Saturday, March 23, 2024

Stay at Home Saturday

Park Place RV Park

On Saturday, Mar. 23rd, I (we) had nothing going on that took us away from the Suite. It was a warm, but cloudy, windy morning when we all got up so Bill figured there would be no guys at the field to hang with. There was nothing going on at the clubhouse that I was committed to and the morning had already started out calm and slow when I slept in until 7:15! Let’s just keep the day like that. 😊 Yah.

Good morning!
It looks like a cloud covered day at 8 am.

Gibbs and I went for our walk after my cup of tea and it was a nice, easy paced jaunt around the full outside perimeter of the park. Of course, he saw his buddy, Gerald, before we returned home. It was 67F/19C at 7:30. I had a wonderful sleep, not waking up once after bedtime at 10. I won’t say that too loudly, others don’t get those good night’s sleeps and I don’t want to get jinxed!

This was yesterday afternoon.
Bill caught us unawares and then we caught him at it!

I have one job here at home first thing and that was to tend to my hubby’s feet (rough heels are inevitable) since he’d made an appointment last week. 😊 I know he appreciates the treatment too. Then, he vacuumed for me. It was a bit of a trade-off, so Gibbs and I stayed out of the way. Comforting Gibbs in our chair while Bill moved that scary machine around was special.

Presenting: from the Ridge
Custard Rhubarb dessert 💗

I had taken the 2 small bags of frozen rhubarb (one from my own garden!) out of the freezer when I got up as I had a plan. Trying to eat properly, for me/us, means some sort of keto inducement in order to keep the carbs low……….so, I substituted the regular flour with almond flour in my recipe for the Custard Rhubarb dessert. I wasn’t sure the base with the flour was going to cook but with the rhubarb custard mix on top………ooowheee! We have a guilt-free dessert for a few nights.

Looking into the gazebo, only the
firepit and 2 chairs left.
Plus the lounger I'm laying in to admire this sky!

My plan was also to make something with a bag of the pumpkin in the freezer too but I only got as far as thawing it today. Tomorrow is another cloudy day so I’ll use it then. As it turned out, by noon, the clouds had thinned out and we had a lot of sun. When I was finished baking, 

It wasn't too hot for the snuggle bum to
cuddle on me today

Bill turned our power off so we could get some advantage from our panels this afternoon. Bill started packing some stuff up before lunch, my rollup table and our 2 big cub chairs. It’s a start.

Later this afternoon, after Gibbs and I walked,
the winds were gusting around 22 mph so to be safe,
I popped the roof down on the gazebo.
Lots of cloud action today.

We had lunch and then he dozed while I went outside to my gravity chair. It’s a lovely day for sun sitting. I finished my book and can attest to it being another page turner. She’s written some humorous mystery stories and I’m enjoying them. It was 3 when I came inside, hoping the boys had been slept out by then. Bill kept dropping off which meant he needed to catch up from some late nights and/or the comfort zone in the Suite was perfect for dozing. 😊 

Still blowing, still warm and still pretty.
Looking west.

Looking east

I hadn't seen Sheila yet today so when I saw her at the clubhouse, doing laundry, I popped in to say a quick hi. Supper can be blamed/credited to Nancy as she had waffles with some Canadian syrup. Yes, because of the low meat inventory in the freezer, we agreed on pancakes and bacon tonight. Lots of carbs there so the dessert will be perfect. 

My pancakes wouldn't win
a front cover - my pan wasn't hot enough to start.
But they tasted good and so did the dessert.

This has been a great day. Nice and quiet with a morning and afternoon walk with my favourite pooch, relaxing time in the sun with a good book and time spent with my #1. We’ll have a bit of a cool off tomorrow but today reached 77F/25C, which is quite perfect. We heard on Wednesday, that my sister and her hubby (Gayle & John) are back in the U.S. after a great winter in Mexico. 💕

A big black cloud moved overhead after supper
and I captured this action.
Top picture is cool with the clouds drawing up water.
(so Mom always told us). ♥
We actually got a few drops of rain around 7
but if you weren't out, you wouldn't know it.
Good night!

Thank you for popping around.



  1. What are you talking about it's still raining silly.. Sheila

  2. A little windy, but we luckily had plenty of sunshine we didn't expect. Hope to see you before you leave.

    1. It turned out to be a nice day.
      Are you staying at Palm Canyon?

  3. You need MUCH more syrup on those pancakes!!! Not good weather here either!!

    1. Turned into a nice day after all, despite the winds.
      Bill takes even less syrup than I do!

  4. That's better weather than here.
    Supper looks yummy.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Sounds like a lovely, mostly relaxing day. Enjoy these last few weeks!

  6. Yum, a rhubarb dessert. Would you share the recipe.

    God bless.