Monday, August 7, 2023

A Wet Mild Day

The Ridge

On the Civic holiday, Monday, Aug. 7th I had to go to town to clean the Mat. I was in no rush since it was a holiday and we should all slow down. I left the Suite at 7:15 and the place was empty when I arrived. Soon after, a couple of customers came in and we chatted the rest of my hour away. 😊 Before heading home, I nipped into Foodland for some bread and was very pleased that not only was it on sale, so was the cheese, which we also needed.

Steel cut oats for a few breakfasts

Back home, the rain hadn’t amounted to much but it was definitely on the radar for the whole day. We were happy that it was mild at least and periodically we could be outside without getting wet. I helped Bill load the steel from the signs down at the road and we dropped them off at M’s. He has a pile that he will eventually get picked up and he can use the extra $$. Those suckers were heavy and there were 3 of them!

My dahlias are starting to bloom
I forgot that there were different coloured ones.

We had some lunch and I had Madame IP boil some eggs for Bill’s sandwiches. Yes, he’s back to work tomorrow with mixed feelings. He really has accomplished a lot since he’s been off work. Speaking of Bill: if you tried to see his blog post last night called Lost Plane and it wouldn’t open, try it now. Yes, he found it and it’s an interesting story. Boy, he sure put on a lot of steps on his walking app over his attempts at finding that plane! 😊

I wasn’t into starting a new book yet so cooked some steel cut oats in Madame IP and then started writing my book about our winter travels. I have the perfect day for it and made good progress. Bill puttered in the Hangar and in his cargo trailer and that was when it drizzled – for hours. LOL I also crocheted 3 more Worry Worms and they are getting better each time. πŸ’–For supper, we had a hamburger mix and Bill had fried potatoes and I had cauliflower. What a tasty meal it turned out to be!

It was a good supper. I moved the
ground beef mixture onto the cauliflower
and that made the meal even better.

With the pots washed and dried and the remaining dishes in the dishwasher, Bill found something to watch on tv. If you haven’t ever seen the comedian Josh Blue, and can laugh at some language and jokes about his own cerebral palsy, then you should watch him if you get the chance. I couldn’t write my blog while he was on because I never stopped laughing the whole time! 😊 It’s so good to laugh especially at ourselves.

This is what we had all day.
rainy but warm enough for open windows.
Good night!

This was a good lazy day. I made Bill’s sandwich for him and we enjoyed the evening together. I hope you enjoyed your holiday Monday too!

Thank you for popping in.


  1. I guess with Bill going back to work the doctors say he
    doesn’t need surgery? I’m sure that’s good news.
    Hope he does well with no pain.
    What are Worry Worms that you crochet? I must have
    missed that .
    Happy Bill found his plane!!
    Linda a.

    1. His physio therapist, recommended by a dr. Told him he was ready to go back. Fingers crossed. He feels ready. 😊
      The surgeon won't do surgery because of his age, saying it is only a 50/50 chance for improvement so yes, we are happy about that.

    2. I'll include a picture in Wednesdays post, if i remember!, of the worry worms.

  2. Oh for a little cooling rain. Your flowers are beautiful. Here's hoping Bill takes it easy so he can rebuilt that plane!

    1. Thank you Nancy. You can have the rain!!
      Haha that plane is toast.

  3. I am so glad that Bill found his plane!! Hope he had a good day at work today and is in no pain.

    We had a bit of rain here at 4 am, but it did not amount to much.

    Lazy days are wonderful.

    God bless.

  4. Tell Bill I can't read his blog with the black print on a dark blue background.