Sunday, August 20, 2023

Down to the Wire, A Humid but Cloudy Sunday

The Ridge

On Sunday, Aug. 20th we were up by 6:30. I only had one, no two, commitments today but nothing this morning. Bill got ready and left for the flying field and I made my tea, sitting with Gibbs and playing my online Word games. When the tea was done, I had my shower and got dressed for the day. It was a mild 15C/60F but it didn’t seem that it would get to 28C/82C as forecasted. It was cloudy.

Mr. Jay says thank you for the drink.
Yesterday he bathed in the same water.

After my shower, Gibbs and I walked down to the corner. He didn’t miss, how could he?, the pretty bunny rabbit that hopped (quickly) across the lane in front of us. A darker brown than I’ve seen in the wild with the whitest puff of a tail. Gibbs wanted him, at least wanted to chase him bad. At this point, I was wishing I’d tried the harness that A.James suggested to prevent Gibbs pulling on the leash, which in turn pulls on his collar. Too late! I do have one to try, similar, but not today!

He stopped here, waiting for Gibbs to notice him.
What a tease!

Needless to say, he kind of pulled me around with his nose to the ground tracing all the steps the bunny made. Finally, I got cross and called him back firmly, to which he returned and sat by my side. He didn’t have his distraction collar on so I’m pleased with how that broke his concentration and we walked the rest of the way to the corner with no more mention of said bunny. 😊

A closer blurred look

There were lots of passersby as the locals drove to church. It was 10 to 10. Some more cordial than others in sharing the road but all of them waved. 

Clouds really do make for a lovely sky

Gibbs went crazy crawling under Ptooties as if he saw something around the underbelly but after I laid down myself and banged on it a few times, no other sounds were heard. He’s a goof and maybe saw Chippy go under there once before. They never forget, do they?

He crawled this far, barking
and then kept going, sticking his nose up in 
the under belly crevices. 

I was finally able to convince him that 'he'
was gone and he came in for a treat.

I took the California duster to her once more yesterday afternoon and now she looks spiffy again. At least clean enough that leaning on or touching her sides will not leave my sibs with dirty clothes or hands – for the most part. Bill was home at noon so we had lunch together, just toast for me, and then when they went up for a snooze, I drove to M’s for his last run into town in Pat’s Uber. 😊 He has someone else who will fill in this week.

I think I told you about Gayle's
beautiful flowers.
These are the moveable ones!

Back at the ranch, er, Ridge, Bill went to get the water bladder full and once Jay from Impact Tire called, I nipped into town to get the wheels torqued. Took 2 minutes and they wished me a safe trip. Ptooties needed fuel so Gibbs and I stopped at the Ultramar for a fill up. The price is ridiculous @ $1.61.9 and I’m sure it is up and down in other places. It is what it is and we need it. Short hairs, you say?

Bill was cutting grass and transferring the water into our tank when we got home so I did the banking on the laptops. I think other than a few last minute things to pack, I’m ready for our big departure in the morning. Bill has at least a couple of long days at work, going to Kincardine, so Gibbs will see another big change in his routine. I was really hoping they’d be back at the cottage so Gibbs could go along but this one is not a suitable one for that. He’ll be fine, just a long day.

A filling supper for me
Pork, gravy with corn.

For supper, we had leftover pork roast, potatoes for Bill and corn on the cob for each of us. There is lots of food for Bill, it will all depend on what he feels like cooking when he gets home each night. This has been a good day and it did get hot and muggy but settled at 25C/78F for the high. High enough as there isn’t much of a breeze in the later part of the day. I was sure wrong this morning! I hope you’ve had a good day. Hmmm, I smell fresh cut grass!

He's our baby, so we do worry
if he's left alone too long. 💖
Good night!

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  1. Those little bush bunnies are so cute, but man are they quick.

    Safe journey.

    God bless.

  2. Just checked on Amazon and they have several Sporn harnesses but the one I recommend is the Non pulling mesh harness. Very gentle on the dog and easy to control them and I've never had one of my dogs get out of it.
    Don in Okla.

  3. Maybe you gave Chippy a ride after all!! Love your brown bunnies!!

  4. Safe travels today! Gibbs will be thrilled to see Bill when he gets home.

  5. Safe trip and I wish you a good time.