Thursday, August 24, 2023

Another Full Day, Where’s the Beach?


On Wednesday, Aug. 23rd, it was 6:30 when I slipped out of bed and came downstairs. Audie was in her sauna and Donna had also just gotten up. The other two weren’t long before coming out. It was an early start for everyone. We played our joint Scrabble game while doing what we do best. Chatting, chatting and more chatting.

Looks like a lovely home, no?
This is the venue for the thrift store.

We decided to just hang at home and then have our brunch before going anywhere. After cleanup, Aj drove us to Ste. Anne de Bellevue to Jarden Zen, which is a gem stone store. We all met Carmen, the proprietor, and I found a few things to purchase. Gems are out of my league, especially as far as my knowledge but I found a Tiger’s Eye bracelet and another pair of Aladdin pants.

5 Snelgrove sisters

Stop two was a Thrift store set up in a large, beautiful Georgian style house. None of us thought we’d need more clothes but sometimes that perfect little top lands in your hands. 😊 I spent $10 on 3 items and a friend of Audrey’s (she has met someone she knows everywhere we’ve been!) was so impressed with her sisters, that she insisted on taking multiple pictures of us together.

Girls just wanna have fu-un.

We went home to change into our swim suits and drove to the beach at Bay de Vaudreuil. It was the perfect day – again! We reached 26C/79F and after a refreshing dip in the bay, stretched out on our towels on the sand. It was lovely and oh, how I’ve missed that uninterrupted beach time. The sun felt great. 

Aj and Donna bringing
up the rear

Back home again for a quick change of clothes and once more, Audrey drove us to Ste. Anne de Bellevue for supper.


Looks like a fun toy!

Strolling the streets to
our destination restaurant

This time, a Thai restaurant was the choice, of which I’ve never eaten before. I ordered a margarita, spring rolls for an appetizer and sauteed shrimp with vegetables. We sat at an indoor/outdoor patio overlooking the bay and the boats along the dock were squeezing into prime spots. 

After our meal, we walked down the boardwalk to listen to a 6-pc band called The New Ministry. A combination of Funky Pop dance music, and they were very good. SRO (standing room only).

You can see the view we had from our table
in this picture I took

Alan, our waiter, took this one of our group

With just a couple of songs left in their set for the evening, we followed Audrey out, back to the car. It was good timing as the streets would be crazy if we’d waited. It was nice to meet more friends of Audrey, Bill and Lyse, both really nice people, happy to greet and welcome us. Back home, it was just after 9 so we relaxed until bedtime at 10. These days are wonderful and exhausting. 😊 Never a dull moment.

the harbour was full
almost to a 'boat' jam.

Standing by this one, when
Audrey's friends asked,
"yes, this is ours!"

It was a very large and energetic

The band was very good
and nice to see them in comfortable
suit jackets. 

Lyse took this one of us at the harbour

I chatted via text to Bill to discover that they had a rainy cooler day today so they probably spent the day inside. I was also told that someone misses his Mommy. . I miss him too, I’ve seen many pooches around our travels and Gibbs pops into my head. This was a great day, I hope yours was too.

Someone messed up the bed looking for me?
I'll be home soon, little bum. πŸ’“
Good night!
Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Best trip ever. So much to see and do ... and a trip to the beach? The cherry on top. No doubt Mr. Gibbs thought you were oversleeping!!

  2. Great pictures Patsy! Looks like an amazing time you're having! :) I would guess Wendy is still working and wasn't able to join you? Food and drink look amazing too! :)

    1. Thank you Shirley. You are correct, Wendy does still work, being so many years younger, and can't get the same time off. Our interests are also different because of the ages. We're having a good time.

  3. What a lovely day you had, with some shopping, time at the beach, good food and good music, and great company.

  4. What a great girl's trip!

  5. You ladies are having so much fun.

    God bless.

    1. Audrey had a few things lined up for us and we're doing our best to cross them off the list!