Friday, March 1, 2024

G-g-g-gorgeous Days!

Park Place RV Park

Here we are, Friday, Mar. 1st, our last month, and the weather is finally what we came down for. Maybe that’s why our winter seemed so short, the cooler days. Bill and I were up by 6:30 and 7, respectively, and I hopped into the shower. Soon enough, we’ll be back to limiting the length of time, water amount and pressure used during the showers, so we enjoy it to the fullest right now. We still try and conserve water 

Good morning!

Bill left for the field, after a couple of return trips, and Gibbs and I went for our walk. Yesterday, I pulled out the first stuffed toy we bought Gibbs as a younger pup. I don’t know what we called him then, but when he found it in his toy basket, I called him Goober. I don’t know why, so no point in asking. 😊 

Gibbs and Goober LOL

Now that he isn’t eating the fibrefill, he can have it back to de-stuff, like Stuffy. He loves him and ‘insisted’ that Goober join us on our morning walk.

My own walk
Look at that sky!

Good grief! He’s so darn cute toting him around and after dropping him a few times to sniff better things, he carried him ¾ of the way home. I dropped him off at home and walked up to Family Dollar and then Coyote Fresh Foods for a couple of things at each store. I was happy that there was one loaf of French bread (our favourite) at the grocery store so didn’t hesitate at all to grab it since Bill was out.

I know someone who will appreciate this.
They are sure taller than ours back home. 😁

Back home, I was suitably warm. It was already, at 9, 68F /19C! Beautful! I walked over to the clubhouse to pay our hydro/electric bill for the month and at less than $26, as Patti said, our solar is paying off. 😊 Sure is, we are so grateful for these full sunny days. Bill was back from the field by 10:30, the winds pick up in March so it was no surprise to see him. We chatted with my auto body shop boss back home and just relaxed until lunchtime.

A grass covered desert floor.

Of course, we had French bread. After lunch, I had to borrow an egg to make a loaf of banana bread using up our 3 black bananas. Well, my bread machine made it for me. When Gibbs and I went for our afternoon walk, I dropped a couple of pieces off for John and Susan, since they provided the egg. With that walk over with, I made us each a Pina Colada for our happy hour. Yummy.

The other day, I told you we had Happy Hour
in our friend's 'new to them' Phaeton.
This is it. Pretty, huh?

This is the kind of day we had.
Relaxing as all get out.

I read with my book sitting outside after 4. Such a lovely afternoon, although quite windy, especially looking out towards the mountains. It would not be too pleasant in an open desert area and we are grateful for the sheltered area we are in. I overheard a couple of ladies in the dollar store discussing where they could move their rigs to get better protected for Saturday’s wind gusts of 45 mph.

Not bar quality, but still quite tasty!

Our supper was fish and chips and it was delicious, as usual. After clean up, we settled in for the evening. Just as a precaution, Bill popped the top down on the gazebo in case the strong winds moved in overnight although coming from the SSW they shouldn’t affect it too much. Better safe than sorry. 😊 This has been a quiet, relaxing day here in the neighbourhood. We enjoy the peacefulness and yet also the association of our friends when we want it.

I love these Swai fillets and the fries were perfect.
Good night!

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  1. Ah, that's the weather that you've been waiting for. Glad it has arrived in time for you to enjoy it for a few weeks.

  2. Goofy Gibbs and his stuffy, now goober. LOL. Gotta love those warm days!!

  3. A beautiful dandelion and definitely taller then back home! I have not seen one yet this year, thank you for sharing. That Pina Colada looks pretty good. It was wonderful to see the desert floor covered in green as we drove along.

    1. I knew you'd enjoy that. πŸ˜‰
      Strange to see the green in the desert but interesting too.

  4. You and your quiet, relaxing, warm sunny days! Love those dandelions.

  5. I like the green grass on the desert floor! Takes away from the sand and rock.

    1. It does but it is very strange to see. How it grows in the rock is a mystery.

  6. Gibbs looks so cute carrying his stuffie. Now that dandelion would be in a bag with any others I could find to make salve.

    God bless.

    1. One of many things i look forward to back home. Dandelion oil.

  7. I don't mind the Dandelions now that I don't mow a lawn.
    In Ontario it seems we get high winds every other day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the warmth.

    It's about time.