Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Can You Say Puppy Dog Birthday? ♥

Park Place RV Park

Today, Tuesday, Mar. 12th we have a birthday to celebrate, here in the household. Funny thing is that the birthday boy has no (nada, zip, none, zero) idea that he turns 3 today. Yes, our Leroy Jethro Gibbs is who I’m talking about. Bill and Gibbs slept in until 6:30 so almost missed the lovely sunrise. I did but he took pictures for me while walking Gibbs. 😊

Zoomed in

Good morning!
Bill gets credit for these sunrise pics. 💓

When I got up by 7, (I went to bed at 9:30 last night), I had my tea, Bill left early for the flying field and Gibbs and I walked. 

The blue sky was busy this morning

After I brought him home, I walked up to the Family Dollar for a couple of items and then Coyote Fresh Foods for some French bread for Bill. All they had was cheese loaf but that is okay too. At the end of the week I’ll bake more here at home. I took a coffee over to work on the puzzle and was grateful that Susan helped me by putting the border together.

Looks like the Q has been painted
since my last picture

You can sleep when you want on your birthday
Gibbs' rule

Started this puzzle yesterday

I worked away until noon hour and came home for lunch. I had promised to make some Pupcakes for the birthday boy so did that before I went back over before 2. I couldn’t find the previous recipe, from last year, but these should do – even without the icing. 😊 They smell good!

A little out of shape but Gibbs
enjoyed one today.
He didn't miss the icing. 

Because of the warm (and lovely) temperatures we’re getting these days, I didn’t want to heat up the Suite by turning our convection oven on. Instead, I remembered reading that you could bake a cake in your air fryer. Hmmm. Mine is just a simple air fryer but it cooked those 6 pupcakes up like nobody’s business! Mind you, to get the 6 silicone cups in, they are a little squishy looking.

Made quite a bit of progress today

When I returned home from the puzzle, Gibbs and I walked around the park. Oh darn, I turned down the main row and we didn’t see Gerald today. I got distracted when John, at the end, came out and chatted with me. First time ever and what a nice man, I can tell that Sheila is right about that just from a few words and actions.

Gibbs with his Daddy

Back home, we sat outside in the gazebo and before I realized it was time to start supper. Bill grilled the bacon cheeseburgers and they were messier than ever! I ended up eating my last few bites with a knife and fork. Gibbs had a nice surprise for his birthday when his buddy, Gerald, and Dora came around to wish him Happy Birthday. How sweet and our little guy was so excited! They left him a baggie of puppy goodies. Thank you, you two!

a special birthday treat from
his friends 💗
Duck jerky and milkbones

We cleaned up the dishes (loaded them in the dishwasher) and I sat to finish my blog. This has been a great day. The weather was perfect, even though clouds were dominant a lot of the day, we reached 74F/24C. It sounds like they had a great day back home too.

An easy yummy supper.
Good night!

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  1. I love a good juicy burger!!! Does Gibbs have any Yak cheese left? Happy birthday to the happiest little guy I know!!!

    1. Me too! Yes, he has only eaten 2 of the yak cheese. He has lots of goodies, Rick and Patti gave him some good bones too.

  2. Happy Birthday Gibbs! Very handsome young man!

  3. Glad he had a Happy Birthday. Wish I could give him a birthday hug!

  4. That was so nice of Gerald and Dora to visit Gibbs on his birthday. I'm sure their presence was the best present.

  5. Boy does Bill have a nice tan! Always love your burgers!

  6. I am coming to your place for a burger. That looks really good. Happy Belated Birthday to Gibbs.

    God bless.

  7. Belated Birthday Wish to Gibbs.
    Those Burgers look tasty.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time