Sunday, August 13, 2023

Day Two at the Cottage

The Ridge

On Saturday, Aug. 12th Gibbs had Bill up at 5:45, he’s on work time now, Bill says. 😊 I’d slept pretty well although it is only a queen bed compared to our king and with a sprawly pup in the middle, Bill didn’t have such a good sleep. It rained quite a bit around 5 am, so they tell me, and when I opened the window at 6, I could hear it still raining. A nice steady rain by then.

A peek into the main body of the cottage
from the deck/water side.
Home built by Brian, Carol, Todd and Shelley

Looking in from the back door

I let Bill sleep as much as possible but got up at 7:45 and got washed. There is a little bathroom across the hall but the cottage is by no means ‘little’. There are 3 bedrooms. We are in Carol and Brian’s, their son and his wife have one for when they are here and it has an en suite. They is a 3rd bedroom down the hall from ‘ours’ and it has a bunk bed with 2 double mattresses for their children.

Our weekend room

We had our coffee together and some toast and yogourt for breakfast. More than I ever eat at this time but it was good. Liz and Bruce, Bill’s other sister and her hubby, slept in the Bunky beside the cottage. It is a sweet little place to lay your head, with a small kitchenette, living area w/2 pull out couches and a nice size bathroom. They joined us for their breakfast as well. Bill and his sibs then started going through pictures gathered after their parents passed. They had fun telling childhood stories.

If I'd been more on the ball, I would have
taken a picture with all the photos spread out on the
big table!
Bill didn't have many pictures of his Mom
nor of himself at a younger age so
this was a good endeavour.

We sat around indoors and I finished yesterday’s blog. I took tons of pictures so had to sort through them to decide what to include. 😊 Brian grilled burgers for lunch with fruit and snacks which we ate outside and after clean up, Carol wanted to play Double Series/Sequence together. 

Lunch on the deck

Guys against the girls and that was just a farce! The guys cards were like none of us have ever seen which goes to say that luck was on their side. We played 6 games and they whooped us every game!

We love this game!

Gibbs was in a cuddling mood
so sat between us while we played.

At 3:30, they all loaded onto the barge to take Liz and Bruce back to their car at the Marina. Bill went along to give Liz the puzzles and books I brought for her and Gibbs and I stayed behind. He was a bit upset when we walked down to the dock to see everyone else, including his Daddy, disappearing in the distance but we took a walk along the water and when we came back, he went to the bedroom for a snooze. No doubt pouting. πŸ˜”

Mad at me or Daddy but
he slept here after they left

Along the water, there were quite a few of these
little orange and red mushrooms.

Not sure what they are, couldn't find
the exact thing on Google.

They weren’t gone long and we met them at the dock. The rain held off for the rest of the day but we mostly spent it inside anyway. For supper, Carol made a dish of lasagna with garlic bread and that was the perfect cloudy day meal. 

The family returned so
we met them at the dock.

Carol said 'go for a swim, Gracie!'
So she did. She's funny.

Aah, that felt good, Mom.

After clean up it was time to settle and just watch a movie together. Coming to America with Eddie Murphy was one Bill and I had never seen and for the most part, it was enjoyable. Anything with E.M. always has some ridiculous scenes in it.

When the movie started, our little traitor
sat with Brian for a while before moving over to my lap.

It was 10 when we all said goodnight. It was another nice day at the cottage and we’re so glad we came. It is important to get together with family when we can. I've never spent any time at a cottage so this is a real treat for me. πŸ’“

Yay for Liz!
She did have a picture of Gibbs in the kayak. πŸ’
Good night!

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  1. Wonderful that you got to enjoy a weekend at the cottage of Bill's sister. It looks like a nice place with their own dock, pontoon boat and kayaks to paddle around in. Enjoy and relax!

  2. Beautiful place to spend time with family. Enjoy your visit.

  3. What a wonderful cottage to enjoy! Blue water, green trees - Favorite color combination.
    Must be my Minnesota upbringing. Great times growing up on the lake ~ enjoy!

    1. It is beautiful with all the greenery.
      Lots of rain this summer!

  4. Wow, what a lovely cottage and a great place for a get together.

    God bless.

  5. That's not a cottage ... it's a mansion! Just beautiful!! Love that pic of Gibbs in the kayak.

  6. The cottage is a great place for family to gather. Very nice!
    Glad the rain cleared up for the afternoon.