Saturday, March 2, 2024

Just Another Day Enjoying Life

Park Place RV Park

On Saturday, Mar. 2nd there was nothing (NOTHING) on my agenda. I was up by 7 and there were a couple of things I ‘could’ do but as it turned out, I just stayed home. Bill left for the flying field despite the weatherperson calling for gusty winds all day. Surprisingly, they were 1 mph at 8 when he left. Gibbs and I walked but I wimped out and didn’t head out by myself when we returned.

Good morning!

We knew winds would pick up, and they did late morning, so we didn’t bother lifting the gazebo roof. Bill was able to get a couple of flights in but a wind-driven rough landing did a bit of damage to his cub. Hopefully, he can fix the landing gear at Jim’s shop so he doesn’t have to un’pack’ one of his other planes to fly. Gusty March winds are not uncommon so he won’t be surprised if their flying is limited this month.

On our morning walk, these purple flowers
on the hillside just couldn't be ignored.

I sat outside with Gibbs for the morning and read my book. I managed to finish T for Trespass and then started a short story of James Patterson’s called The House Next Door. I recommend any that I’ve read so far of Sue Grafton’s but other than a quick read, JP’s was one of those frustrating “don’t do that!” kind of stories. Frustrating, but I finished it this afternoon. 

We all enjoyed the afternoon together
Even Goober ♥

It was a nice surprise to get a call from Bill's oldest daughter, Yvonne this morning. She had some news about one of our grandsons coming to Arizona - cool! More on that later. 

It was gorgeous even with the winds,
the gazebo danced a lot and is stiill dancing at 7:30,
clouds began moving in too.

We just had a sandwich for lunch and Bill had a piece of banana bread to top off the meal. 😊 I was inside when my hair was sufficiently blown and then back outside for another bout of sunshine, until it disappeared from our patio. Gibbs and I went for our walk after my tea. Bill and I decided I’d have Madame IP cook the steak that looked like a small roast instead of trying to bbq in the wind. We were now looking at gusts between 17 and 25 mph for the remainder of the evening.

Our afternoon walk, we were blown
around a fair bit, haha.

Facing east, the SW winds
were straightening these flags out.

I prepared potatoes, onions and carrots to cook in there as well and also cooked us each a vegetable on the side. It was a yummy Sunday-like meal on a Saturday but we’re calling the shots here, playing it as we go, with no rules to follow. LOL Our temperatures today reached a high of 73F/23C so the winds did nothing to spoil a lovely day. We managed to talk Gibbs out of taking Goober on his walks today (there was some coniving involved!) but he was always anxious to return to his new little toy. Such a character.

A wonderful meal and some leftovers.
The steak would have been too thick for me
so cooking it as a roast was perfect. Yum!
It looks small but was just enough!

This has been a nice day. Tomorrow, I might start the big puzzle that I brought from home. I’ll have to measure the table to make sure it will fit easily. Yikes!

Credit for this beautiful picture of the sunset
goes to my friend, Sheila. I totally missed it.
thank you for sharing. ♥
Good night!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. Just when things were looking good the Wind has to mess it up. Hope it levels off for you both.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the warmth.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you, thankfully it is still warm enough to be outside.

  2. We always say of the wind, at least it keeps the mosquitoes away. :)
    Gibbs is a loyal pup, even to his toys.

  3. It's so funny how they become attached to their toys! and this one still has stuffing!

    1. It is funny, well, as for the stuffing......................slowly but surely it is being pulled out. He got the squeaker out today.

  4. Those winds are something. I noticed every time (mostly weekends) when we want to barbecue, it's windy! Thought about George and his fabulous BBQ enclosure.

    1. The winds can wreak havoc for sure. Funny you say that about George because Bill said 'too bad I didn't still have my wind enclosure like George's'. :)

  5. Your weather is smooth sailing compared to ours!

    1. You are right about that but you've been very lucky - just ever-changeable.

  6. Gusty here as well (okay down right windy) and the snow started to fall. Seems to be stopped for a bit now, so perhaps we should get out and shovel.... Nah, staying in where it is nice and warm.

    Hope the new puzzle fits.

    God bless.

    1. I agree - nah, stay inside. :) The puzzle fits but the table is full of pieces!! haha