Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Feeling Like a Loser! Grand Finale.

Park Place RV Park

On Tuesday, Mar. 26th I first woke up at 6:40 after another nice sleep. Gibbs was asleep beside me so I don’t know what time they got up originally. I got washed, dressed and came downstairs to join Bill. He was at the laptop instead of in his recliner and that through Gibbs’ morning into confusion. 😊 He didn’t know where to sit when usually it is on Daddy’s lap.

Good morning!
Last drive to Parker this season.

It was government pension payday for us so there was some banking to be done before we started our day. Once ready, we left the Suite with Gibbs at the helm and drove to Walmart in Parker for a grocery stock up. We knew it would be a pricey outing but nothing shocking. We got a lot of food for pantry, fridge and freezer, and it should last us for the next 3 weeks, short of dairy items. We’ll be stopping at a lot of Walmart’s on our way home to get those things when necessary.

Not our last Walmart though!

Unlike a certain 4-legged member of our
household, Black Beauty likes her bath. 
I'll have to get an 'after' picture tomorrow.
We took the time to dry her off before we left
the lot.

It still doesn’t quite feel real that we will be on the road in less than a week. Gibbs only got a short walk this morning so I made note that he’d get a longer one later today. He’s really a good little camper and understands that we’ll be back when we say it. We were home by 11 and had unloaded the bags half hour later, just in time for lunch. I air fried 2 of my leftover pizza pieces and it was gooood – again.

Gibbs and I walked late afternoon
A gorgeous day!

While Bill and Gibbs had their snooze, I walked over with my small amount of pennies to play Pokeno. I really shouldn’t have gone but took some change to buy more from the ladies. I was feeling like a real loser, especially after being gifted handfuls of pennies from Sheila and Susan. That enabled me to play all games. It was by a mere stroke of luck when the 3 of ’s was called and I won the final round called Blackout. I guess I’ve lived to play another day. 😊

Gibbs wanted to go to the dog park today. He doesn't
usually go to the gate. He did a lot of sniffing and
then we played, running around the tree.
He ran, I pretended.
Top photo - he's in running mode although it looks like
he's doing something else. 
"Come get me, Mom!"

Back home, I just relaxed outside with Gibbs in my chair and turned more exciting pages in my book. I’m really enjoying these stories, they are mysteries to solve but still tickle my funny bone at the same time. I took Gibbs for his walk around 4, stopping at the park's dog park, read some more and we had supper around 5:30. 

More sniffing and then it was time for home.

Across the wash from the dog park, the 
Quartzsite RV Park is looking mighty empty.
Just like the influx at the beginning of November,
most of us depart in the same manner. One after the other.

Grilled bacon cheeseburgers tonight and this will likely be our last use of the Weber until we are home. Bill will begin a major pack up tomorrow.

Bill knows how to cook these burgers
perfectly, every time. πŸ’–

Bill went this afternoon and got his last haircut down here this season and shouldn’t need one for a while. We communicated with Doug, who is in a Quartzsite blm and made plans for one final meet up tomorrow with Deb and Riley. It will be great to see them all again before we part ways for our respective homes. I doubt any of us are in a real hurry – yet. 😊

Bill took this picture of a little visitor
we had the other day. It's twice he's visited our site.
Gibbs chased him, so he hasn't been back. 

It has been a lovely day, with a high of 73F/23C and a low tonight of 52F/11C. Perfect for sleeping. The winds have died down, finally, so I was able to enjoy our gazebo once more this afternoon. I hope you’ve had a great day too.

Another couple of photos with credit to Bill.
On Sunday morning around 6:30, he caught the
moon dropping behind the mountains to the west. 
Gibbs was watching it too. 
Good night!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. Totally awesome that you won blackout, it made my heart happy! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you Susan! That was certainly the surprise of my day! I was feeling kinda 'poor'. :)

  2. Enjoy your last few days in the warm sunny ... hopefully not windy ... southern Arizona :-)

  3. Enjoy these last few days. It will busy with the packing and visiting with friends.

  4. No, no hurry, we have a while to make the trek to the border. Mid April gets us into southern Ontario and depending on the weather we may stay there until early May.


    1. Absolutely no hurry. You always have a place to stay if you need it inour neck of the woods in Ontario. :)

  5. My bad ... I love it when everyone leaves. It's so quiet!!!!!!!!! I don't think anyone cooks those burgers better than Bill!

    1. Bill does cook a mean burger! ♥ I'm sure the park managers feel the same way!

  6. Winner, Winner!! That was truly exciting! Patti

  7. Hard to believe that you will be on your way north so soon. Hope the weather is great for your trip home. Enjoy the lovely weather.

    God bless.