Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Heating Up, Pokeno, Family Birthday

Park Place RV Park

On Tuesday, Mar. 19th we were up and about by 7, you know who earlier than others. 😊 Bill is a night hawk but also an early riser, mostly because he usually can’t go back to sleep after 6 am. There was nothing pressing for me this morning but I like to be up by 7 after a good night sleep. I’m in bed by 10. We had our breakfast together, another delicious grapefruit for me and later some yogourt.

Good morning!
I didn't feel it was appropriate to move closer
to the fence for this picture. The owner's
trailer was right there. I hope you can see
a hint of the blooms on this Prickly Pear cactus.

Last night, this fellow/madam was on the ladder,
this morning on the awning rail and here, on the generator.
Gibbs barked at it but he wasn't deterred.
No harm done, and no messes left behind.

Bill had plans and involved removing our dining table and giving it a whole new look. There are a lot of scratches in the top and around the edges, the finishing coat has worn off. I left him to it, but first he went to the field to visit with the guys. After I took Gibbs for his morning walk, I meandered over to work on the puzzle for a bit.

You know who he's waiting for.

Sheila and I visited for a short bit too before Gerald asked about a game of 9 ball. We’d discussed playing a game so I obliged and learned yet another new pool game. It took a 3rd game to break the tie and then I walked home before lunch. Just toasted keto bread with peanut butter today for me and then at 12:45 I carried my $2.50 in pennies over for my second game ever of Pokeno 😉

Hard to get used to not having a table
between the chairs. It's only temporary. 
So, we lifted the coffee table and ate there. 
Perfect solution!

Okay, I might be addicted to that now too but I do need to save many more pennies so the girls don’t have to bail me out! I wasn’t as lucky today as last Friday but we all had fun. I was home by 2:30 and Bill had made great progress on the table. It is his story, so just keep an eye for a new post at ‘On Our Way’ to pop up on my sidebar in the next few days.

Easy puzzle but still a fun picture to work on.

Gibbs and I got our afternoon walk taken care of

We sat around, did a bit of dozing and reading until 5 when we started supper. Grilled sausages, roasted bbq’d potatoes, corn, and Brussel sprouts. It was a really good supper! Do I sound surprised? Well, sometimes I am! 😊 

Gibbs keeps Daddy company while barbecuing.
Plus, it's cooler out there. 

There was talk of a bonfire tonight at 6, which is why we started early but when we walked over, about a bit of discussion, we decided not to. Darn! So, I brought my wine home to drink here instead.


It is quite warm in the Suite but lovely outside so I moved outside to write my blog. Doing that at home would be out of the question because of little bugs and flies, so this was a treat. We reached a beautiful 75F/25C today and now at 7 pm, it has only dropped to 72F/22C. I’ll leave a window open beside me tonight; the 54F/12C air will feel good for sleeping.

Beautiful sky tonight. 

This has been a good day. I hope you can say the same.

Happy Birthday to our brother-in-law!
Happy Birthday, Bruce!
Your card is in the mail......really!!
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. Sheila....what a day

  2. As much as I know bingo, pokeno was a little intimidating. They go so fast I couldn't keep up the one time I tried it. I'm sure you got the hang of it quickly. I'll save pennies for you! LOL

    1. I did have help the first day and the girls still watch with me. I am enjoying it. :)

  3. Sounds like you have found another fun game to enjoy. Looking forward to seeing what Bill does with your table.
    From what I have been reading the desert is in bloom and beautiful. The rain this winter I am sure helped. Sorry we are missing it but glad we are were we are. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you Deb. Pokeno took a while to catch me, I felt a bit intimidated with the ladies who have played for a long time...........but it's fun with friends.
      The flowers going to Parker are not what they were last year, odd with all the rain but we are still seeing a few beauties.

  4. D you leave on Apr. 14th or pull in up here on Apr. 14th. Need to know so I can arrange a welcoming snowstorm!

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing the table too! Happy Birthday Bruce! Looks like a lovely day! :)