Saturday, August 12, 2023

Quite a Change of Pace

The Ridge

Friday, Aug. 11th was a typical start to our day. Kind of. I was up and on my way to the Mat by 7. Only a young father with his ‘soon to be 5 years old!’ daughter. What a cute couple of customers. She was watching ‘Cry Babies’ on an ipod while Dad did the laundry. 😊

Our drive to Gravenhurst

Today was my day to do the big dryer lint and when I did that, I found $1.20. With nothing to give a ‘soon to be 5-year-old’, I asked Dad if I could give her a gift. I didn’t need that looney. She was quite happy to add it to her piggy bank. I had 3 items that I wanted for the weekend, so I washed and dried those before I left. At 8, Bill had taken Ptooties to Grey Bruce Fleet to get the oil filter changed and we met back at home around 9:30.

We thought the Arizona business sign was neat
Who doesn't love a kokopelli?

I had finished packing things up at home and we loaded everything in the car. We were closing the gate and pulling out of the lane at 10 o’clock. Driving to my sister-in-law’s cottage near Gravenhurst was about 2 ½ hours and we had a beautiful day for a drive. At Stayner, we stopped at Tim Horton’s for a hot drink and since I didn’t have breakfast, an egg and bacon wrap with a hash brown was perfect.


Gibbs in his new thunder shirt
for calming him on the trip.
Can't say that it worked perfectly this time
but we'll keep at it.

Arriving at Campbell’s Landing Marina around 12:30, Carol, Brian, Liz and Bruce met us and showed us where to park our car. I told you I was nervous about the barge? Well, nothing to fear, it was just different than I expected and quite comfy and a fun ride to their cottage on Miller Island. 😊 What a beautiful space they have created with their son, Todd. We were shown our room and then a tour of this lovely place.

They met us at the Marina
I love the lily pads

Carol and Brian's cottage comes into view

Bill lifts Gibbs onto the barge

The gangs all here

Our Captain at the helm
Bruce and Carol ride along

Lunch was served, hot dogs, corn on the cob and Liz’s delicious brownies. I wasn’t hungry so just had corn and a brownie. That would tie me over until supper. We spent an hour or so. on the dock deck and then went for a ride around Skinner Bay on the barge. It was really nice to see all the cottages around the area, some bigger than others but all beautiful. What money can buy.

View from their deck

Back at the cottage, Bill and I hopped in 2 kayaks and went for a paddle of our own. Gibbs rode with Bill after Brian handed him in and was quite content. He wasn’t keen for the water, like Gracie. She’s a little fish! It was fun to get back into a kayak again, not to mention good exercise for my arms. Maybe not the best for Bill but he obliged me with my request to join me and didn’t seem to come out any worse for wear.

Our afternoon boat ride

For supper, Carol and Brian made us a lovely meal. Pork loin, potato salad, cabbage salad and brownies and cookies for dessert. I started writing my blog, (wow, a lot of pictures today!) and yet when Carol mentioned playing Skip Bo, which I don’t think I’ve ever played, I wanted to join in. The blog could wait until morning. It was confusing until we were into it but it was fun with the 4 of us.

Some afternoon fun.
Gibbs gets a swimming lesson
Liz gets a fishing lesson

I enjoyed the kayaks
So did Gibbs but Liz didn't get a picture of him in it with Daddy.

Brian and Bruce went fishing before it got dark and returned with a nice size bass. Nice! Bruce was quite happy. Our game ended shortly after 10 and that was it for the night. This has been a wonderful day. We are so glad we came, spending time with someone who to spend time with us and we don’t see Bill’s siblings often enough. 😊

Supper and the sun slowly
disappears into a cloudy sky.
Good night!

Thank you for popping by.


  1. What a fine adventure, I love days like that. Gibbs looks like a good little fellow. Their place/island look wonderful and so relaxing.

    1. It was a whole new experience for me.
      Gibbs and Gracie got along well.

  2. The barge looks like the first pontoon boat we had! Ours had a canvas roof over part of it.
    Love the water pics. and Gibbs is too cute!

  3. Looks like a wonderful place! Have fun!

  4. What a wonderful place they have. So much to do and see and much fun to be had.
    Here we would call the barge a pontoon boat like Payson.

    1. It is lovely!
      It is a pontoon boat but was used as a barge to bring all their equipment and stuff over and the name stuck. ☺️

  5. Yep, Maebeme is right we call that a pontoon boat here in Estevan as well. Also known as a party boat for some reason.

    They really do have a lovely cottage area. Glad you got to spend time with them.

    God bless.

    1. It is a pontoon boat for sure, just was bought to be used as a barge.
      Great time!

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  7. What a fun trip!! Fabulous place. Did Gibbs like swimming? He seems to like the water at your place. Kayaking ... now THAT looked like great fun and exercise to boot!

    1. Wonderful place. No, Gibbs didn't care for the water. Maybe that's a good thing because of our dirty pond.