Sunday, August 13, 2023

Back to the Ridge

The Ridge

On Sunday, Aug. 13th Gibbs didn’t get Bill up until 6:30. I think he was pretty worn out from all the excitement yesterday. 😊 I slept well with the window open over our heads and I think Bill had a better sleep too. It was an overcast morning and who knows what kind of a day we’ll have. We decided when we got up at 8 (!) that we’d try and head back to the marina around 10.

On our way back to the Marina

Looking back, the cottage is
no longer in view.
In the middle is Miller Island
and they are tucked in at the 'turn around'.

I love the way Gibbs is facing
the wind, ears a-flopping

I love this picture, if I do say so myself.
Carol captured it perfectly.

That would mean that Bill doesn’t have to drive in the afternoon and Carol doesn’t have to provide lunch for us again. She’s awesome, coming up with meal plans for us every day. Next visit, we’ll be sure to contribute in some form or another. We had breakfast, toasted cheese bread and yogourt with coffee. Simple but so good! I’ll need to get back to my basics once we’re home as I’m sure the 2 pounds I lost have multiplied! It didn't take us long to strip the bed and pack things up. 

Approaching the Marina

A final wave from Carol

Brian and Carol (& Gracie) took us back on the barge/pontoon boat and we arrived with no rain. The sky didn’t look great and after we drove off, we hoped they made it back to the cottage without getting wet. It only takes about 10 minutes one way, if that. We had some rain in different spots, some dry pavement in others but the biggest issue was our gps was taking us towards Barrie, instead of the route we came on. LOL

The sky cleared up for a while
Lots of traffic

I think it was around Orillia where we noticed
a traffic slow down
OPP were directing traffic in and around this
classic car show
Yes, I see the airplane. 😂
(it's at the airport)

Lots of traffic coming
this way

We didn’t want to do that because of the Boots and Hearts Music Festival. It was crazy busy all around the area, so we did our best to ‘boot scoot & boogie’ a different way home. We got mixed up and had to turn around a couple of times on Hwy 11, but soon caught Hwy 12 to 22 and eventually got on Hwy 26 to Stayner. Once on Grey Road 4, we were home free. The rain had stopped again as we arrived at our gate at 1:15.

In his new thunder shirt,
Gibbs checks out the view behind
Notice he's sitting on that little bum again.

Gibbs was happy to have his own yard and his own chair to roll around in and slept for a lot of the afternoon. When the rain reappeared briefly, we all just stayed indoors after unpacking and dozed. A nibble around 1:30 kept us going until supper. I went out and unlocked the Bunky and started working on the puppy dog puzzle that Patty gave me. It will be fairly easy, which is good since it will be a busy enough week.

Now on North Line

Home sweet home.
This is within minutes of walking in the door

Shouldn't take long to do this one. 

For supper, we had toasted blt’s with cheese and that filled us. Bill went up to watch a movie while I finished writing my blog. It will be a quiet evening. We had a wonderful time! 

Bill went in while I worked on my puzzle
Gibbs sat on the stoop waiting for me.

We didn't need anymore than this for supper.
We've eaten so much this weekend!

For those commentors who wondered about me calling the pontoon boat a barge, that is what it was used for and what Carol called it from our first conversation. That was part of ‘my’ original confusion/concern about the ‘ride over the water’. Silly me, it was fun! They used it to bring equipment, furniture, appliances etc. for building and setting up the cottage. 😊

It reached 20C/68F today
dropping to 10C/50F overnight.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Looks like you all enjoyed the change of pace, but as the saying goes, "There's no place like Home."
    Glad Gibbs Thunder Shirt helped.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. That is the best picture yet of the three of you! What a fun trip. I love that puzzle!!!!

  3. You've got yourselves a new header pic - it's a good one for sure. Looked like lots of fun was had while away but there's no place like home. Glad it was a nice break and family visit as well.

    1. Looks like we were all on the same page about the header picture. That's exactly what my plan was! :)

  4. That Gibbs, he knows where he belongs! He certainly looks content to be home.
    I can imagine the barge was of much use in getting the cabin built and furnished. The photo of the three of us is terrific!

    1. Thank you, Maebeme. Gibbs is happy anywhere but here at home, he is truly himself. I guess that is true for all of us!