Tuesday, August 8, 2023

And Our Lives Take a Turn Again

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Aug. 8th Bill got up to the alarm. I woke up but just rolled over and so did Gibbs. At least until Daddy was washed and dressed then he jumped off the bed to go out for his piddle. He and I slept on until around 6:30 when we got up to say goodbye. For those curious and missed it, the doctor recommended physio therapist that Bill sees told him that his range of movement and strength has improved enough for him to return to work this week. 😊 We’re happy for more than one reason. Thank you everyone for your concerns. ♥

Watching Bill leave for work
through a reflective window. Sorry
about that.

I wasn't the only one watching him go. 😪😭

Of course, it is bittersweet for Bill but he is accepting the ‘bitter’ (going back to work) with a grain of salt and keeping his mind on the …….prize? I didn’t have to go anywhere until 9:45 but I did need to hop in the shower, which I did as soon as Gibbs and I watched Daddy leave the premises. Yes, Gibbs missed him today. 

Steel cut oats, cream and I'm still eating
the blueberries Patty and Duncan brought
me. Yum!

I was only gone for an hour today and although Gibbs was happy to see me, he ran out expecting to see someone else too. While he checked Black Beauty’s tires. Bill took Ptooties since he had to drive to Mike’s home to meet Billy. 

Dogs are so funny!
Owner left the window down only a couple
of inches in the parking lot beside me.
Mr. Woof stuck his nose up here and just sniffed
and sniffed and sniffed. I laughed until he looked at
me, I didn't mean to hurt his feelings.
I wonder how many of his 300 million olfactory receptors he was using??

On my way back from town, I stopped at the end of the lane and opened the tail gate. The remnants of the wooden signs were still sitting at the end of the lane so I lugged them up and dumped them up here near the shed to be cut up for the fire. The biggest sign, with The Ridge, was much heavier and more awkward than I thought but I managed. Something that Bill doesn’t have to think about doing. 😊

I brought the signs and corresponding posts up
for burning.
We'll be putting a sign on the fence eventually.

Gibbs and I went for our walk before lunch and leading up to noon hour, I worked steadily on my photo book. Then after until about 3:30. It is a long process and when their site was unresponsive, it is a waiting game as you wait for the page. I’m not sure what I did differently, but this book ended up being about 25$ cheaper than last summer’s book. I might have less pages in all. I ordered it from PhotoBook and now I wait.

A commentor asked about my Worry Worms. 
They are fun to crochet and good practice for this amateur.
Tomorrow, the 3 on the left will get their sight. 😃

I made my tea and just as I sat down, Bill texted that he was 2 minutes away. That was around 4 so that was a good first day without being too long. When Gibbs ran out to meet him, I watched as his motions didn’t indicate any soreness, phew! 

3 tomatoes are ripe

But 3 turned into 2 when I realized
they were joined. Wha???
Do you gardeners know why?
I'm also curious about the small black spots. 

He had his snooze while I started my new book and then began supper. Chicken thighs in Rosy, the air fryer, a potato and mixed veggies for him and cauliflower for me. I’m getting better at the cook times and it was all delicious!

Supper was good

Can't slow him down up here.
At least this is an easy chore.
We're away for the weekend so now is the time
to get it cut.

After clean up, he hopped on the mower to cut some grass. Yup, we’re back to that routine but at least it isn’t too hot nor is it raining. 😊 It is just another change in our lives as we get back to what has been our norm. Bill will take it easy and not overdo it yet hopefully be able to help Billy and Mike in their home improvement jobs. This has been a nice day here on the Ridge and tomorrow is mid-week already! We started out under clouds and a bit cool but reached a high of 23C/74F under sunny skies. 

Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. I didn't get to read your earlier post this morning so I'm early to this new one. Glad to hear that Bill found his plane and that he's able to return to work (though I do hope he takes it easy for the first while - no heavy lifting). I'm sure Gibbs is a bit confused, but he'll soon settle into the new-old routine.
    Your worms are looking cute! Speaking of worms, I suspect the tomatoes may have been tasted by the little critters. (I'd cut away those spots - but I'd still eat the rest of it!) No idea why you've got a double tomato but that's pretty awesome.

    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement for Bill. He has a lot of 'mommas' telling him the same thing. He appreciates every one!
      I will definitely eat the tomatoes, they aren't even holes. Weird.

  2. I'm glad Bill is feeling well enough to go back to work but I do definitely get the bitter sweet :-) I love your worry worms but what do you do with them?

    1. Thank you MT, from both of us.
      The worry worms will go in a little baggy and get left places for others. They can be book marks, key chain additions or just something to make others smile. Random Acts of Crochet kindness is the idea.

  3. good to hear Bill is back to work..good boy for doing his physio.

  4. Those worry worms are sure cute! But, so what do you do have
    with them? Maybe for a fidgety person just playing with
    them in their hands to relieve stress??
    Hope Bill takes it slow and easy.
    Linda a.

    1. Read my reply above to Maxxtrails.
      Thank you Linda for Bill.

  5. Good thing Bill is back to work and his muscles will recover. As to the tomatoes issue, probably insects that had a nip? Fused tomatoes might happened at the early development. Unique for sure and make a unique looking sandwich?

    1. Thank you, we are happy about Bill's recovery. His determination helped too.

  6. Good to hear Bill's shoulder is getting back to normal.