Sunday, March 10, 2024

Hot and It Took a Week!!

Park Place RV Park

On Sunday, Mar. 10th our day started with sorting laundry. We were walking over to the clubhouse shortly after 7. Not bad, considering I didn’t get out of bed until 6:55! 😊 First ones in and first ones out – unless someone had been there before 6. There was a chill in the air this morning but by the time our clothes were folded and dried, it was already no-jacket weather.

Good morning!

Up close and personal
with Ocotillo buds

I hope they pop before we leave here

Bill went to the flying field, Gibbs and I walked in between load swaps and then I began making grapefruit juice. Sheila and Randy are keeping us stocked up on the pink variety, us and anyone in the park who likes it, so I wanted to help take it off their hands. What do you do with the tangy fruit other than make juice? So, in my blender, that’s what I did. Now, I can drink it at my leisure and perhaps add a bit of vodka for a hot afternoon drink.

4 went into the juice

It tastes pretty good with a bit of Splenda added

I walked over to see what I could do on the ‘puzzle that wouldn’t finish’ and totally surprised myself with my dedication. I found a rhythm and had it done by 12:10. I’d texted Bill saying ‘go ahead and eat, I’m so close!’ 😊 

It's a lovely picture so worth the struggle

We had our sandwiches for lunch and then just enjoyed the afternoon together. He had some things to do on his Piper Cub and I had some pages/chapters in my book to read. 

When Daddy finished his work
Gibbs sat with him

The sun was gorgeous and I moved my chair around our site, following it.

I settled much easier than this
furry fellow
He moved a few times.
From here.........

To here............

To here......

and back with me

I ended up in the gazebo with my tea by late afternoon. The book is good and I may get it finished tonight as well. The puzzle took too long, a whole week! Maybe the next one will be quicker. Gibbs and I went for our afternoon walk and, oh by the way, our morning walk surprised our little bum when he saw Gerald was home again! He was so happy! So, our afternoon walk got him even more pets from his buddy, who was sitting out with Rick and Buddy.

Gibbs likes being outside with us
if one of us comes indoors for something,
he waits and watches. 💕

After a chat with Rick, I returned home for a bit more reading. Sheila stopped by on her daily walk and we caught up before starting supper. Tonight was a large boneless skinless chicken breast that I cut into 4 pieces and cooked in Rosy, the air fryer. They were thick but took only 20 minutes. Bill ate the reheated bit of ghoulash that was leftover and I had cooked some Swiss chard that one of the ladies here shared. It tastes and looks different than our chard back home, more like spinach, but it was very much enjoyed. 😊

The chicken was good and lots of it

After cleanup, Bill watched a movie upstairs with Gibbs while I wrote today’s post. It has been a good day. Laundry is done, the puzzle is finally finished and it is the end of a week. Most of our friends and family across parts of Canada and the US have experienced a time change; springing ahead. That means we are now 3 hours behind home time in Ontario and we won’t catch up for a few weeks.

I forgot to watch for the sunset tonight.
this was on our walk.
We reached a high today of 78F/26C
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Great job on the puzzle.
    Hopefully the temperatures will improve here before your return.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. The puzzle is VERY nice!! It's funny how Gibbs keeps such close tabs on both of you!!!

  3. Congrats on finishing the puzzle....skies are always time consuming! We got snow again yesterday but there is a prediction of 14 C for tomorrow!

    1. You've had the craziest weather. That up and down can't be healthy! haha

  4. I don't dare tell you how long my stubborn puzzle has been on my table - good job on getting yours finished up. Nice to be able to knock out the chores early then have time to putter and relax.

  5. Weather seems to be up and down all over the place here!

  6. The puzzle picture is just lovely. Good job on finishing it. Looks as if Gibbs needs to know where you are at all times.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you! Gibbs sure does need to be close to us for whatever reason.

  7. That was such a cute picture of Gibbs looking through the door!