Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Day Two – Thrift Shopping, Home Charcuterie, Dining Out, Birthday Girl


So, my second day, Tuesday, Aug. 22nd started at 6am. Gayle and I shared the Queen’s Best Bed upstairs, Donna was in the double air mattress on the floor next door, Cathy was downstairs in the Captain’s Bed and our host slept in her Sauna room in a single bed. It is a small home yet lots of room for company! 😊

Looking out Audie's window,
the hummingbird is feasting away

A couple of the girls had saunas, we discussed some exercises and plans for the day. At 9:30 or so, we piled into Audrey’s car and she drove us into Ste. Anne de Bellevue. She volunteers at Nova thrift store so after walking along the water, we took in ‘our’ two donation bags and searched for treasures. I know I came out after only spending $4.50 (can you believe it?) on some googly eyes, an egg cup and a pair of blue jean shorts. I did good!

Audrey's home
Driving to Ste. Anne de Bellevue
Her street is a dead end at the water
Audrey's Uber πŸ˜ƒ

We made out like bandits really and by 11:30 we were headed home with our tummies grumbling. I’d had a couple of tablespoons of yogourt before leaving home and was quite peckish. Audrey had outdone herself, following Gayle’s usual Charcuterie fare idea, and we ate until we were quite sated. Yum, everything we love. 

Pictures of our morning walkabout

Nova's Thrift Shop fun

Our lunch

After clean up, it was just a hang out kind of day. I started the Scrabble game and then we decided to try our luck at Bocce Ball. 😊

The game is on!

There were 5 of us but we made it work, switching off partners and teams. Bottom line, means that everyone won. After getting cleaned up, Audrey drove us to Vaudreuill-Dorion for supper. Patates de Persil was both an inside and outside restaurant so we sat under the self-made ‘awnings’ with a view of the water. Gayle and I ordered a Pina Colada, me thinking of my sweetie, and a chicken quesadilla w/fries.

Supper was delicious!

Oh my, it was too much food (the fries weren’t necessary but I didn’t want a salad) but the quesadilla was delicious. I brought one piece of the ‘pie’ home, as did Donna, Cathy and Audrey. 😊 We were back home around 7 and the evening was filled with a campfire. Such a beautiful evening for it.

Audrey took us on a short tour on the way back home
to the park and Terrasse Cafe.
It is run by volunteers, free to the public.

This has been another great day. I did chat with Bill back home earlier and he has been busy looking after Black Beauty, cutting grass and dumping our black tank. No doubt, Gibbs has been a big help.

Beautiful evening.

I loved the painting on this
tower in Terrasse-Dorion

Happy Birthday, Audrey! My second oldest sister and the hostess of our week. I hope we are helping to make your birthday a special one. ♥

A lovely fire
Good night!

Thank you for the visit!