Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Winds Pick Up, Coffee Hour, Pleasant Afternoon

Park Place RV Park

On Wednesday, Mar. 13th we were up with the sun. Well, the sun rose at 6:39 and I was up just about the same time. Needless to say, I missed it. 😊 We had our showers and since Bill wasn’t flying this morning, he took a bit more time getting ready. He did have his last Q.D.F. club meeting at 9 so left in plenty of time for that. The President can’t be late, right?

La Posa South LTVA is looking pretty empty

Gibbs and I walked and with my hoody, only to cover my bare arms, it was almost too warm. I was happy to get it off. Gibbs barks, most of you have heard me say that. He barks at loud voices, vehicles, passersby and well, just about everything. But, he does stop (mostly on command) eventually. Our friends, and his, pretty much know him and if he pulls me towards them, they oblige and give him a pet or two. 😊

Today, we met a man that Gibbs just plain did not like. As a people person, I expected him to bark but then let the stranger pet him and be done with it. Not this guy. He wanted to get close to the man but at the same time – didn’t, and stopped about a foot away. Still barking and growling like I've never heard. 

We dropped our cans here
even though the owner wasn't around.

Susan reminded me of their sixth sense or whatever it is – they get a feeling about people and it is usually for a reason. I guess he was trying to protect me. 

Flowers in the washes
I've never seen that before.

I decided to join others for coffee hour at 9 today. Something different. I’m glad I did, as I enjoyed the small gathering. It was interesting to meet Brenda, a newcomer to the park, only here for a night but a really pleasant lady. Later, I popped by to give her one of our cards in the event she needs a place to stay in Ontario. She gave me one of hers too. What a cute little ‘home’, Rover, is. She is from New Jersey.

Our water station.
Love the price here.

After lunch with Bill, we drove out to La Posa South to drop off the pop cans we’ve been gathering for a fellow out there who collects them for recycling. They just don’t recycle here, which is strange and yet the reason we see so many cans and bottles along the roadside. Sad, huh? The LTVA is looking pretty bare, compared to the last time we were out. We stuck to the paved road, drove in a bit and turned back for home.

Morning and afternoon progress

I walked over to the puzzle and put in quite a few pieces. Back home at 4, Gibbs and I went for our walk. Today, we walked along the road and on the return trip, I saw these beautiful orange flowers. They were so pretty and shiny that they looked waxed. I used an app, that Sheila told me about, to name them but it was in Latin so I can’t remember. I can’t pronounce those names! 😊

I'll have to go back tomorrow and get
the proper name of these beauties.
Just one clump of them.

I made my cup of tea back home and Gibbs dozed on the floor as I started my blog. Supper is a mixed meal. Liver for me, cooked inside, and a pork chop for Bill, grilled on the Weber. I had some frozen mashed potatoes that I fried up and cooked us each a vegetable. Too bad we don’t like a lot of the same veggies but that is the way it is. The weather today has been lovely although a bit breezy. Those March winds! Our gazebo has been flopping but no need yet to pop the roof down.

The sky was pretty again
this afternoon.

We’ve had a good day. I started my next book by Sue Grafton and it is gripping right from the start. It’s called Friction.

The liver was delicious and the swiss chard
was pretty good too.
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. I know what you mean about not liking the same veggies. I always cook my own! Asparagus, sprouts, spinach, hubby won't eat them. You are doing well on the puzzle.

  2. Animals do have a sixth sense about people.
    As I've written many times, my Stir-Fry Veggie Wraps contain a blend of Vegetables with Mozzarella Cheese and sometimes Bacon, that are tasty and filling. Most times one batch lasts us Two Meals.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Animals to have a sixth sense, our old dog used to sit and growl at one of the people in the village we lived in when first married. Turned out he used to beat his own dogs and his wife. The flowers kind of look a bit like a type of daisy.

    God bless.

    1. Interesting about dogs, eh? I may never know about this guy.
      I think the flowers are an Arizona daisy.

  4. Sad about the recycling. Going green is expensive. Put your money where your mouth is, govt spends it all on their own needs. Love your daily posts Dee

    1. Thanks Dee! You are right about the recycle business. It is important.