Thursday, August 3, 2023

Let’s Go to the Beach!

The Ridge

On Thursday, Aug. 3rd, I was up before 7 and left the Ridge to go clean the Mat. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived to see that Sandy had been in and, without my asking, he had left an envelope with my July pay. 😊 I was all alone today so went about my work quickly with no issues. Sandy had also brought in the desk calendar from August to December so I wrote my hours for two days on it and drove home.

The east sky was the pretty one last night

This morning's pond picture
is a pretty one too.

Bill was in the shower when I arrived home and as I got out of Ptooties, I could hear Gibbs barking his little head off. We just can’t seem to break him of that, although he didn’t have his collar on either. He welcomed me home at least! I changed into better capris and a top, took a jacket and hat and we all climbed into Ken & Kim’s Equinox. They invited us along for a drive to Sauble Beach. A popular 'hot' spot for summer beach fun. Bring your swimsuit, a towel, a book - oh, and a picnic lunch.

I was in the back seat but still caught a couple 
of beautiful buildings.

It was a nice drive.
This church is lovely

Sauble Beach is a community in the Bruce Peninsula, in the northern area of southwestern Ontario. As children, many of us came and enjoyed the 7 km of white sand on the eastern shores of Lake Huron and on the north edge of Saugeen First Nation.

It was a nice drive, and a good day for it. The temperature reached 27C/79F under blue skies with a lovely breeze, strong at times. We drove through Port Elgin, Southampton and along the water front at Sauble. It was very busy on the beach and we talked about cottages as we oohed and aahed over the large ones that were listed for sale at $3,545,000. Cottage??

Lake Huron looks inviting to me!

Where's my towel?

Kim and I agreed that the quaint small ones were our idea of a beach cottage although neither of our parents ever owned or rented one while we were young. I remember wishing a friend would invite me to theirs but my friends were in the same boat! When we were ready for lunch, instead of stopping at Sauble Beach for an expensive dish of fries, Ken drove us to Owen Sound. A & W fit the ticket for all of us.

I was very hungry and this tasted so good today!

Bill, Kim and I had the Uncle Combo and Ken had the Teen Combo. We were all stuffed when we left. A stop at Value Village and Mission Store for Kim and I and the boys popped into Princess Auto before the drive home. I found a couple pair of capris at a fairly good price of $8 each so that made me happy. Kim wasn’t as lucky, not finding anything that she was looking for. We rested for half hour at home with Gibbs and then met outside for Happy Hour.

Then there were four.
5 including Gibbs. πŸ’–

Supper was not necessary but snacking around 7 certainly was. Chips and cheese was all I needed and Bill had a sandwich with his. Now, at 7:15, the clouds have rolled in and there is some grumbling overhead for the next storm system. We had rain, thunder and lightning through the wee hours of the morning and more is possible this evening. 

This was a good day and the evening will be a quiet one. Bill is writing his post to reveal his project. You can check it out here. I finished my book last night before bed so have a J.A. Jance mystery to start next.

Snuggling up next to Kim
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. Those pups ... they really are good watch dogs if anyone is messing around when you aren't there. And truly, he's just SO HAPPY you are HOME!!!!! Just hard to squash that enthusiasm for you!! The beach looks very inviting. I remember those days of tanning!!

    1. As much as we wish Gibbs wouldn't bark so much, we're glad to have a watch dog. His hearing is impeccable!!
      I remember tanning on the beach too!

  2. What a lovely beach and what a great way to beat the heat.

    God bless.