Thursday, August 17, 2023

A Windy Day, ChangingPlans and Making Plans

The Ridge

On Thursday, Aug. 17th there was no movement in our bed until I rolled over onto my back. A peek at the ceiling told me it was 6:17 so I waited. I could have gone back to sleep easily but I had work at both places this morning. I waited some more and when I stretched, so did Mr. Gibbs. It was 6:35. I feel like he was cuddled up next to me all night. The king bed seemed humongous! 😊

This poor apple tree at the road.
I've trimmed branches before but this year it has gone
nuts! The branches are loaded with apples and now I'll wait to
pick them when ripe before I cut it way back.

After taking him out, I didn’t go back to bed but he did while I got washed and ready for work. I left him alone at 10 to 7 and drove to Durham to clean. The Mat was empty but a washer was running. Sandy’s boys had been in and fixed the dryer and washer that were issues so other than 1 leaky machine, we’re back on track again. I had the place clean quickly so got the vacuum out, which I hate because it is a shop vac, and vacuumed the 2 indoor mats.

Are you coming Mom?
(Bill will see this picture and say, Look at that grass already!)

I had no place else to go so scooted home. Gibbs is like a security alarm, but only sometimes, as I heard him barking as I got out of the car. 😊 We went for our walk and then I made my thermos of coffee to go to M’s for 9:45. A trip into town with 5 stops today and then back to the shop. I cut some rags, he needs lots of these for when he is painting the vehicles, and then we covered Tommy’s canvas-type roof to protect it again from the weather. The old tarp was falling apart and this roof is original.

Gibbs and I sat outside for a while.
It was windy but nice and warm.

Because I'd sanded the car completely in 2020, all it needed now was a quick sanding on the doors and light hand sanding the hood. Tommy’s owner, our landlords for the winter of 20/21, has had a medical problem and is in a London hospital in a coma. That means, for the moment, no funds are coming in to paint it but M is priming and sealing it so this doesn’t happen again. He has no room in the shop to keep it and we’re not quite sure what the outcome will be. This is the ’31 (?) Ford that we started 3 years ago.

I was genuinely surprised and pleased when M called me over to his shop area to pay me for May’s work. I know he is far behind and has been giving me $ when he can so of course, I accepted anything he could give me. His (& ours) plan is to send $ over the winter when he can to get caught up. Whether I work in the spring of ’24 may depend on that. We’ll see. I was done and home by 1:10 with the plan to eat lunch, change and go to Hanover for groceries. FYI, Gibbs didn't bark at all this time. Go figure!

We went for our late afternoon walk and he immediately
spotted cows across the way. His walk slowed and curiosity
set in. 

Jiggling Jell-o changed all that. It was warm out, 23C/73F, but really, really, windy. Because Gibbs has been home all morning, alone, and because the winds tend to play havoc up here, I postponed my drive until Friday morning when I have no jobs to report to. Tomorrow looks like a wet, cooler day but that says ‘shopping day’ to me. I chatted with Bill this morning and it is very possible that he’ll be in Orillia for one more day on this job. That’s okay, we’re doing fine here.

Checking to make sure I saw them too.

I had taken Bill’s flag down before I left as the pole was wavering and just a while ago, I removed the top segment of our whirly-gig. One feather/leaf has broke off and one ‘gig’ has come loose and was banging against the other. LOL I hope the handyman of the house can fix it. 😊 Gibbs and I sat outside together for a while and since I finished my book last night, sorry, no spoiler alerts, I just played my games.

He was totally in control, can you tell?

The book was very good but I’ll say nothing more than that. Read it if you get a chance. The plans for Ladyfest are coming together. Well, the route for the journey at least has been settled. We all chatted and with a few of the husband inputs, we’re taking the easiest way to my sister’s home in Montreal. So, I’ve added to my written list and will dig my suitcase out from under the bed later today. No backpack for this one!

I love the stance
"I got this, Mom"

For supper, you know it will be leftovers again. My last meal on my own this week so it worked out well. I, obviously, don’t need variety in my meals, as long as they are good and better still if they are good for me. 😊 Now, where’s that suitcase? Hmm, I really thinking hard now as I can’t seem to find the pull along one but I’ll look in the Bunky tomorrow. I’m pretty sure we still have it but for two people who take their home most places they go (for any length of time), we might have got rid of it.

I don't know how long he would have sat
there had I not encouraged him to move. 💖
I didn't have many pictures today so you got the
Gibbs show (again).

Supper was good, same picture as two nights ago but less sprouts and more meat. I had to finish it off and now I’m full. The winds are still whipping across the Ridge, gusts to 26 mph, but Gibbs and I enjoyed our late afternoon walk anyway. He wasn’t sure about the cows though and they weren’t sure about him. 😊 Three calves ran away when they saw him. He’s so scary! The sky is covered in clouds so the forecasted rain is bound to arrive over the next few hours. 

You won't see this meal anymore,
I finished it up!

This was a good day. Because of a few comments, I have to clear something up. Yesterday afternoon, Bill forwarded a text from our friends in British Columbia that they were on evacuation watch because of wildfires. I thought he was telling me that he was on notice in Orillia, ON. Sorry, I have corrected it in yesterday's post but a few had already read it. You're fast! 😉 So, we are all fine here in Ontario. Thank you for your concerns all the same. 

The clouds were getting heavier as the day went on.
Rain was due at 7 so at 10 minutes to the hour, I took
the little bum out for his piddle. Just on time too.
Good night!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. Mr. Gibbs is large and in charge!!

  2. I think Gibbs wants a pet cow. :) He's certainly interested in them for sure.
    You're a good soul to continue to help M, when he's obviously having some financial issues. I do hope he's able to get his life straightened out, and won't be taking advantage of your friendship (and good heart.)

    1. Thank you. M is a good person who is struggling, otherwise i wouldn't be helping him.
      Gibbs wanted to chase the cows!

  3. Looking at Gibbs in his collar and leash, I was wondering if you have ever considered a Sporn adjustable dog harness. I use one for my dogs and they do well with it. Instead of all the pressure around the neck it puts the control pressure around their chest and front quarters. It is removed after their walks. Just a suggestion. Love your blog!! Thank you so much. Don in Okla.

    1. It is a good suggestion, Don. I'll look up the harness. Thank you!

  4. Gibbs really likes to watch those cows! I bet by the end of the summer they will be friends.

    God bless.