Saturday, March 30, 2024

A Low-Key Day

Park Place RV Park

Saturday, Mar. 30th was going to be a pretty easy-going day. I can’t say that many of my days are busy anyway, but we had nothing major on the agenda except some relaxing and perhaps some pool. 😊 Sunday will be a different story. Bill went to the field once more before the winds picked up to see who might still be around. Gibbs and I got our walk in around 8 and then we just hung here at home.

Good morning!

He supervised me going through my clothes cupboards until he got bored and came downstairs. I managed to fill a grocery bag before I was done and now have made space in a couple of drawers. When Bill got home, we sat outside for a while and the winds picked up. The sun was warm so Bill and Gibbs were scrambling for shade but with the awnings flapping, Bill ended up moving indoors.

Gibbs enjoyed his outdoor time with
us today

I walked down to Sheila and Randy’s to offer a hand with their tasks today and then returned for lunch. A pastrami and cheese sandwich on keto bread was just the ticket. I love this bread! We all read for a while and then at 1:45, I walked over to play some pool with Gerald. I enjoy it and will miss it over the summer. We had 5 games of which he was the overall victor BUT I did win a couple of games so I’m proud of that (even if they were by default!) Ha ha.

At some points, from the clubhouse, we
couldn't see the mountains. The dust and sand
was blowing so much.
Then blue sky appeared below the clouds.

The winds have gone crazy, gusting to 28+ mph and when I took Gibbs for his walk, we had to run home. That little boy doesn’t like rain!! I had my tea, chatted with Sheila for a bit and mixed up potato salad for supper. I air fried the Brat sausages and cooked a vegetable on the side. It truly felt like summer then! 😊 We were eating later than usual, 6:30, but it tasted great and so did the cheesecake pie for dessert.

Gibbs and I timed our walk
perfectly to see Sheila and Randy
move into their site.
It's a really nice home.

Yummy and hey! It looks nice enough
for a magazine today for a change. 😁

Bill loaded the dishwasher and cleaned up the pot used. I finished with my blog and worked at finishing my book. This was a very nice day and although I didn’t help, I’m happy to see our friends get moved into their ‘new to them’ home. 

Our view at home.
Look at how the grass at the road is
greening up!

One more day and we’ll be saying goodbyes. 😟We still had a warm day, regardless of the wind and spotty rain. 77F/25C felt pretty good and the winds were welcome.

Krystal sent us this adorable
picture of Alexander all ready for Easter.
10 1/2 months.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Looks like the ridge is waiting with open arms & new gate to welcome you home.
    Have a safe journey, homeward bound. Love all three of you.

  2. How can Alexander be closing in on a year already? Time certainly flies.
    Home is looking good, though I know you'll miss the friends and fun.

    1. I ask the same thing. We've missed the little guy growing up but Krystal has kept us up to date with his 'firsts'. ♥

  3. Love to hear Sheila and Randy have new digs. It's a beauty! Here's hoping next year won't have quite the wind and rain storms in Q. I hate all that dusting!!!! Dinner looks yummy!

    1. I'm happy for S & R too. It's a really nice unit. I'm hoping next winter is warmer and calmer too. :)

  4. The last day before you leave is always the hardest. Weather here is starting to be more Spring-like with the occasional flurry thrown in for good measure. The Ridge looks like it's waiting for your return.
    Safe travels and Enjoy a Happy Easter.

    It's about time.

    1. I'm glad the weather looks good back home although a lot can happen in 14 days! :)
      Thank you!

  5. I was worried that The Ridge would be snow covered, but it looks like the storm at the beginning of the week missed.

    Have a wonderful journey home.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks Jackie. All looks good at the Ridge...........for now! :)

  6. Safe travels as you start your journey back home. Love your new fence, and gate.

  7. thank you for the wishes. I'm glad I was around although I wish I could have lent a hand! I will miss you!!