Sunday, August 6, 2023

Good Times, Au Revoir and Hello!

The Ridge

Saturday, Aug. 5th for me was a busy enough day with not too much to show for it other than laundry done. I was up by 7 and into the Mat for cleaning and to do our wash for 7:30. The place was exactly as I prefer, no customers for the whole hour and a half. 😊 I’m not anti-social at all but my time and job goes a lot smoother and quicker when I’m on my own.

While at the Mat, I heard the clop-clopping
of hooves. 

Stopped for water

I was home before 9, after filling a 5-gallon water jug, and hung our clothes on the line. They would dry fairly fast, I was sure. Our guests were leaving this morning, which was a bit of a surprise since yesterday they thought Sunday. It is always bittersweet. We love when they take time for their own schedules at home to come and visit. We spend a fair bit of time together yet not an overload. It’s quite nice.

Gibbs watches as our company
pack up

Waiting patiently
Not sure if it is for Daddy
or the Wilsons

I remained inside with Gibbs and I got our floors dust mopped (again). Gibbs and I trotted down the lane to the corner (he trotted, I walked) and when it was time for my coffee around 10:30, we sat together on the ‘patio’. It was about 12:15 when the Wilsons had tanks dumped and were pulling out. For a while it’s going to be special when the big rigs, including ours, pull in and out of our new entrance. Still a few finishing touches but we love it!

All set to go

So long, friends!

A perfect exit

Bill had left around 8 to go to the flying field with his cargo trailer. Maybe some flying, visiting with the guys while the corn field dried a bit, but mostly to search for the Piper Cub. I did a lot of praying for some success but when he called to tell me that he was on his way home, they’d had no luck. My hubby doesn’t give up so he’ll be back tomorrow.

My bucket is full
and beautiful


The gladiolas are so pretty!

The Wilson's have left the premises

We packed up a couple of coolers, some warm clothes and drove over to the Acreage around 3:30 ish. Donna and Gerry’s Acreage long weekend campout has dwindled down to almost nothing over the 20 years they’ve held it, however, I knew my son, daughter and her spouse were going to be there today so we weren’t going to miss attending for the rest of the day. Bridgette and Chris were already there when the 3 of us arrived and it is always wonderful to see them.

What a beauty of a day!

Happy hour ensued and by 4:30 Patrick had also arrived. My 'Momma' heart is now full. We all planned a communal barbecue together but each of us taking our own burgers. Bridgette offered devilled eggs, bbq’d potatoes and salad, Donna had potato salad and corn and Patrick brought some cookies for dessert. I dropped the ball on that one, just took our own fare – woops! 

Not a big crowd but a nice gathering

Patrick was our chef and did a great job
with the burgers

It was a fun afternoon that stretched into an evening fire. It was even nicer that my little sister and niece, Wendy and Morgan, joined us.

The sun drops behind the evergreens

Donna brings their food etc.
from the back where their Landmark 5th wheel is

Gibbs was very good, staying close but keeping an eye on everyone who got up to move. He was our protector and was happiest when we all stayed in our chairs. 😊 It was 10:30 when we packed up our chairs and came home to bed. What a nice day!

Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. Such a fun family get-together at the Acreage which looks like a beautiful setting for it. The gladiolas are beautiful and I think I would like to plant some bulbs next year too.

  2. Glad to read that you are enjoying some Family Time as well as being with Ken and Kim.
    I believe that someone found Bill's plane the night it went down. Hopefully I'm wrong.
    Nice change to the Entrance.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. You have all been busy. Fun times!

  4. How nice you were able to get to spend some time with family (and with friends). I did pop over to Bill's blog and read about the new gates after I commented yesterday. I had missed your prior post. It was a little too technical for me, but I certainly like the way the gates look. Nice job!

  5. It was a nice gathering for sure on Saturday. A small group makes it easier to talk with everyone. The fire is always the perfect ending to a wonderful day!