Thursday, August 10, 2023

We’re Heating Up Again!

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Aug. 9th the routine was starting to take place. Just before he was ready to leave at 6:30, I got up and readied myself for my short work shift. 😊 Bill took Black Beauty today as she was needed to pull the work cargo trailer, so I left a few minutes later with Ptooties. The Mat was empty of customers for the whole hour so I was able to do a thorough job of the floors without interruptions.

Good morning!
Two more blooms, it has thrived this summer
although I don't see any more buds.

Pop, beyond the heavy dew on Ptooties, the
sun makes its appearance just before 7.

When there are men sitting in the chairs, I tell them that I am acting like a wife when I say ‘pick up your feet!’ That gets a chuckle and they listen or move for me. I was done cleaning at 8 and drove to the Home Hardware to pick up a couple of supplies items for the store room. Sandy texted me the account to charge it to so it was a fairly quick in and out with no cash changing hands. Nice, eh? I couldn’t get the large box of garbage bags so may go back Friday and see if they are in stock.

Gibbs and I walked under clear skies
yet they are still saying 
'chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon'

When we got back from our walk, he was off leash
and didn't want to come in with me.
After 5 minutes, I couldn't see him so
slipped my clogs on to go see where he was.

How do they know to play hide and seek?
If you didn't see him in the first picture, now you can.

Back home I sat with Gibbs inside while I had my oatmeal and then we went for a walk around 10:45. He had a grooming appointment at 11:30 so we drove in to see Kate. His ears perk up and he displays no hesitation when he walks in her shop so I wonder does he really remember her? 😊 Her assistant took Gibbs in and told me to come back in 2 hours. It’s expensive enough but she always does a great job with him, something we can’t do.

Madame Butterfly, she was quite active so the
picture here is my best attempt

Chicory, such a pretty shade.

Another gladiola blooms
in my bucket

While waiting, I didn’t feel like doing ANYTHING so I changed into my bathing suit, took my book and coffee out to my zero gravity chair. I managed to get one of the two back from Donna that I sold her last summer. Hmm, that reminds me to ask if she wanted the $10? I’m happy to have it as I can either lean back and doze or sit up and read with support for my back and for my legs. I should never have gotten rid of it. Duh!

this bird is saying
'hmmm, they need something to hang up here'
She/he is right and we'll find the perfect thing.

I had a quick salad plate for lunch and then went for our little boy. Such a sweet little face waiting for me in the cage. I paid, let him out and we came home. He must feel so much better, so much cooler, especially on this hot 27C/79F day. 

A new haircut pose

It feels more like 33C with the humidity. He crawled up on the back of the chair so I went back outside for more sunbathing and reading. There is a lovely breeze that made it possible for me to just stay there until Bill got home around 2:30.

Last night, he offered to take me out to supper tonight so I didn’t have to plan anything. Yes! My niece gave him a gift certificate for a restaurant in town to thank him for taking drone pictures of their new property so it is a treat for both of us. After he dozed inside for 30 minutes, he went out to cut the front field and I got cleaned up inside. It is just a typical family restaurant, the kind we like best, but I slipped on a blue/green jean skirt for a change. 😊

I almost regretted my decision when I saw Bill's
fish but I didn't want the fries.
Everything was good, even the ambience

We went around 5 since it closes at 7. Small town living, you know. I had their chicken quesadilla on a sundried tortilla and Bill had their halibut and chips. Both were very good and we still have $25 left on the gift. It’s a very friendly place and  the owners have lived here for a long time so I’m sure they have many regular patrons for dine-in and take-out.

They just make me smile looking at them.

Oh! My worry worms got eyes today so they aren’t bumping into walls anymore. They are cute! I still must pick up some small ziplock bags for them and stick a note inside with them to this effect. 

I'll change the wording
when I make mine.

I’ll leave them a few places I go, just because. Many commenters are wondering ‘but what will you do with them?’ 😊 Valid question and now you know! Besides, it’s good to have something to do with my hands when watching tv.

Tired right out from that grooming πŸ’“

Bill made his lunch when we got home around 6:15 and it is such a beautiful evening. He’ll go to the Hangar and I frustratingly tried to finish my blog post. My laptop has slowed down considerably so I gave up on that and relaxed with Gibbs watching 3 more episodes of Jack Ryan. It is a good series although has many subtitles since the settings are in Syria and Venezuela.  As for my laptop, I need to sit and transfer pictures to my backup hard drive and see if that helps, I have a LOT of pictures on here.

This was a really nice relaxing day and our puppy dog is all groomed up for a couple of months.

Even Jack Ryan couldn't keep him from
falling asleep. 
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Ummmm Gibbs doesn't look all that happy in the first grooming picture, but I bet he's much cooler!!! Your worry worms are coming out perfect!! I sure do love that gate!!! Can't wait to see what you hang up there. Maybe a sign?

  2. Gibbs looks great and I'm sure with the oncoming heat he'll "appawciate" the haircut.
    I've never tried to grow gladiolas, but they were one of my mom's faves. Brings back some wonderful memories.

  3. What a handsome fellow Gibbs is with his new haircut.

    Both your and Bill's suppers look scrumptious.

    God bless.

  4. I love the worry worms!