Friday, March 22, 2024

The Hottest Day of the Year, To Date

Park Place RV Park

On Friday, Mar. 22nd we were up after 6:30. Gibbs was good to his Daddy and didn’t move until Bill did at 6:25. 😊 Good boy. I stayed in the comfort of the bed until closer to 7. With many windows open all night, it felt quite refreshing in the morning with the 60F/16C. Nicest morning yet and we’re in for the hottest forecasted day so far.

This is an indication of how hot it is
right now.
The coconut oil is liquid. 😂

After tea, yogourt and a grapefruit, Gibbs and I walked around the park. This weather is perfect for him, for walking. Actually, it is kind of perfect for me too. I had a ¾ length sleeve linen shirt on over a spaghetti strap top – yup, perfect. Bill left for the field to see who was there and after dropping Gibbs off, I took off the shirt, donned my hat and walked to Celia’s Garden to get some flower photos.

A beautiful morning for a walk

It was a great walk, didn’t take me long at all, and although I seem to have missed most of the ‘full’ blooms on the cacti, I enjoyed the plants anyway. 

I could see that Black Beauty was still parked at the flying field, so I walked over to see Bill and the boys. I’m glad I stopped over as I got to see and give goodbye hugs to Woody and Jim, two favourites. 😊 Woody and I agreed to ‘see you in February’ for the next spring flying event.

I've missed the blooms for most
of the Beavertail cacti in the garden.

I rode back with Bill rather than walk, we had a bit of shopping downtown to do. After stops at the Surplus shop, another tent at Tyson Wells and the food tent, we journeyed home. We sat outside until lunch time where we had out sandwiches. I cut up the leftover chicken piece from my last night’s supper and on keto bread with mayo, it was very good.

But there is still a lot to see,
even though i've seen it many times before.

Saguaros are almost sacred. They are protected,
dead or alive. 💖

Can you see Black beauty near the
shelter? that's how close I was.

Probably the last time I'll walk by the
Quartzsite Town Park this season.

After leaving the flying field, Bill and I noticed these
lovely blooms so he stopped while I got my pictures. 

At a few minutes before 1, I walked over with my meager number of pennies. I needed at minimum $1.21 and so once more, borrowed .50¢ from Bill’s stash. I’m not ashamed! I had enough to play 20 games and then I won a couple of Pokenos a diagonal and a centre….I can now play another day! 😊  It was fun, I’m just having too much fun! Back home, I sat in the shade with Bill and Gibbs, reading, until it was time to take the little guy for his walk.

Sitting in the shade with my 2 favourite fellas.

That turned out to be mostly a bust. “It’s too hot, Mom, find me shade or take me home!” So, it was a short walk. We watched some tv before supper, once we moved inside and then had our version of ‘Egg McMuffins’ (egg omelette on buns). They were filling and good. We’re running low on freezer meats so want to clean things up before restocking.

When it was time to make supper, I was too
hot so we waited until a program was over.
We were eating by 7:15 and it was worth the wait!

This has been a warm day, reaching a hot high of 85F/30C but with a lovely breeze.

This is an old picture, from 2015
and one of the last times we had a visit from Colin.
He lives in B.C. and is celebrating the big '6-0' today.
 We miss him and Charmaine! 
Happy Birthday to our dear friend!
Good night!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. Oh I love the last picture of your flowers that pink is beautiful I want to go see them maybe we could catch an early morning walk I know you invited me today but I have plans

    1. That last picture is on Plymouth road, the ones in the garden were pretty much done.
      Just walked this morning and it is a chill wind.

  2. It was a warm day. I'm ready for the 70s to come back. You had a very relaxing day and with this heat it's a great plan.

    1. You know me, no complaints about the heat. It has been too long coming.

  3. The gardens are interesting, it is amazing what will grow and bloom without a lot of watering and lots of heat.

    1. They do have a watering system but I'm not sure how much it covers. The things that thrive on desert soil/ rock always amaze me.

  4. It's a late start to summer in the desert. I suppose that's a good thing since no one has had to use their AC!! Love seeing the cactus bloom.

    1. Surprising the ones that feel the cold when we arrive are the first to turn their a/c on!! Many have been running it for weeks.

  5. You're really making us jealous with those temperatures.
    Egg Muffin looks tasty.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. I just showed Harvey the pictures of the cactus flowers and he said "For such a prickly plant they do have beautiful flowers". Here any flowering cacti have only pale yellow flowers.

    God bless.