Thursday, August 10, 2023

Rain to Start, Sunny Sky to Finish

The Ridge

On Thursday, Aug. 10th I woke to hear Bill in the bathroom, preparing for his day. It was 6:15 so I rolled over and rested for another 20 minutes. Bill was getting a ride from Billy today so he wasn’t leaving until after 7. I had no where to be until 10 but I joined him downstairs to say goodbye with Gibbs. Opposite to what my title says, it started out looking like it would be a sunny day so before he left, Bill unplugged us from power. I had to finish my blog and then got caught up in moving more picture folders to my Seagate hard drive, hoping that will help my laptop speed.

Who would complain about this morning start up?

No one, that's who!
Good morning!

By 9, that changed and clouds moved over the sky with some thunder rumbling to the north. Within 15 minutes, we had rain and it never stopped all morning. It wasn’t heavy nor driving in any particular direction, just wet. I drove over to M’s to take him into town at 10 and we both got wet running in and out of Foodland. Bill and I need to do a Costco run – soon – we need to stock up on things like coffee, toothpaste and peanut butter. Large sizes so we aren't spending more on these little local stops for certain things. 😊

My neat little sweetheart watches
his Daddy leave - again!

Bye Papa!

Back home, the sky began to clear and it turned into a decent afternoon. Gibbs and I went for our walk, down to the church, around the circle drive and back home. He was the leader; I was the follower. It’s only fair, right? We came in for lunch and then I decided to tackle the corral gardens. I’ve been putting the big one off for so long that now the small one needs attention again! It’s the darn rain!

Those clouds brought morning
rain, just what we need. Not!
I shouldn't complain, I haven't had 
to water my plants for a long time.

I had on decent shoes with a good gripping sole so Gibbs sat on the hill and supervised while to went to work. It isn’t perfect but once I got all the Queen Anne’s Lace and whatever that other tall weed is with the little yellow bulby flowers (?) pulled out by the roots, it looked a whole heck of a lot better! I was pleased. After I cleaned up the piles, oh, I think I forgot one, I was ready to stop the outside work. 😊

The hair cut and the damp day had the
little bum shivering this morning so
I left him with his coat on.

Inside, I only needed to vacuum or sweep and that didn’t take long. Gibbs and I sat outside for a while while I had a cool drink before we came inside. Bill surprised us around 4:30 when Billy brought him up the lane. They went to a cottage near Orillia which is about 2 hours from here so I thought they’d be later than that. I had just planned leftovers for supper so it didn’t matter what time it was. We decided to eat early so the evening was free.

M and I both can take credit for this little
Jetta looking like new again.

Other than the style, it doesn't look like a '99.
He needs to put the hub caps back on.

Before starting, I had my shower as tomorrow is a whole new day with a new adventure. Bill is off and we’re going to his sister and her husband’s cottage for the weekend. It sounds intriguing and should be a whole lot of fun. Intriguing because after a 2 ½ hour drive, we hop (eek!) on their barge (eek!) and go to the island where their property is. We haven’t seen this cottage so really don’t have much of an idea what it will be like. 😊 We’re excited though to spend time with his sisters.

Poor little bum.

When he doesn't move from under the blanket,
you know he's cold.

It was warm after 1 when we went for our walk.

Supper was fried potatoes and hamburger mixture for Bill and I had the last of my quesadilla with cauliflower. Not a great combination but it filled me and we’ve cleaned the fridge out from leftover food. The sky is a clear blue and with a bit of a breeze, it is another lovely evening.

I'm happy to get this weeded once more
before the weekend

There is no colour left but they are still
growing despite the weeds.

Bill went to the Hangar, I worked on my blog (my laptop speed has improved immensely tonight!!) and started a new book. I wasn’t enjoying the David Baldacci one, too many characters to keep track of in too many scenarios. I know it would all fall together but I wasn’t enjoying it.

It doesn't look like much but it
was tasty and filling.
Bill had a much heartier meal after
working all day. 😉

This was a nice day and we have a nice weekend ahead of us.

Thank you for the visit!


  1. Your cottage on the island sounds like a fun adventure, I can’t wait to read about it.

  2. Safe travels! It sounds like a great get-away.

  3. He's definitely cold Mom!! Love how he looks out the window, waiting for Bill to return!! The island will be an adventure ... have fun!!

  4. Oh poor Gibbs certainly misses Bill. My cousin used to own a fishing lodge in Ontario that you had to take a barge to, he loved it. I am sure you will find the visit just lovely.

    God bless.

  5. I won't show Gerry a picture of Gibbs with his new 'do'. He likes him fuzzy!