill heard a thud this afternoon
This hummer hit the trailer and dropped

Hoping it was just stunned, He helped it up onto 
a cardboard and put it in the small tree by the feeder
It was able to flutter its wings but when we lost sight of it
down in the long grass to the pond, we doubted its chances were good. šŸ˜•

They'd driven home from Milton so had a full day. It got a bit chilly by then and our warm Suite felt good. That was a great day and there was no time available to write a blog post.

So precious
Fly away !

Monday, May 30th, I had the Mat to clean so left the Ridge about 7:45. Yes. We slept in. I’m not used to the late nights. Yesterday, we started noticing more and more turtles making appearances. It seems late for them to be laying, yet, here they come. šŸ˜Š We really have to keep an eye on the lane as we go in and out, Mrs. Yertles are everywhere.

Gibbs makes himself at home in the shade
of their home

But he is also always watchful over the corral
and property

When I returned from town, I felt that I had earned my pay today. The Mat was suitably in need of my attention. I should have wore shorts, I was sure hot and sweaty upon my return. I changed and sat outside with Gibbs while I cooled down, once more. Bill and Duncan discussed their day and after Duncan fueled up in town and Bill got a bladder of water, they focused on the water pump.

Patty Gibbs and I enjoyed the peacefulness
of the afternoon

There was a lot of brain storming going on and for a while I sat with Patty and then worked on the puzzle. With the  Bunky windows open, I could hear the pump turning on and off on its own and the sprinkler working. I was excite! It seems to be holding its own. We had bacon and eggs for lunch and carried on with our day. Eventually, we all met again in the yard and the conversation continued. It was quite hot so we moved from sun to shade a couple of times.šŸ˜Š

Patty and Duncan just 'chillin'
It reached 29C/84F today 
and we had a lovely breeze all day

We have a lot in common, yet at the same time, are learning new things from each other.  This is the fun part of making new friends and sharing the same understanding for full-timing. There were even more turtles today, looking for that perfect spot to start digging to lay eggs. 

Can you see both turtles in this picture?
They weren't digging, just looking at this point

They like the laneway for laying eggs but
they also like the berm behind our trailers
We've found shells on the hillside in the corral,
in my vegetable garden! and along the edge of
where gravel meets grass as well as in the laneway.
A lot seem to have hatched this year. Yay!

I got joy out of watching our guests' thrill, following them around. Not so much joy watching Gibbs follow them around though. He doesn’t quite know what to do with these hard-shelled creatures and we had to keep admonishing him to stay away and leave them alone.

I also added a bit of Patty's chili 
after this picture was taken
It was very tasty too!

For supper, we had sausages in buns and they had leftovers. We all ate together at the picnic table again and it was quite comfortable. The temperature was perfect and the bugs left us alone. I took that opportunity to get in a picture as well and got out my Canon 30D with the tripod. šŸ’— 

Can I go out to play, Mom?

With dishes cleaned up, we first had a video chat with our friend, Nancy, in California. How great to see her! Next time, hopefully, Doug will get in there too. Then we played a few games of Double Series in their Airstream. Duncan and I ran away with the trophy tonight and we had a good time until we parted ways at 9.

This is a fun game and Duncan and I were off to
a roaring start with 3 wins already.

Bill, Duncan and Patty had an early departure in mind for tomorrow. Well, Bill’s was to go back to work. Our friends were heading to Vineland for a birthday party. It was nice for Bill to have booked the day off. 

Here's to more good friends!

The chorus frogs/spring peepers were quiet until about 8:30 and then they let loose. We will have to close windows tonight so Bill can sleep. šŸ˜‰ This was another great day and we’ve had some great fun with the Sharps. We hope they return again, they are welcome anytime!

The sky was pretty when we came inside at 9
Good night!

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  1. What a great weekend! Those turtles must know warm weather is coming. What a yummy dinner spread!! Anything BBQ’d has to be good.

  2. Sounds like a couple of great days! Glad you had some time with friends.
    Fingers crossed the hummer safely flew away when it recovered.

  3. Always nice to have company, especially with people you enjoy so much! Yep the was a great plate of food! YUM! We've had 4 hummingbirds commit suicide this year..so sad! Beautiful sunset pics!

  4. I'd be glad to hear those chorus frogs!

  5. You had a wonderful weekend, and if you could send some of your warm weather west we would sure appreciate it.

    Poor little hummer.

    God bless.