Saturday, August 26, 2023

Changing Weather, Low Key Day

The Ridge

On Saturday, Aug. 26th we were hoping for what the forecast was offering. It didn’t turn out that way. It was a dull morning but although it seemed wet, I don’t think it rained overnight. Bill was up with Gibbs around 6 and then they both returned to bed for a while longer. I don’t even remember when we all got up to greet the day.

A very dull day

Bill had decided last night that if it wasn’t going to rain, he’d take Jazz to the flying field since I needed Ptooties. The forecast showed a very minimal chance of precipitation all day. So, after he left, wearing his rain gear, I had my tea and Gibbs and I went for a walk. We didn’t get far, to the end of the lane in fact, and we turned back up the lane. It was a light but very wet mist that we were walking in. Poor Bill, he could also be getting some dampness.

I agree, a terrible picture but the only
one i have. 
Bill leaves for the field.

I texted Robin, we were to meet this morning. When I didn’t have to take M into town today, I left Gibbs in charge and drove first to town to fuel up so I could inform my sisters what they owed me for fuel. Then I drove to Williamsford. This was in preparation for a new temporary cleaning job. Robin and her husband have renovated this stone Blacksmith home to be used as an Air BNB. In between clients, it needs to be cleaned.

I'm sure Gibbs missed his walks and
today didn't really make up for it, it was
too wet.

Gayle and John's Montana came to visit 😃

 It is a very nice 2-bedroom place and now ready for business. She will be advertising it this weekend. They were also having a garage sale but the insistent rain made us cover the tables with tarps. On the way home, it rained 2 or 3 different times with dry pavement in between. Crazy weather! In Durham again, I stopped at Foodland for some bread and then returned home.

A group of bright coloured visitors

Gibbs helped me purge clothes.
Had to make room for the 'new' stuff. 

Gibbs looks on as I build the pile for donation

Bill wasn’t too far behind me and he was fortunate to have been able to dodge the rain showers on his ride home. It was a lazy afternoon and for supper we had fish and chips. After clean up, Bill made a lunch for another morning of flying. I’ll take him in the car and pick him up after. She is a big girl and will pull the cargo trailer so he can fly. It is supposed to be a nice day tomorrow.

It was looking promising overhead
but not where I was driving too.

We watched tv after I finished my blog and it was a quiet evening. I also got back into my book this afternoon. 😊 

Supper was good.

It was a good day but we didn't get warmer than 17C/63F. When it is drizzly and cloudy all day, that equates to a miserable day. The sun finally came out around 4:30 and the sky was clear until sunset. 

The sky cleared for a pretty red sunset

But my picture taking skills are for the birds!
Take care and Good night!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. After my full day yesterday, I'm looking forward to a quiet and low-key one today. We're getting the heat here - it was 32C when we arrived for the funeral, and today we're expecting 28C. I think I'll hide indoors.

  2. I don't live too far from Maebeme and I second the heat today for sure. Low key yesterday just a bit of processing and picking in the garden. The same for today. Next week will be a bit rushed and each day will have lots to accomplish.

    God bless.