Friday, March 29, 2024

A Nice Easy Summer, er, Spring Day in Arizona

Park Place RV Park

On Good Friday, Mar. 29th I stayed in bed until 7, with Gibbs beside me. My face wash and kiss were the first perks of my day. I stripped the bed, removed the chair covers and the recliner blankets immediately and walked over to get them washed. It was such a lovely morning, already 59F/15C with clear blue skies, that when I returned to remove them, I took them all out to the clothesline. It reminds me of home when I can hang our laundry  week. 😊

Good morning!
Happy Good Friday!

Fresh sheets and blankets on the line

I finished my tea at home and took Gibbs for his walk. Even though the wind had picked up, Bill took one of his last drives to the field and around to say a couple more goodbyes. He’ll miss the guys and the social side of the club. Back home, I dry mopped the floors and then sat outside with my book, pretty much until lunch time. Bill and Gibbs came out and while Bill arranged ‘things’ in the truck bed for our journey, I just enjoyed this summer-like spring day.

The White Oleander is blooming now.

In a week, we’ll be in Texas and who knows what weather we’ll have. Enjoy it while I can, is my motto. One of them. 😊 For lunch, on Good Friday, we had bacon, eggs and toasted French bread. 

No, we don't play in the park in the morning.
He could hear dogs from the park across the wash.

Bill was finding room in Black Beauty's bed
for 'things'.
Everything in its place, you know?

We used to eat bacon and eggs every day.
I need to try and do that again back home,
on the weekends at least.

It was yummy. Bill and Gibbs sat in his recliner with a book and at 12:45 I walked over for my last game of Pokeno this time around. I didn’t need to beg, borrow or buy today and that had me very happy. It was fun, just 5 of us playing at one time today. When Barb left, Patti joined.

My laptop screen saver changes often.
This would be a great puzzle!

I was home by 2:30 with a few pennies for next fall. We relaxed for the remainder of the afternoon and it was such a beautiful day! We reached a high of 79F/26C with a nice breeze all day. It was perfect inside the Suite. Our new friends, Jess and Jessie, are leaving today so we made sure to say goodbye before they pulled out, We exchanged cards so we can stay in touch and we’ll see them next fall. Such a lovely young couple.

Jesse gave us one of her homemade
cards from her business. These are adorable!

She had a nice little booth at Tyson Wells
with her wares. 

Gibbs and I got out for our walk and Sheila popped for a visit, catching up on our day. For supper, we had a mixed meal. Bill had a porkchop and I had some beef liver. Those are the meats we are each partial to. I’ll eat a p.c. but he wouldn’t eat the liver so I packaged them individually before putting them in the freezer. It was all very good, finished off with a piece of the Pumpkin Cheesecake. Yum. I managed to finish the last of my bottle of wine too. 😊

What a great meal!
Liver & onions, mashed spuds (way too many!) veggies
and condiments. Yum!

Topped off with a keto dessert.

For some reason, the tv wasn’t coming in tonight so for me, it was a blogging and reading night. Hopefully, Bill will be able to capture a movie later. This has been a nice day. Happy Easter to everyone!

Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. That truly sounds like you'll be hitting the road soon. We understand the importance of everything in its place.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the last days.

    It's about time.

  2. I'll miss you my friend.....

  3. I was just thinking about making a cheesecake. Looking at yours I need to get past the thinking and in to the Cute card.

  4. Sounds like the wind down for this spring. Enjoy the journey and have a Happy Easter.

  5. Kind of sad to see everyone leaving the park. Looking forward to next year already.

  6. I'm curious about the coins Canadians would use for Pokeno. There are pennies I'm sure but they're hard to find.
    Have a good weekend.

  7. Don't know what actual date you'll leave, but I'll wish you a safe trip in advance!