Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Our Work Week Begins, Gibbs is Confused

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Aug. 15th Bill was up with the alarm and so was Gibbs. Once Bill was washed, he took the little guy out for his first piddle. It had rained through the wee hours of the morning but I, of course, heard nothing. Our bedroom windows were open so it was a fresh sleep without being cold. I think it got down to 10C/50F. I heard Bill getting ready downstairs and since I had to clean, joined him before 6:30.

This morning, the sky was questionable

He had his sleeping bag, backpack and our large Kool-a-tron ready to go soon after. Saying goodbye is one thing but saying goodbye for 3, maybe 4 days is different. We will miss Bill, for sure, but we will manage quite well, he knows that. He made sure we had a tank full of fresh water last night.😊 At least I know how to dump tanks if that became necessary!

I sat with Gibbs for a bit before giving him his ‘look after the house’ treat and heading to Durham. The Mat was empty and other than washing a few of the clothes in the Lost and Found bin, there was nothing unusual on my plate. I left it in A-one condition, finishing up by washing the floors. I stopped at the Water Store to fill the jug and headed home. Gibbs and I went for our walk, to the east this time.

Our walk this morning
The half closed gate
and the view of our home from the east road

He had a brief ‘scary’ moment when one of our gates had closed. Anything unusual sets him into his protective stance. We still need to get the closing apparatus on the gates and that will be it for this year, I think. I left Gibbs in charge again, such an important little guy!, and went around the corner to M’s. We first went to town for 3 errands he needed to run and then back to the shop.

This is the only view of the trailer
you will see
The other picture would upset your stomach.
Mental illness and drugs as an excuse? I don't buy it.

Did I mind donning my gloves and face mask to clear garbage out of the trailer? I had previously told him I would help so, since he’d gotten the big stuff out and has had it airing out, I didn’t mind. This trailer is one M picked up for a song a few years ago and then, out of the goodness of his heart, made a bad decision to let an irresponsible ‘tenant’ live there. She was a disaster waiting to happen and completely ruined the travel trailer, leaving the worse mess I’ve ever seen in her wake.

He kicked her out after she did some damage to his car and stole things from his tool inventory. The police stepped in to usher her off the property with an order to never set foot on the property. That was last January. Good riddance! Long ago, I told him he was too soft-hearted, that he needed to get her out and unfortunately, he has now paid the price. He has made a few bad judgement calls since I’ve known him. Too bad.

So, I did what I could in an hour and a half and made quite a dent. He bought it first for storage and once ready again, he can make proper use of it. For the last 45 minutes, I cut rags for his business and then came home. I felt grimy so hopped in the shower before having a salad plate for lunch. Funny though, I didn’t really feel hungry. What’s up with that? Maybe the whole experience today turned me off! Our weather has been looking a bit unsettled, will it rain or not?

Gibbs is waiting for someone

It didn’t rain but Gibbs and I stayed indoors until 3:30 anyway. I sat outside with him until 4 when I came in to make my tea. He didn’t have his ‘collar’ on so I kept an eye on him. Sitting on the picnic table, his security detail kicked in so I wondered what he was hearing. When I stepped out, he was growling and then I heard a vehicle at the end of the lane. When I called him to come back, he did exactly that! I was really impressed and rewarded him.

My Purolator delivery

It was Purolator backing up the lane to deliver my Photobook. 😊 He’s a new driver to this route and didn’t know what he’d find up here in all the trees so backed up in case there was no turn around. Smart young man! After he left, I sat outside with my tea and read my book. Only one mistake was found but nothing major. It turned out good.

This guy was really noisy!
Funny, you don't see them for a while and then
the Jays are back.

After that, we came inside where I didn’t do much, just sit and read my book. It is getting hard to put down but not in a ‘mystery’ sense, just very interesting. 😊 Around 5:30, I made a batch of keto dinner biscuits to eat with my supper. Bill doesn’t like them and I need to get better at my meals after those delicious meals at Carol’s! They turned out good and I made a pot of taco hamburger to eat with them. And Brussel sprouts, of course.

Keto dinner biscuits

With the dishwasher running, Gibbs wanted to go out. He didn’t eat his supper, by the way, and keeps watching out the windows of the Suite. He knows that someone should be home by now. While eating supper, I put the movie Mad Money on to watch and it gave me some good laughs. What else, when Diane Keaton, Ted Danson, Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes get together? It was a good show with no violence and little bad language. Sometimes those movies are hard to find.

Yum, I went overboard on the sprouts,
but still ate them all!

Gibbs went up to the bedroom while I wrote my blog and then he sat with me for a while to watch tv. Tomorrow, I’m off work so it will be a nice day to take care of a few things around here. Plus, I need to start thinking what to take to Montreal next week. 😊 

Something just isn't right,
supper time and Daddy isn't home.

This has been a good day here on the Ridge. There was a beautiful red sun dropping below the horizon, but I wasn't close or quick enough to capture it. I hope you did! Bill called around 8 and Gibbs came running downstairs and looked out the window for him. 💘

A cloud filled sky, I should have been prepared
for the beautiful sunset.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Who says pets don't care. They live by a routine and pine when it is broken.
    Hoping you all have a Safe week and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Poor Gibbs. They know when something’s up. Least he has Mom for extra treats. You are right, M is too nice. What a mess!! Very nice of you to help him clean it up. You’re in charge - have fun!!!

    1. Pets sure do understand more than some give them credit for.
      Thanks Nancy, we'll enjoy this break in routine too.

  3. Awww, Gibbs is certainly a doting puppy. He'll be in his glory when Bill returns home.
    Enjoy your day off!

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  5. Look at all those sprouts! Delicious!