Thursday, August 31, 2023

Summer Returns, Food Shopping, Another Long Day for Bill

The Ridge

On Thursday, Aug. 31st I remembered that I had to go to clean the Mat but I wasn’t in a rush. It was 6:30 when we saw Bill off in Black Beauty, the truck was needed today, and it was 7:20 when I made my mug of tea to-go and left for town. I knew Gibbs would be alone all morning since I would be carrying on for our groceries in Hanover.

It was a busy morning so my first
picture is of my lunch at 1:30.
It was delicious!

The Mat was pretty decent but there was a customer that needed some assistance a couple of times. The coin machine was making change for bills but not from loonies or twonies so she needed quarters for the dryers. I arrived just on time for her. With my routine thrown off, I was backtracking a bit and needed to empty the lint on the 3 big dryers. That is usually worth the effort as I seem to always find a ‘tip’ in there. Today, it was $2.60. 😊

A story and a lesson.
In Montreal, we discussed how the yellow jackets/bees
are pests at the hummer feeder. Audrey sent a link
on how to get rid of them.
On the right, I followed instructions and wrapped some of
my mint stalks around the feeding area. See the bees?
Later in the afternoon, the main picture shows no bees
and although Mr. Hummingbird isn't here, he 
frequented it all afternoon. 💗
No bees!

I drove to Independent first, got the few things there that were on sale, then to Walmart for the bulk of our items, back to Dollarama searching for a cheaper price on almonds and then back in Durham, Foodland’s sale items finished off my shopping list. I don’t mind shopping but it is still tiring, searching for the right aisles for the right items. By the time I got home and unloaded Ptooties ‘full to the brim’ trunk, it was 12:15.

Gibbs and I enjoyed the outdoors
Bottom picture is him suntanning.

Gibbs watched as I found spaces for everything, the freezer is definitely full now! Then, I had some seeded rye bread toasted with sauteed tomatoes and zucchini. Oh my, that was good! I wish I’d thought to buy some feta cheese, that would have topped it off nicely. Today is such a beautiful day, the polar opposite of yesterday’s joke, so Gibbs and I went out to soak up some sun. He stayed in the shade mostly and I dozed in my gravity chair.  ðŸ˜Š

I think I dozed more than read but
it is a good story.

Once cooked, heh heh, we went for a walk around 4:30 and it was then that Bill called to say they’d be late – again. Even later, methinks, once he told me what they had to do before getting home. 

Our walk to the corner
He plopped in the shade of the apple tree
as soon as we returned home.

Gibbs is tired out and while I sit to read my book, he stretches his little body across the cool floor. He’s too busy keeping watch when he's outside to really rest. It was 6:20 when I came inside for my tea and it was 7:15 when Bill drove up the lane. Loooonnnggg day = good $$.

My western doesn't look like much but it
was jam packed with goodies.
Bill's was twice the size, he earned it today!

I decided on toasted westerns for supper and they turned out to be just right. We finished the last 2 pieces of pie off and I did the dishes while Bill made his lunch and did the banking from today’s purchases. He records everything in Quicken. I could have done it, but didn’t today. This was a good day, our larder is full again and so is our fridge and freezer. That’s always a good feeling. We reached a high temp of 21C/71F and it was gorgeous!

The sun sets on our last August day
this year. 
We have a week of hot weather coming up.
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. Your pictures always make me hungry!!!

  2. I don't mind grocery shopping, it's the putting away I hate! LOL. Does look like a beautiful day!

  3. Good day Patsy, Bill and of course Gibbs,
    I just had to tell you what my husband said, when I told him about your hummer feeder
    fix about the bees. He said, that your feeder is now in mint condition, to funny.

    Glad to hear everything is going well in your neck of the woods. We finally got some much
    needed rain, here in B.C. We are sending you our hot weather and we get to cool
    down a bit.
    You sound like me when and after grocery shopping. It's exhausting, cause it's not over
    when you finish shopping, there's the haul out to the vehicle, drive home, haul out to the
    house and then all the processing of all your goodies and putting them away.
    Glad to hear Bill is back to work, how is his arm doing?
    Love your heading picture, you all look so happy. Well I better get to work myself, take
    care of yourself and each other. Melynda.

    1. Thank you Melynda for the lovely comment. Your hubby is a funny man, i love that comment about my feeder!
      Hope the rain stays with you for awhile, we've had plenty. Thank you for the great, we're not tired of it yet even though it is September now.

  4. I've tried to convince the bag boy at the store to come home with me to unload and put away the groceries, but not one of them has taken me up on it. Go figure!
    It's always nice to have some found money and $2.60 is not bad at all. Gibbs has the sun/shade thing figured out. He's so adorable.

    1. Haha, I've day you might be followed home so be careful what you wish for!! Haha just teasing.

  5. Love the header pic on your blog! Could you talk about what goes into your western sandwich.
    Always look so good!! Thank you.

    1. Hi Payson48. I may not remember on my blog so this western only had green onions, cucumbers, bacon and cheese. I added the black olives after. Bill doesn't like the funky stuff or i would have put tomatoes and zucchini in