Wednesday, August 16, 2023

No Work but Home Work

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Aug. 16th it was the perfect day. It was perfect for me to be off work too as the weather was great from beginning to end. Gibbs didn’t crawl to me until I rolled over onto my back around 6:20. If I didn’t pet him, which I didn’t, he just flopped across my chest and waited. Once I did, 10 minutes later, we cuddled and then got up to go out for his first business. Bill is getting a break from that ‘duty’ this week. 😊

The morning ritual. Gibbs version.
When they move, flop across them
Go back to sleep until they pet me.
Then, time for kisses.
When Mom or Daddy says
'ok, I'll get up', time for play!

It was mild out then, around 12C/53F. There were no clouds as we walked down the corral hill but there was certainly dew on the grass. Back inside, I made my tea and had it with steel cut oats and yogourt.  I played my numerous online word games. When that was finished, Gibbs and I went for our walk. Bill texted good morning and they were hard at it already at 8:30. I hope they have the same weather there as they are building a deck for a cottage.

Taking a nice walk to the church lot.
Woops! Mom, something is unusual here!

I let Gibbs off his leash at the end of the lane and he ran, not stopping until he got to the top of the hill to see if I was coming and then disappeared. He’s the cutest little thing and I laugh at him every single day – often. I decided to get at my list of chores for the day without any delay. First, I backed the car up to the patio mat and vacuumed it out.

Some play time in the long grass.
Chippy, are you here?

Then I used the California Duster (an Arizona purchase suggested by George) on the outside. It wasn’t really dirty, just dusty. Somehow, after I removed the rubber mats on the driver’s side, the carpet was quite wet. Hmmm, no leaks that we’ve noticed so I wonder if a window was left open in a rain storm and we didn’t even know at the time. So, I left the mats out and parked Ptooties, with the front and back doors open, facing the sun.

I cut the lawn and he never moved.
I washed the door to our Suite, he didn't move.
Are you coming out? No, Mom, I'm fine.

Gibbs took this as an invitation and hopped onto the passenger side and remained there. He was quite comfortable with doors open and a couple of windows down. See? He makes me laugh. With that job finished, I put the vacuum inside and got the small mower out to do the close cutting that Bill can’t do with the Cub Cadet. It was sure warming up now and sweat was dripping into my eyes from under the brim of my hat.

How many times have I walked past
the Suite door and never noticed how
dirty it was! LOL
Not any more!

I put the mower away and plugged it in for recharging. Next job, was up on the berm where my old garden was. Bill asked if I’d remove the large stones and steel rails that I used as a frame so he could cut it next time he’s up there. We’ll rake it up too and throw some grass seed on it. I’ve decided not to use that again, at least for now, I have other ideas for next spring. 😊 I think I’m on to something with the pots.

It was a good spot for my garden for 6 years
but the last 2 were not fruitful.
I'm happy to move on to better options.

That was it for my jobs today. I sat in the shade of the Suite. Gibbs was still in the car. It wasn’t until I’d washed and then changed into my bathing suit for sunning, that I was able to encourage him to come out. For lunch, I made a soft-boiled egg with a biscuit and it was then I realized that I no longer have any egg cups. That’s funny. Obviously, I got rid of them when we sold the house because we weren’t using them.

Lunch and we sat on the patio

There was nothing left to do today but vacuum inside so I did that and then we sat outside in the shade together while I read my book. In my head, I was planning what clothes I needed to take to Ladyfest so decided to put it on paper. It’s how I remember certain things. I also started a grocery list, might go to Walmart tomorrow afternoon to stock up a bit. The fridge is looking bare.

We walked to the mail box and it was worthwhile.
The paper flyers were here and the flag was up.
You can't con a con man.......not one with 4 legs at least.
I left him on the leash so I could get him back inside.
Nope. He won. I unclipped him.

I made a cup of tea when Gibbs and I came inside. We went for a walk to check the mailbox when my tea was done and closed up the sheds for the night. We open the shelter with Jazz and the mower, it gets so hot in there as it faces the east. For supper, around 6, it was leftover taco hamburger with biscuits. I wish I had some taco shells, now would be the perfect time to have them. I cooked some mixed veggies and cut up one of my tomatoes. Supper was delicious with enough for one more meal! 😊

He knows the game but he's still better
at hide 'n seek than I am.

I loaded the dishwasher and put it on the short wash. This afternoon, I boiled food for the hummers and orioles and they are already thanking me. They have both been quite frequent to it. Bill has texted me with a couple of pictures. Yesterday’s pics were of the deck progress so very good. Today’s not so much. 

It might look pretty, but it's scary to me!

Our friends in B. c. are on evacuation watch for the wildfires in their province. I pray everyone is okay.

I noticed how Goose the Spruce is still
producing new cones!
He's so healthy!

I finished my blog and then settled in for the evening, volume up on my phone in case Bill texts again. I know he’ll keep me informed. This was a good day here and I was happy to get so much taken care of. I work tomorrow at both places so that will take care of my morning.

Yum, yum, yummy!
Good night!

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  1. We have a terrible wind here today. It blew one of my flower pots right off the railing. I will need to clean the mess up, but I am waiting until it is cooler.

    Hope the flames don't get too close to you.

    God bless.

    1. I misunderstood Bill's sorry messages. It's our friends in BC on the watch.

  2. oh gosh, where is the fire? We are hoping to go to a remote fish camp west of Timmins shortly. I see a fire on the forest fire map, but can't get an exact location. We had to evaculate when the big fire broke up Hwy 6 near Killarney a few years ago and we aren't too excited about doing that again!

    1. Sorry, the fires are in B.C. it's our friends that are on evac watch. Bills message was a bit confusing and i misunderstood.

  3. Love your header picture, it's a great pic of all three of you! It was 25.9C when I went out for my walk at 4:30 this morning, and we would have hit 40C today if it wasn't for the forest fire smoke that is filling the sky. We have fires all around us so I know how scary it is for you guys, I pray it doesn't get any worse for all of us.

    1. Thank you! Bill was forwarding a message from our friends in BC, so exactly what you are seeing. I thought they were his pictures, had me worried.

  4. The Ridge & the”character “continue to look great+entertaining.All of these fires are really concerning & disrupt so many lives- no room for climate deniers now.I added an app called Shoppers on my phone because I frequently forgot my list- your phone is practically attached these days so easy to add items as note them,lol.All the best.

    1. Thanks A. James. My phone is attached at the hip and i started to record shopping lists on an app but then forgot to check it off. Lol
      I feel so sorry for this affected by
      these disasters.

  5. It's a frightening situation in B.C. and the Territories. I do hope they get rain soon and some relief.
    Gibbs sure knows how to enjoy himself.
    I'm a list maker too. I've got several on the go these days.

    1. It is frightening, too many disasters!
      I'm lost without lists.

  6. Hope they get those fires under control. It's so devastating!
    Just look at that cute little face in the car!! He lucked out when he picked Bill and you for his new parents!!