Thursday, August 24, 2023

Something Different?


Most of us were up on Thursday, Aug. 24th by 7 am, with Cathy lagging a little behind. That’s just fine, we had no plans this morning other than hanging about the house. We had our charcuterie brunch around 11 and then while Cathy and I cleaned up, the other 3 went to the nearby water spring where Audrey gets her water supply. I hopped in the shower and then Cathy and I walked down the street to the water.


Yum, lunch in the sun

Audrey’s friend, Michelle, came for a nice visit and we sat out back in the part sun/part shade. After she left, I did some record keeping with our past LadyFest photos and then began my blog. We’ll have a later evening again tonight. The weather has been beautiful again today, 26C/79F. It did cloud over by 2:30 but was still quite warm. We puttered around until 3:30 when we got dressed and drove back to Ste. Anne de Bellevue for an early supper.

Cathy and I walked to the end of the street
and took a selfie.

Finding another original (to us) restaurant on a patio overlooking the boardwalk, we parked and walked to OLE Tapas. This was a Spanish style dining place that reminded me of Mexico. The colours of red and yellow are beautiful. Among us we ordered unique things; garlic marinated shrimp, cod croquettes, marinated mushrooms, marinated olives, white asparagus and marinated lamb skewers. Oh my!

Coast Guard on duty

Lamb skewers and marinated olives

It was all delicious. We’d planned on something different tonight. There were beginner and intermediate line dancing classes in the boardwalk square but as we were waiting for the teacher to arrive at 6, the rain began in earnest. It was disappointing but we headed back to the car and for home. So much for boot scootin’ boogie tonight. 

It's a very bright place to dine

We ate up there on the patio
and the rain held off until we finished.

Back home, we’d agreed on a departure time and settled in for one last board game together. Tri-ominos was our game of choice and it was fun for everyone.

I worked at my blog not expecting to get it finished, but making as good an effort as possible. The rains battered the roof while our game was on and continued on through the evening. I pray that it isn’t too powerful for our drive in the morning. 

This was another great day; we’ve enjoyed ourselves immensely. I chatted with Bill tonight and hearing his voice, I realize how much I miss him. Gibbs is faring without me, he gets lots of lovin' from Daddy, but seeing a sweet Borderpoo named Piper today on the boardwalk sure made me crave the little guys kisses. 💖

A pretty home on Audrey's street.
Good night!

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  1. I'm making the assumption that you'll be on the road today. Safe travels! I do hope the rain doesn't cause any problems.

  2. I hope your journey home goes as smoothly as the journey to your sister's. Enjoy those puppy kisses once you are home.

    God bless.