Sunday, March 3, 2024

The Winds Continue on This Warm March Day

Park Place RV Park

On Sunday, Mar. 3rd, I got up before 7. Laundry day! So far this winter, getting over to the laundry room before 7:30 has paid off. Today was no different as Bill and I walked over at 7 and all 3 washers were free. We used two and walked back. When I went back 5 minutes before the time was up, there was a resident loading the 3rd machine. It’s okay if I don’t bump into her again! Not the sweetest on the block.

Good morning!
I should have waited 30 seconds to catch
the Pop!

But I was staying close on the heels of
my (wait for it)
Laundry Boy. ♥

Bill didn’t go flying so walked back with me when they were dry and helped me fold and carry the clothes home. 😊 

When we walked out after loading the machines,
this was my view

I had time to eat half a pink
grapefruit in between laundry breaks

I took over 4 tops and a pair of pants for the FREE table, things, for one reason or another, that I no longer wanted. I may add more before the month is out but for now, that’s a bit of a start. Then, with our laundry put away, I went back over to start a puzzle. For 2 hours I worked away on the 1,250-pieces.

This is an old puzzle from a yard sale back home.4I love the picture.

My progress by noon was slow but the border was done.
That's a lot of pieces to flip and sort!

I left to return home at noon, and the hosts were checking in a Class A rig. When I said hello to them, the lady said “Patsy?” Oh my! That is still the strangest, but coolest, feeling. She follows my blog!! We shook hands and will hopefully get together before they depart. It is always interesting to know where new acquaintances are following us from.

I was happy with how far I got
even after taking a break to play pool. 

Bill was back from Jim’s after working on the landing gear on his Cub (plane). Making good progress, he said. 😊 We had French bread with cheese and a slice of banana bread for lunch. Fresh and tasty! While my boys dozed, I went back over to the puzzle. After making good progress myself for an hour and a half, I asked D if she wanted to play a game or two of pool with me. The office was quiet, which can be nice and not so nice as it calls for a boring day.

Gibbs watches with Goober while
we prepare supper. Our little gentleman.

We had 2 games and although she ‘snookered’ me in the first game of eight-ball and although she won the second one, we were both shooting for the last ball. I felt good, picking up a few more lessons from her and G. We’ll have to do that again before I leave the park. I worked on the puzzle until 4 and Bill had also just returned home.

I could hear the coo cooing of a mourning dove or two.

She was sitting on the rv behind us
and turns out that Bill was coo-cooing right
back at her. 😀
She was looking all around for her mate. 

Gibbs had a quiet afternoon on his own so I took him for his walk before I made myself a cup of tea. The winds have not abated at all today so the gazebos are still popped down. Looks like by 6 pm, they will be letting up and minimal by early morning. For supper, we only had 1 burger left so Bill grilled it with 2 wieners for me. We had burger buns to eat up so I used those for my dogs. 😊 We did reach a high today of 69F/21C so no complaints here.

No supper picture tonight. My dogs were cut into
4 and stuffed between the burger buns. Messy but tasty!
Good night.

This has been a nice day. I hope you can say the same.


  1. Is that the same as a pool boy??

  2. I actually prefer the sunrise photos before the pop. Not sure if it is the glare from the sun, but I find it difficult to look at the photos directly looking at the sun.
    Sounds like another good day and your skills with jigsaw puzzles continues to amaze me.

  3. Not everyone are people we'd like to know, but as long as they keep their distance we can live with that.
    Nice that Bill is getting his plane fixed.
    The Wind continues to see-saw from one day to the next here, so you are getting hit before we do.
    Dinner doesn't have to look good to be tasty.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. You're absolutely right! We're old enough to pick and choose whom we like to be near. :)
      the dinner comment is true also.

  4. Snow stopped here late Sunday and now we are slowly digging out. No wind right now and the sun is shining which makes everything just a tad better.

    The puzzle is sure coming together.

    God bless.

  5. That is a mammoth puzzle and should keep you occupied for a couple of hours, I think ;-) Isn't it interesting the people we meet at laundromats? Too bad about this one.

    1. It is a big puzzle but fun. A couple of hours? haha You're funny and that was your goal. :)
      Yep, some people..............

  6. Our weather is very 'spring like' this week in Hanover On. 19 C yesterday! I actually saw two Robin's strutting around the back yard this morning.

    1. I hope the robin's don't get too disappointed if/when cold weather returns. As it is bound too yet. :(