Wednesday, August 2, 2023

On the Hunt, Surprise! Late Postings

The Ridge

On Monday, July 31st, a main event was to search for Bill’s airplane in the corn field. We were all up and mobile by 7:30. Bill had his physio appointment at 9:30 and I needed to run M into town for his errands at 10. We were both back home by 11:30 where we had an early lunch and the 4 of us hopped in Black Beauty with the drone to see if we would have any luck with the search. Hopes were high.

Gibbs and I went for our walk
and I noticed that my Moonflower is still

The stone house across the hay/cattle field
Look at those clouds!

Garbage and recycle day

An hour and a half after trudging down rows of 8-10’ high corn stalks, we returned to the truck empty handed and a bit disillusioned. It’s a bright yellow plane but if it is nose down, that won’t help much. His drone wasn’t able to spot anything yellow in the field. He won’t give up, it is too important to find it for more than one reason. Back home, we dusted ourselves and our clothes off and relaxed on Duncan and Patty’s patio.

Bill's drone tried but couldn't find anything

I felt like a child of the corn
as I walked the rows

Woops! 3 stray stalks
right in my path!

We had text messages from Kim around 10 and then 12:30 announcing their earlier arrival this afternoon! Yay! We weren’t expecting them until Wednesday, then maybe Tuesday so this was an absolute wonderful surprise to all of us. We love to introduce our good friends to each other and we knew these 4 would get along great with lots in common. They arrived just shy of Happy Hour at 3:15 so once they had parked, let the good times begin! 😊

Back home, our second and final 
overnighters arrived
Nice job, Ken, getting in your spot. 😀

Let the Happy Hours begin - again!

We tried sitting on our lawn but the shade from our trees were making it feel cool so we moved our chairs back to the Sharp’s patio and enjoyed the warmth from the sun. Today reached a high around 24C/74F, I think, so it was quite a nice day. To say we all ‘clicked’ is an understatement as we just remained there, enjoying each other’s company.

Gibbs eventually catches on to the meaning

At 5:45, Bill got the call that our riding mower was ready so we hopped in Ptooties to go bring it home. The statement ‘it’s only money’ could never be truer, as we paid another bill on this Cub Cadet. LOL Rejoining the group, it was 6:45 when we broke up for supper. Pork kabobs, potatoes and mixed veggies for us and it was quite good. We skipped a fire tonight as we had plans for another evening. We’d had a full day.

A pretty little puff of cumulus

That's our money pit there on the left

Bringing in it home

A tasty meal

It was a great day and we were so pleased that Ken and Kim were able to come a few days early. 😊

Things that don't get a chance to grow
when we cut the grass every week
Black-eyed Susans
So long!
Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I'm sorry that the plane wasn't found. I do hope it can be located soon, and before the crop is harvested!
    Sounds like a wonderful afternoon with your friends.Gibbs has lots of company to pay attention to him. :)

    1. Thank you, Bill and I will be out again, walking the rows in a more orderly fashion. We need to find it.

  2. Do they make elt’s for those planes. Perhaps one of those Apple locator things would be helpful in future. Then again, how often do you actually lose one lol. Good luck finding it.

    1. It’s Lorne by the way. Don’t know why I’m anonymous!!!