Sunday, August 6, 2023

A Much Lazier Day in Spite of my Plans, Dad

The Ridge

On Sunday, Aug. 6th it was a wonderful feeling to realize that I didn’t have to do anything today. My internal alarm still goes off around 6 but it is nice to know that I can go back to sleep. I still got up at 7, Bill and Gibbs had been up at 6:30, and came down for my tea. Bill was soon ready to head to the flying field and left by 8. He was still hooked up with his cargo trailer but was mostly intent on continuing his search.

Gibbs and I watched Bill leave with the
cargo trailer

Looking out our window, I saw Mrs. Oriole
drinking from the hummer feeder

A lot of commenters have suggested a tracker of some sort on his planes and they are all great ideas – however, right now, he’s looking for a crashed plane without one. Even if it had one, the engine, fuselage etc. could be far too damaged for it to survive. No black box. 😊 haha. I finished my tea while writing yesterday's blog and had the thought in my head that I would do a few things this morning.

It was a beautiful morning

Perhaps I would weed my garden on the big corral hill, perhaps I would wash the back windows of the Suite, and perhaps go down to the gate and cut out some of the bushes that are impeding entrance through the little ‘man’ gate Bill added to the east side. I knew we had left our small cooler at the Acreage last night, so I wanted to go back this morning before Patrick left. He stayed overnight in one of their cabins. It was so dark when we left last night that we missed it.

Gibbs enjoyed the ride today
with his floppy ears blowing in the wind

It's like a whole new adventure for him

I managed to push myself to go for a walk with Gibbs, I picked some wildflowers, I did get down to trim the bushes in the corner of the gate and we did get over to the Acreage to retrieve the cooler. Gibbs and I sat for an hour or longer with Donna, Gerry and Patrick before we returned home. Gibbs sat in the passenger seat this time and I had to laugh each time he stuck his head out the window. I drive slow on the gravel road so he was very safe and enjoyed the ride. 😊

My lunch
I made his sandwich when I knew he was
on his way home

By this time, there wasn't a lot of sun

Back home, we just relaxed until Bill got home and basically all I did, was read my book. J.A. Jance is one of our favourite authors and this was an excellent book; so hard to put down until I turned the last page. Bill went over to get water from the Acreage and then we relaxed until supper. 

My tomatoes are coming

With a few exceptions,
today's wildflowers display was
found along North Line

Because our day turned from clear skies and a warm 23C/73F to spotty rain showers and a cooler 15C/60F, I baked the pork chops rather than barbecuing them. With potatoes and our vegetables, it was a nice Sunday meal.

The meal was quite good

Bill called Jess, Matt and the little ones out in Alberta around 7:15 our time and we had a nice little catch up chat with them. I like how Jess likes to keep in touch and will text to arrange a facetime call every so often. Since my book is done, I’ll find something to watch on tv tonight. I started watching Jack Ryan the other night and 2 episodes in and I’m hooked. This was a great day and we have a few days of rain in the forecast again. Blech!

Happy Heavenly birthday, Dad!

Today, we remember my father-in-law. If he were still physically with us, Glenn would be turning 95 today. 

Thank you for your visit!


  1. According to Bill's website, it states the plane was found. I tried to open it and the blog site says nothing about it.

  2. Aren't days when nothing truly is planned, but things get done anyway, the best? I do hope the commenter above is correct and Bill has located his downed plane.

  3. I love it when I have nothing to do. It's so relaxing not to have anything hanging over your head. Glad Bill found the plane. Such a sad picture ... it's so smashed up ... but I'm sure he will have the parts flying again. LOVE fresh tomatoes!!! Your green thumb is showing!

    1. Thank you Nancy. Not as many tomatoes as I'd hoped. Maybe my thumb is only yellow!