Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Ups and Downs – Not Just Talking Weather

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Aug. 30th Bill was up and off to work at 6:30. Because of the distance, it made sense that he took Ptooties. The temperature this morning was again a cool 10C/50F but it was made worse by the present and impending rain. As of 6:30 and on through the morning, at least, it was just a damp drizzle which didn’t seem to want to let up.

Gibbs had to sit on Gayle to keep her warm
and comforted, I think. 💕

I had no where to be today, really, I hadn’t forgotten anything. 😉  In my loungewear, I had my tea early and sat with Gibbs playing my online Wordle games. Yesterday, I missed the morning games completely. Gayle and John were next door, hopefully sleeping in a bit as they were playing a waiting game today. Today is the closing day for their sold home as well as their new home and all you can do is wait.

A dull cloudy day

I had my oatmeal and yogourt and we stayed in the Suite. Just before noon, Gayle came over to spend time with us and then John joined before 2. They were both getting anxious, not having heard from the lawyer yet. It is hard to wait, when your hands are tied but you can’t help but run the ‘what if’ scenarios through your head and then all the impending consequences as a result of a negative response. Emotions were up and down for much of the day, nerves running taut yet trying to remain positive. 

It was after my sister left that we braved
the weather enough to walk to the mailbox
We're spoiled!

So, we chatted, trying to entertain other subjects. Tv shows, gardens, jury duty which lead us to criminals (!), back to the lawyers, Gibbs, coffee, world disasters etc. 😊 We covered a lot of ground and didn’t solve anything! At 3, the call came in that things were half done and they began packing some fridge items and were on their way to the new house by 3:45. The other half would be finished by then.

John drove the truck with the filled cargo trailer and Gayle followed in the car. By now, it has stopped the drizzle but it was a cool breeze and cloudy sky. I’ve had the furnace running off and on throughout the day. We were lucky to reach 12C/54F today and we’ll have two more cool nights of 6C/44F before we warm up again. This day felt like fall was trying desperately to sneak in. We’re not ready for that yet!

Supper was good for a cool day

I made a tea and finished making a grocery list. Tomorrow is shopping day now that our government pensions have hit the bank. 😊 I’ve started a new book and it is good right from page 1. The Painted Girls by Cathy Marie Buchanan will be a good one, I get that feeling. Until Bill got home, I read, staying indoors. Gibbs and I slipped down for the mail around 4:15 and I was happy to get back up to the warmth of our Suite.

Bill was having another long day, trying to finish a bathroom in a house in Kincardine, and didn’t get home until 5:45. I started our supper soon after he arrived, pork kebab in Rosy, the air fryer and a pork chop for Bill in the convection oven. With our veggies and potatoes cooking on the stove, everything was ready by 6:30. It was very good and there are still pieces of the keto cookie pie for dessert.

I hope I remember to make this again.
It is just sweet enough and on the 'good' scale too

While I cleaned up, my working man went to the Acreage to get us water for the tank. It is reading quite low although we know it isn’t 100% accurate and there is always more in it than it says. 😊I’ve had a very lazy day but enjoyed spending it with Gayle and John. Not sure when we’ll see them next, they’ll be busy for a few days but one day soon we’ll get over to see their new home. They will be busy offloading the 27' cargo trailer tonight - well, their hired relatives will be. 👍 

Again, clouds making for a pretty evening sky

Another day, hump day, under our belt, the sun made an appearance around 7 until it set and we may get a view of the Super Moon tonight. Enjoy!

Good night

Thank you for popping by!


  1. We've had clouds the past two nights, so no super moon viewing for us. Disappointing, for sure.
    I'd be anxious with that wait too, glad to hear Gayle and John have been able to get into their new home.

    1. Thank you Maebeme. Bill saw it Thursday morning but I missed it completely!

  2. How wonderful that they are in the new house! Know they are relieved. Your cookie pie looks yummy! :)

    1. Thank you Shirley, they will finally be able to relax a bit more now that the stressors are removed. :)

  3. Glad the house deals are going okay. Love your new header picture.