Monday, March 18, 2024

Pooling Up and Warming Up

Park Place RV Place

On Monday, Mar. 18th we were up with the birds….well, the sun at least. I don’t know what time the birds got up. It isn’t like on The Ridge back home where we hear a lot of birds outside. Depends on where you walk here. 😊 I do use my Merlin bird app to distinguish one sound from another.

Last night after I posted
the sky put on a performance

I've been missing the good ones
but this made up for that.

It was a nice morning, 50F/10C, and a slow-moving one. Gibbs and I went for our walk and then I cut a grapefruit and that was breakfast for me. I always have some of my yogourt too, just not together. I was the first to leave the house today, at a few minutes past 9. I walked over with coffee cup and cue stick in hand to meet the ladies.

This morning's sky
was equally as beautiful

Poker pool today consisted of 5 of us. A small but lively group. 😊 All final scores were 8 or less so we walked away pretty pleased with ourselves. I finished second for those who care. (Lorne) It was 12 noon on the dot when we finished and I walked home to have lunch with Bill. He was working on another project, near completion, so I made us toasted omelette sandwiches for lunch while he finished. Another nice job too.

Started a new one.

We all sat together inside, me with my book and the two of them snoozing beside me. I actually closed my eyes too at one point and may have dropped off for a few minutes. At 2:15, I walked over to start a puzzle. This one is only 550-piece and with larger pieces, shouldn’t take too long. There was no indication on the back that the ladies had done it this past summer so I started in on it.

Our afternoon walk

At 4, back home, there was more sitting with a book, a walk with my favourite furry companion and then a plan for early burgers. Bill began grilling at 5:00 and we were finished eating before 5:30. Monday night is our show night and they start at 6 pm MT so we need to plan for them. After clean up, NCIS and NCIS Hawaii kept us entertained. Unfortunately, they were reruns this week so I worked on my blog at the same time.

Bacon cheeseburger for supper.
Never disappoints.

This was a nice day. We reached a lovely high of 74F/24C today with higher temps on the way.

A memory from March 18, 2022.
Happy Hour with Tom, Deb, Nancy,
Gayle and John at Roadrunner BLM.
Good memories.
Good night!

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  1. Enjoy those warm temperatures. It will be a while before they get up here.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. And Cooper!!! I was trying to figure out what top I had on! Turns out it’s Coop!! Lol. That was fun!!

  3. I see what you are saying.

  4. Good for you finishing 2nd. You will be wearing the crown soon. Actually who cares right! As long as you have fun. I will challenge you to a game of 8 ball if we visit you next year.

  5. I wouldn't hurry home, it's snowing!