Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Having Too Much Fun! Catch Up Time, Celebrations

The Ridge

On Tuesday, August 1st, I entered the new month like an Eveready Bunny. At least it kind of felt like that. 😊 All for good reason though! We had a restful evening as today would be a busy one. I was up at 6:30 and on my way to Durham at 7. The Mat was empty until our Newfie customer came in. 😊 He’s a nice man and if he didn’t talk so fast with his Newfoundland twang, I wouldn’t have to ask him to repeat himself. I wish I could catch what he's saying easier but he understands. (the pictures today are mostly from our supper onward)

Bill leads the way into the Keady Market

I made a stop at Foodland for some burgers and buns plus something a bit special for dessert before I scooted home. A quick change of clothes and we all 6 loaded into two vehicles. Ken drove with Duncan and Bill and I drove with Patty and Kim to Keady Outdoor Market. It is only on Tuesdays during the summer and for 2 years, it has been closed, ever since the pandemic. K, K, B and I were anxious to return and P & D were anxious to see what we’ve been on about.

Pony ride, anyone?
I think we were all a little too big.

It was a beautiful morning for it, reaching a pleasant 23C/73F today by noon. The place was packed and we set a meet up time and set off at our own pace. Bill picked up some deer signals for our vehicles and I bought a small container of 4 beefsteak tomatoes plus 2 large peppers. Everything looks so delicious and depending on the vendor, the prices were quite comparable and decent. We bought a new tag for Gibbs, since his has pretty much worn off.

While Bill grilled the burgers,
I set things up inside.

Back home, we had lunch and gathered on our front lawn. When the clouds rolled overhead, it cooled off considerably and then started to lightly rain around 2:30. Darn! Our good friend, Suzie, arrived shortly after 2 and soon we moved into the Suite to wait it out. Thankfully, because of our plans for the remainder of the day, it only lasted about 20 minutes and the sun returned in full force. 😊 Phew!

Thank heavens for an island in here!
It worked well
From the door around to the left:
Donna, Duncan, Gayle, Ken, Kim
Pat, Suzie and Patty

Door to the left:
Gerry, Rob, Duncan, Gayle, Ken

The ONLY unfortunate thing is that every time the door opened,
about 6 flys entered the Suite. They are awful this time of
year, inside and out.
I tried to kill them but it was a lost cause.

When we moved outside, Rob and Pat arrived with Bella, Gayle and John next and then Donna and Gerry. We had invited everyone today since it was the best day for the largest group for meets and greets. Bill and I provided the burgers and others brought contributions towards a perfect summer meal. Patty made macaroni salad, Gayle brought Caesar salad, Pat brought Pistachio, Marshmallow salad and Kim offered chips, crackers, cheese and tomatoes. There was plenty!

I should have taken a picture from the other end
but I didn't

Other than having to swat the flies away, I think
everyone enjoyed the meal and company. 

Two birthday celebrations, Rob’s today and Ken’s yesterday, so they each had a candle to blow out while Bill led us all in singing Happy Birthday. As we had our dessert, Gayle and John served up some Amarula (?) to celebrate their purchase of a new home, finally. We are all thrilled for them as they will be able to gain possession of the new home on Aug. 30th, the same day they give up their former home. Things worked out well for them after a lot of searching.

Happy Birthday, Ken!
Cute picture of the two of you too!

Happy Birthday, Rob, our Buddy.

Suzie left first headed for Stratford

Also, Donna and Gerry arrived with a new GMC Sierra 4 x 4 short box pick up and a big smile on his face. 😊 A bit of the celebration was for an ‘almost’ completion of Bill’s project which was revealed to our visitors (so far) and also to Duncan and Patty’s new rv. So, lots to be happy for in our group of 13. Good thing we had 2 pups to make it 15 for any who are superstitious! It was a great meal, outside on our 3 tables and after cleanup, we met around the fire pit.

Looks like someone just told 
a good story!

As our day guests left, the night cooled and finally when the last of us called it a night, we could see the huge Super moon just above the horizon in the southeast sky. Gorgeous! No pictures of mine would replicate it well enough so I hope you saw it. FYI, it was only 358,000 km away and on Aug. 30th it will be even closer and bigger. What a wonderful day! Everything turned out just as I’d hoped even with the idle scare of rain. I apologize for my delay in posting but more so for not keeping up with YOUR blogs. I will get there but I guess I'm just having too much fun with our friends. 💓 

A pretty new GMC leaves
the group.

Good night!

Thank you for YOUR visit! Happy August!


  1. Nice to see Suzie. I've been wondering how she is as she hasn't posted for many, many months. Has she given up blogging??? Food looks great.

    1. I don't know if Suzie has given blogging up as we didn't discuss it. :) It was great to see her.

  2. Glad you survived Keady Market! Is that the Susie I know?

    1. Hi FG. Yes, this is George's wife, Suzie, whom you met up here. :)

  3. Glad you had such a wonderful time. Nice crowd you had there. The flies are awful, I feel you annoyance.

  4. Wow ... what a spread!! And great company to boot. Sounds like a good time to me. The market sounded like fun too. I love all those smiling faces!