Sunday, March 24, 2024

Yo-Yo Winds

Park Place RV Park

On Sunday, Mar. 24th we were up before 7, laundry was sorted and by 7:10, clothes were in the 2 machines. I walked back to do the transfer 25 minutes later and then returned home to finish my tea and take Gibbs for his walk. No Gerald this morning, although the little guy waited a minute before moving on. 😊 He truly won’t know what to think when we leave here. The air was cooler this morning, and the winds were still evident. We did get another dumping of rain at 10 pm last night so there was about 3" in the inverted roof on the gazebo this morning. Enough rain!!

Leaving Gibbs in my chair when I walked
over to the laundromat, I wonder if I could teach
him to sit the other way?
I could dictate my blog to him........look at that posture!

Good morning!

The laundry was drying, today two dryers didn’t heat up at first, so it took longer than usual. In the meantime, while waiting, I stayed at the clubhouse, and put a few pieces in the puzzle that Adele and Susan started late yesterday. It seems pretty easy, the pieces were finding their slot without too much difficulty. A beautiful picture of the Grand Canyon. They might finish it tonight.

Since Christmas, this is toy #3.
It started with 6 hard rubber balls. As he chews them,
we cut them off so he doesn't eat the rubber. LOL
Now he has a boring rope to toss with Mom and Dad. 😂

Bill and I relaxed at home and we sorted through receipts and purchases over the winter. Time to make our list of items to claim at the border. With that done, we had lunch and went about our day. Bill worked outside on putting our string of ground lights away and had a nice chat with our neighbours to the west. They are pulling out tomorrow, heading home to Wyoming. Seems a lot of us will be doing the same thing over the next week or so.

A better choice for chewing.
Patti and Rick gave him a hard bone.
It has been buried inside, a few places and then
outside and then back indoors

We have to pretend we aren't watching.
but it's so fun to watch, I took a video.♥

If you can't see it, then he did a good job.

I walked over to work on the puzzle for an hour or so and Susan joined me before I decided to return home at 3. When Sheila went over to prepare the morning’s coffee, I joined her for a walk around the residential area and the block. 

                                                    The puzzle of the day.
3 of us working on this one.

Our time together is shortening as each day passes and we enjoy each other’s company. The wind was quite gusty but the sun kept us warm in short sleeves. Back home, I took Gibbs for his walk and then sat outside with my book until I got cool in the shade.

A beautiful Angel to hang in our
Thank you, Sheila!

My book is good, did I tell you the title? Another Stephanie Plum story called Twelve Sharp. The pages are flipping by. 😊 Supper was fish and chips so Bill looked after the Fry Daddy and I popped the fish in the oven. The sky outside is half dark, to the north, and half blue with white fluffy clouds to the east. Not sure what it is doing. I think the clouds are winning, the dark ones.

The sky has been lovely all day until early evening
when dark clouds moved in. 

Supper was goooood!

We enjoyed our meal and after clean up, Bill popped the gazebo roof down again for the night. 26 mph at 6 pm gave us the warning. Not sure if I’ll read or watch tv tonight. The series called The Village is interesting but I don’t want to binge watch it. This was a very nice day and despite the winds, we still reached a nice high of 69F/21C. 

This was looking out our window to the east.
Then it was gone. 

One of my commenters asked for the
rhubarb recipe from yesterday.
Here it is. I substituted flour for almond flour
in the crust and
and Splenda for sugar throughout. 
Enjoy and good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. This recipe sounds a lot like my rhubarb dream bars I'll make some and we can compare thanks for the walk today it was great felt good

    1. This was more like a crumble than bars but that's because of the floor switch.
      I enjoyed our walk too!

  2. I am going to have to try that Rhubarb Custard; good to know the Almond flour worked. I really liked you sunset picture last night.

  3. Beautiful little angel. Surprises me that Gibbs sits so nicely on his hind legs. He thinks he's a people too. I'll be coming in to Quartzsite tomorrow.

  4. I bet a blog by Gibbs would be very fun and interesting. 😄

  5. I don't think I've ever seen a puppy as good at hiding his special toys!! He's so funny!!! Great looking dinner, green olives and all. I'm ready for the bad weather to just stop!!

  6. Do you claim the state tax at the Cdn border for items you purchased?

  7. Thanks for the recipe Patsy. Looks really good and I actually brought up some rhubarb from the freezer downstairs. I see some dessert for the week coming up.

    God bless.