Thursday, March 21, 2024

A Winning Day in Many Ways

Park Place RV Park

On Thursday, Mar. 21st Bill and Gibbs were up a few minutes after 6. Before I knew it they were both crawling back into/on the bed. That meant an easy-going morning where we could sleep in a bit longer. We were still up by 7ish and had our showers taken care of soon after. Gibbs and I went for our walk while Bill finished up and got ready to head out.

Good morning!
Even though many have left, the park
still looks pretty full.

Most of the flyers from the club are preparing for or already on the first leg of their journey home. There are 2, 3 maybe 4 who live here in Quartzsite all year. The field is quiet with things put away for the season. Tonight, you can check out Bill’s post at On Our Way to catch up on his news too. I walked over to the clubhouse just after 9 to join the ladies for our Poker pool games. All too soon, they are coming to an end.

So, I got brave overnight.
Yesterday, I didn't want to get too close to
someone's property.
Today, the flowers were encouraging enough to do it!
Can you imagine this when they all bloom?

Today, again, only the 4 of us but we had 4 (5?) lively games full of good and bad shots but I did come out the winner! Trust me, not from great playing but mostly by others potting my balls! 😊 No complaints here, we had fun and parted ways 10 minutes before noon hour. Bill was home and sitting outside with Gibbs when I returned. Lunch was a tuna sandwich for me and I ate it sitting on the couch with a hopeful little pooch close beside me.

Sitting outside with Gibbs.
He is sound asleep.

After lunch, I sat outside, in the shade of the patio, where it was the coolest place to be and Bill dozed indoors. I started my next Janet Evanovich book, Eleven on Top, and it has already made me chuckle a few times. It is a comical side of a bounty hunter’s trials and Stephanie Plum is quite the character. I’m enjoying it even though the chapters are very long (not my favourite thing).

I forgot to post the
completed puzzle yesterday morning.
I backed off from finishing today's
so Susan can complete it.
It was pretty easy and fun!

At 3, I thought I’d join the ladies at the puzzle, if it wasn’t already finished. I was surprised no one was there so I worked away for just 30 minutes and decided to walk away with a few pieces left for Susan. It was a puzzle she bought and it didn’t feel right completing it. Back home, I sat with Bill and Gibbs on the shaded cool patio again.

Our walk before tea time.

Bill finished our table today.
Check out his blog on the side bar or here.

Gibbs and I got in a short walk, the heat is slowing him down and he doesn’t care to go as far. I watch him search for shade along the walk. 😊 Even though a warm day, 83F/28C, I made a cup of tea and read some more, with Gibbs sitting on my lap. After a while, I have to tell him to get off. He’s such a lug resting on my arm.  

Gibbs and I sat outside after supper
until it got dark.

For supper, I air fried a boneless chicken breast, cut into 4, cooked mac & cheese and corn. It was filling and good. I had to save half of my chicken again.

What a winning day! The game, the weather, the company, I couldn’t ask for any more.

I'd say I timed this sunset picture well.
Look close. Is it a bird, a plane or ???
It is the air ambulance returning home.
Good night!

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  1. So you wear the pool queen crown today. Good for you! I hate when we get down to the last week or so of our winter stay. Enjoy your last few days.

  2. The table looks great.

  3. The table looks great.

  4. Bill did do a nice job on the Table.
    We have Four Inches of white stuff right now.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the warmth.

    It's about time.

  5. What a great job on that table. Let Bill know I think it looks awesome. I can just imagine how wonderful that cactus will look with all those buds opened up.

    God bless.

  6. Good job on the table refinish and I like the colour.

  7. Bill did a great job on the table!